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Chapter Twenty-Three: Dawn of a New Day

=With the Fourth Division=

"Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!"

Madara exhaled an extremely large, fast-moving wall of intense fire that scorched the ground as it advanced. The flames spread quickly and many ninja noted that the fire was blackening the earth.

"Hang on, let me handle this," Naruto shouted, shocking many of the allied ninja. After all, Madara Uchiha was a fairy tail that had the power of gods... or something like that. Basically, he was the boogeyman of the ninja world.

Naruto wasn't that well-known yet. Sure, he was pretty goofy and nonchalant, but not particularly recognized for his immense power. What, did he have to become a missing-nin to become recognized? He was never one for waiting, after all.

The blond thrust his hands out, a grin on his face. He was concentrating too, but he was also relishing the thought of a challenge. Being overpowered was boring.

Madara's technique abruptly ended as the oxygen needed to sustain the burning flames vanished. As quick as it had come, the Uchiha's attack had ended.

"All right, that's one," Naruto yelled out to the resurrected Uchiha. "What else can you do?"

Madara sighed to himself. "Well, I'm not really impressed considering that was one of my weaker attacks..."

"You too?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow. Tayuya and Temari, both of which were nearby, stared at him. "I've been spamming low-powered techniques everywhere and they always get the job done."

"Shut up, Shithead!" Tayuya grit out. "You fire Tailed Beast Bombs whenever you're bored! Fucking dumbass!"

Naruto blinked rapidly for a moment. "Oh, right. I keep forgetting about that..." He shook his head ruefully for a moment. "Oh well. It's my turn now, I guess."

The blond inhaled deeply before exhaling in a rush. A twisting vortex of wind erupted from his mouth, drawing in anything that was nearby and rushing towards Madara.

Both of Naruto's hands went through one-handed seals before ending on a half-ram seal. There was a loud, horrific grinding noise as the earth was rent and splintered, sending a rush of giant debris towards Madara.

Some debris was sucked up by the vortex of wind still being blown out of Naruto's mouth, resulting in what looked like a horizontal, rocky hurricane. The sheer scale of his attacks astounded the allied ninja in the area.

The ones who were closer to him were even more surprised that he knew such a high-level Earth Release technique despite it not being one of his affinities.

A malicious feeling erupted from Madara's general location and a skeletal, luminescent being appeared above him. Susanoo took the brunt of the attacks, but Madara was rather surprised to see the armor being torn off by high-speed chunks of stone.

Some allied ninja attempted to fire their own techniques at the undead Uchiha, but the Susanoo was able to snatch and crush any nearby stragglers. The armor itself looked somewhat damaged, however.

"So is it my turn now?" Madara asked politely, the Susanoo around his body awaiting further commands.

"What the fuck is this, Rock-Paper-Scissors?" Tayuya said, glaring at the zombified Madara.

Madara simply shrugged and then fired off the black flames of Amaterasu from the Susanoo's hollow eyes. The intense flames nearly incinerated some of the allied shinobi, but they were sucked away before they could make contact.

Seals with a spiral symbol appeared on the ground, devouring the black flames like a child would eat a peanut butter cup. The seals shined a bright blue before fading, although the spiral remained visible on the rock.

"So you really are an Uzumaki?"

Naruto nodded. "Of course I am. What, the seals don't make it obvious enough? Or should I scream it from the tops of the rocky spires littering this area?"

"No need to get snippy," Madara dryly said. "You know, I would be insulting you, but I'm fairly sure some Uzumaki woman would be raised from the dead with a frying pan in hand."

"Does this have anything to do with anything happening at all?" Naruto asked, raising an eyebrow. Although a lot of his allies were still tense, they were obviously confounded by how Madara was acting.

"Yeah, that sounds like most of them," Naruto confirmed, nodding to himself. "Too many verbal ticks, you know?"

Madara's eyes widened and he gave Naruto a hateful glare. "Do me a favor and never ever say that again," he demanded. "I've had enough horrible experiences with Uzumaki clansmen and their beer bottles."

Naruto burst out laughing. He knew just what Madara was talking about.

"In any case, I feel like you deserve this incredibly dick-ish move because you reminded me of a horrible, traumatic experience with a redheaded woman, a verbal tick, and a frying pan," Madara stated.

His eyes morphed into the concentric rings of the Rinnegan, causing Naruto to gawp. He raised his hand to the sky, giving his enemies a disdainful smirk as he did so.

Naruto looked up and so a gigantic meteor heading towards the rocky ground. Oh, he could stop it... but the techniques he would use to stop that giant rock were sort of... dangerous.

If he blew the meteorite up, the chunks of falling rock would flatten everyone in the vicinity. As amusing as that would be, Naruto had no intention of causing that many casualties.

So that left a large problem in the form of the meteorite's impending collision with the ground. Although, that made him wonder just where the hell he got the rock in the first place.

You'd think something that gigantic would've been visible earlier on, especially if it was just floating near the atmosphere of whatever planet they were on.

Damn it, at least follow some rules of reality, Naruto thought with a frown. Seriously, not even ninja can travel at the speed of light!

The Flying Thunder God technique did not count. That functioned via space-time manipulation. The Sage of the Six Paths didn't do anything regarding space-time manipulation... although he did manipulate gravity.

Enough gravity meant that time and space could be distorted...

Naruto shook his head, figuring out what he wanted to do. He could've reversed the gravitational output, but that was overuse of one technique. Instead, he just decided to seal the meteorite away.

That day – or perhaps night; Naruto had lost track of time – all of the present ninja had watched their impending doom get sucked into a blond teenager many times smaller than it.

Madara watched as Naruto touched down onto solid ground. The blond had that infuriating grin all Uzumaki were born with. "Well, that was anti-climactic," Uchiha noted.

His enemy nodded in agreement. That had indeed been a boring way to remove a giant object of nearly insurmountable size. "Well, I'm a seal master, so I might as well use them. By the way, fetch."

Naruto unsealed the giant meteorite, causing it to fly towards the rather annoyed Madara. It had kept its speed and bowled both Madara and Muu over.

Gaara took his chance and sealed Muu away, effectively cutting Kabuto's meddling out of this particular battle.

Madara simply reformed, frowning deeply. "That was still anti-climactic," he said.

"I bowled you over with your own meteorite!"

"Well yes, but I regenerated. See, because I'm still here, your technique doesn't count," the resurrected Uchiha insisted. He clapped his hands together, causing trees and branches to wrench themselves out of the rocky ground and rush towards his enemies.

Madara figured that screaming "Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees" would take too long. The Kyuubi jinchuriki did seem to have a propensity for not announcing the names of his attacks.

Naruto countered the mass of photosynthetic, probably-artificial organisms by sending a wave of extremely cold ice at them. Their advances were halted and the iced-over plants were shattered by a volley of lightning bolts that came shortly afterward.

"So, aren't you surprised that I can do Wood Release?" Madara asked, eying Naruto carefully.

The blond shrugged. "At this point, probably not."

He couldn't help it; his jaw dropped. "Are you serious? I was sure someone would've been screaming "that's complete bullshit" at this point," Madara said.

"We might have, but you're apparently the boogeyman of the ninja world, so I guess anything you do isn't too surprising. People are assuming the worst, I guess," Naruto diplomatically replied.

Madara rubbed his chin in thought. "Maybe it's because of the Rinnegan?"

"That is supposed to be a myth, even though we've got one in reserve," Naruto admitted.

Madara's eyes snapped onto Naruto's form. "What? Nagato betrayed us?"

"Wasn't that mentioned?"

"No, it wasn't..." Madara said with a frown.

"I see..." Four shadow clones appeared next to Naruto, each of which was staring straight at Madara. "Let's make this a bit more interesting, eh?" Each clone suddenly donned a chakra cloak and began to spin up a Rasengan in both of their hands.

Madara rolled his eyes, not very concerned about the multitude of spiraling spheres. Each clone vanished and reappeared surrounding Madara, the blue, screeching spheres they held beginning to grow rapidly.

In a second, there were several extremely large spheres of doom aimed at Madara. "You do realize I have the Rinnegan, correct?" Madara said, sounding bored.

"Of course I do. That's why you're going to go boom," Naruto replied with a cheeky grin. Each giant Rasengan was smashed into the ground, resulting in an extremely large explosion that littered the area with debris. The dust cloud was rapidly dispersed by Madara's chakra.

"I'm surprised no one is attempting to seal me away," Madara commented, his body regenerating from the damage the flying debris had caused him.

"I'm pretty sure you've got enough tricks up your sleeve," Naruto said. He paused for a moment as Inoichi's voice echoed in his head. Apparently, there was trouble going on with Zetsu clones. "I'd love to continue this battle, but I have somewhere I need to be. Hang on for a moment, if you would?"

Again, the resurrected Uchiha nodded politely. Naruto vanished in a flash; he reappeared a few seconds later with Mei Terumi, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Tsunade Senju, the Raikage, and Nagato. "Don't forget to seal him!" Naruto commanded. He vanished in another flash.

Madara eyed Nagato doubtfully. "I see my eyes are still working well," he finally muttered. "Although I'm not really keen on fighting an ugly Senju woman and an old man who believes in ugly Senju ideals."

Hiruzen frowned at Madara. "You sound like a poor sport," he said.

"Hardly," Madara replied. "I'm just smart enough to realize that the world is too corrupted to place faith in."

Jiraiya joined his teammate and sensei, and then snorted. "You're kidding me, right? You're working with a man who wants to captivate the entire world with an unlimited genjutsu."

"I'd like to beat this ancient Madara," Nagato said, joining the conversation. "It would be interesting to see how we all fare against him."

The allied shinobi forces had already begun to retreat, realizing just when they were all outmatched. Numbers never meant anything anyway. That was why shadow clones were almost always destined to fail, unfortunately.

Madara stared at the S-rank shinobi standing against him. Onoki, Tsunade, Hiruzen, Jiraiya, Mei, Gaara, A, and Nagato were all glaring at him.

The Uchiha sighed. "Well, let's get this over with."


=Second Division Troubles=

Hinata stumbled back as three nameless shinobi swung at her with swords. They all had sneers and wicked grins on their faces. The swords were about the make contact and-

-Were promptly batted away by a bored-looking Naruto. "You know, do me a favor a throw the kunai at the enemies next time," he said, scowling slightly at Fuu.

The green-haired girl blushed. "Heh, sorry. I just threw it since no one knew what was going on."

"You're lucky I can figure out what's going on with my amazing abilities," Naruto said, his scowl twisting into a cheerful grin.

"T-This is nice and all, but can you help us out?" Hinata quietly said, still lying on the ground as the nameless shinobi growled.

"Oh right," Naruto said. There was a burst of smoke and several hundred Naruto clones appeared, all clad in golden armor. "Go fetch!"

They all vanished and sounds of screaming echoed throughout the area. Any allied ninja that was really a Zetsu clone was obliterated rather handily.

Karui walked up to Naruto frowning at the oddly small amount of destruction occurring in his presence. "You know, I think this doesn't suit you," she commented.

Naruto gave her an incredulous look. "How does this not suit me? Look over there! Two of my clones are ripping apart a Zetsu's arms!"

Yes, two of Naruto's clones had systematically torn apart a Zetsu's limbs. There was no blood since the thing was more plant than man, so no one was completely and utterly scarred for life.

"I thought you were helping out the Fourth Division," Fuu said, walking over to where Naruto was.

The blond shrugged. "I was, but Madara Uchiha-" Naruto studiously ignored the strangled gasps of various ninja, "-was resurrected and then I ditched him. I left a bunch of super-powerful ninja to deal with him."

"I... suppose that's helpful." The green-haired girl furrowed her brow. "Now what? Bee's already heading to fight the masked man!"

"Tobi?" Karui asked. "I have a bad feeling Bee-sensei is in over his head."

"Not to worry, we're heading there now since this place is pretty much locked down," Naruto declared. "So Fuu, grab a hold of me so we can get to Yugito and help Bee."

Karui gave him a dry expression and pointed behind him.

Naruto blinked and turned around, looking at a nervous Hinata who was poking her index fingers together. "Yes, Hinata? You look like you have some angst and drama to get off your rather sizable chest."

Hinata blushed at that comment, but swallowed and began to speak. "N-Naruto-kun, I'd just like to say that-"

"You love me?" Naruto interrupted, still staring at her with an eerie, emotionless gaze.

The pale-eyed girl opened and closed her mouth several times, trying to formulate a response.

"Care to explain why you love me, or anything of that sort?"

"Well, you've never given up, you're very strong, and you never give up on your word-" Fuu and Karui snorted at that, "-and even though you've had a harsh life, you never let that get to you! Yes Naruto-kun, I love you..."

Her face looked like it was on fire and she ducked her head to avoid any intense scrutiny.

Nearby, Kiba leaned over to Shino and whispered, "You owe me money bitch," much to the bug-user's supreme annoyance.

Naruto stared at her bowed head for a few seconds. He reached out and cupped her chin, gently bringing her face up so that their eyes could meet. However, Hinata seemed intent on avoiding his piercing eyes.

"Hinata, look at me. Hinata!" Naruto's voice was demanding, but not overly harsh.

The pale-eyed Hyuuga heiress finally met his gaze, although the pink tinge on her cheeks remained. "How old are you, Hinata?"

The first thought that went through Hinata's head was that Naruto liked older women more... but that was silly, considering the random amount of girls that had bunked in his house every time they visited.

"I-I'm sixteen," she murmured.

"All right. So we've established that you're technically a teenager even though being a shinobi apparently legally makes you an adult. Do you honestly believe your infatuation with me will remain so for your entire life?"

Hinata blinked, startled at Naruto's words. "W-What?"

"You heard me. Love is the most irrational, illogical thing ever. It might always remain, it might not. People grow and change throughout their lives, and how they do so is based on their experiences. Do you really think you're going to remain attracted to me?"

"What about those other kunoichi? There are so many you-"

"-Love?" Naruto interrupted, rolling his eyes. "I like most of them, but honestly, I'm not about to enter an actual, romantic relationship with that many kunoichi. That's fucking impossible; what am I going to do? Buy them all flowers every day? I'm rich as fuck, yes, but that's overdose."

Hinata giggled despite the situation. Her eyes were getting watery, too.

Naruto shook his head at the pointed looks Fuu and Karui were giving him. "Look, my point is, people will always be changing. That's why shinobi are so versatile; we can adapt to many situations. You might still be infatuated with me throughout your life and you might not."

"So you don't like me and now you're going to expect me to break down like the timid girl I'm supposed to portray?" Hinata asked in a quiet, blunt voice.

"Pretty much, yeah. It's not as if I've secretly loved you my entire life and only now that this confrontation has happened is when our special relationship can start. But please, break the stereotype. If you really loved me you'd be happy for me no matter what. Otherwise, you're just being a classic, jealous girl and I'm sure that's been done often enough," Naruto replied, again rolling his eyes.

"Besides, I'm from an alternate timeline. I know no one usually believes that, but it's true. In my actual home, you never really liked me. You admired me, yes, but you were more of a go-getter. I forget who you ended up with, though."

Hinata blinked. "What? W-What are you talking about?"

"Never mind. Anyway, now that I don't feel like a complete dick anymore since you're not a crying timid girl and we've successfully moved past this dramatic tension, it's time for Fuu and I to get going."

"The so-called 'Madara', right?" Karui asked, finally deciding that entering the conversation was safe since the apparent issue was resolved.

Naruto nodded in response. "Yeah. Fuu, let's go! Time to get Yugito and obliterate that masked man!" Fuu pumped a fist in the air, which was grabbed by Naruto, and then the two vanished in a flash.

Hinata stared at the spot they had been on before sighing unhappily. "I still don't know why he went after my sister rather than me. My breasts are bigger than hers!"

Karui smirked at that fact. "Naruto doesn't discriminate. Besides, he told me that your sister didn't exist in his own timeline."

"I don't believe that."

The redhead shrugged. "Eh, suit yourself."


=Some Random Cave or Whatever=

Itachi and Sasuke scowled at the hooded Kabuto. "Well, well, well... two Uchiha here just for me? I'm going to-"

"-Please don't say anything regarding our eyes," Sasuke said, cutting Kabuto off. "Seriously, it was annoying enough after staying with Orochimaru for two-something years."

Kabuto frowned. "Every villain has to have some sort of phrase before the battle actually starts."

"That doesn't mean you have to take Orochimaru's," Itachi stated.

"Whatever," Kabuto muttered. He threw his arms out, sending four giant snakes that somehow fit into his sleeves straight at the two Uchiha brothers.

Susanoo armors materialized around both brothers and grabbed the snakes, crushing them and casting away the bleeding bodies. In that amount of time, Kabuto had vanished, leaving behind his cloak, as well as several pieces of snakeskin.

"I can't tell where he went," Sasuke said.

"I can see the chakra, but he's masking his location. Smart, although I shouldn't be surprised considering how slippery he is. I still find myself wondering how he remained a spy in the Hidden Leaf for so long," Itachi remarked.

"Think later, fight now!" Sasuke yelled. The skeletal being around him drew a bow and fired it straight where he thought he saw some movement. The arrow blew the rock up, revealing yet another piece of snakeskin. "This is fairly annoying."

Fortunately, they didn't have to keep looking as Kabuto burst out from where he was hiding. His scaly chest was bare for all to see and he was only wearing pants. There was a snake attached to his body and horns protruding from his head.

"...What the fuck?" Sasuke dumbly said, staring at the horns. "Snakes don't have horns..."

"That's because I'm a dragon!" Kabuto screamed madly.

Sasuke and Itachi exchanged dry glances. "Please tell me this is a sad attempt at humor," Itachi said.

Kabuto exhaled some dragon-like thing that stunned both Sasuke and Itachi, but the two brothers were able to evade Kabuto's attacks regardless making such an attack completely irrelevant. The only relevant techniques were Sharingan techniques.

"So, how are we going to do this?" Sasuke asked, again surrounded by his Susanoo armor.

How were eyes supposed to generate super-defensive, glowing, skeletal armor again?

"Amaterasu," Itachi blandly replied. Black fire was shot from his eyes at the slithering Kabuto, who evaded part of it... but because there were two Amaterasu users and not really a need to drag on a rather unnecessary battle, the battlefield ended up turning into a raging torrent of black flames.

"Do you think that got him?" Sasuke asked, blinking rapidly to get water back into his eyes.

"Amaterasu incinerates everything," Itachi affirmed, confident in the attack. It wasn't as destructive as Naruto's choice of obliteration, but it worked when he needed it.

Kabuto suddenly burst from the flames, his body badly charred, but otherwise having no black flames of doom on it. "You can't kill me yet! I need to tell you why I'm like this and why my life is so bad with a series of useless flashbacks that don't really need to exist!"

Sasuke and Itachi were about to spam Amaterasu again, but Kabuto waved his hands in a placating manner. "W-Wait! What about the Impure World Reincarnation? You need me alive to remove it because it's the perfect god-mode jutsu ever!"

"Actually, all of the shinobi are pretty much sealed away except for the resurrected Madara and possibly the resurrected jinchuriki, but Naruto can handle those," Itachi informed. Then he paused, seemingly considering what he had just said. "Don't ask how I know that," he added.

"So essentially, you don't need me for anything? Not even an interesting tale about my past?"

"Not really, no," Sasuke dryly replied. Itachi nodded in agreement. Kabuto was incinerated by Amaterasu spam before he could make a break for it. "So, now what?" Sasuke asked, turning to his brother after putting out the undying flames.

Itachi suddenly fixed Sasuke with a very strange look. "For some reason, I feel like there's something I'm supposed to say and do that would make fangirls everywhere squeal and gush in joy."

"Oh god please no," Sasuke responded, shuddering slightly. "Our relationship is one that is familial and platonic despite the fact that you murdered our entire clan in order to stop a civil war and subsequent bloodbath. Anything else is an abomination of nature."

His brother tilted his head. "Didn't mom raise you to be tolerant of others?"

"I meant the familial thing, asshole," Sasuke snapped. "I also feel like we're missing three important characters that were going to play a role in this situation."

Itachi glared at his younger brother. "You're not going to revive Orochimaru, are you?"

There was a long silence before Sasuke burst out laughing. "How the hell would I do that? Even if I could do that, what do you take me for? Someone who has no common sense and needs too much confirmation about an event that you could tell me about?"

"Well, there was always that chance..."

"Screw you, Itachi."

He made a shushing noise. "The fangirls can hear you! Be very, very quiet!"


=A Destroyed Forest=

There was a flash of light and Yugito, Fuu, and Naruto found themselves on the snout of a large, Hachibi-fied Bee. Around was the remains of a large forest, as well as several resurrected shinobi.

One of those resurrected shinobi was very familiar to Naruto. Another shinobi, although not resurrected, was staring out at his new adversaries. "So, you all decided to turn yourselves in? How nice. Now I can complete my goal of world domin- err, I mean my goal of saving the world by trapping them in an eternal genjutsu!"

"That got old after the first few times," Naruto called out. "And from the looks of it, you resurrected the jinchuriki and resealed the Tailed Beasts into them..."

Tobi shrugged. "Eh, I was going to create my own Six Paths of Pain, but you kind of ruined that so instead I just wanted some more firepower."

There was a burst of malicious chakra and the four enemy jinchuriki entered their Version Two states. Yugito and Fuu entered their own Version Two states while Naruto simply folded his arms. "You know you're outnumbered right?"

From his position behind the indoctrinated, resurrected jinchuriki, Tobi frowned. Not that anyone could see it, of course. "How am I outnumbered? I have five Tailed Beasts. You have four. I have me, too."

"Actually, you don't count," Naruto said. "I count as two jinchuriki because I can do this!"

There was a puff of smoke and a sleepy-looking, human Kurama appeared. She yawned, looked around blearily, and then burped. "What's going on here?" she asked, finally locking her gaze onto the resurrected jinchuriki.

"Final fight of the series!" the Hachibi-fied Bee rumbled.

"Oh, I see. So we're going to use that, are we?"

Naruto nodded. "Yep. We're going to use that, seal them away, and then beat up Obito."

Tobi startled at that.

"Oh, I bet you're surprised as to how I figured that out?" Tobi nodded. "In my own timeline, Obito was alive, so I became quite used to his chakra signature. Yours, although mutilated beyond description, still bears that familiarity. Plus, with Madara resurrected and most definitely not you, the answer is clear."

Tobi removed his mask, revealing the scarred face of Obito Uchiha. "Well, I guess I don't need to wear that thing anymore. It got pretty stuffy anyway," the Uchiha said. "In any case, since we're here, do you want to hear my life story that's meant to make you sympathetic to my cause so that you can extend the hand of friendship?"


"Damn, I really thought I could do it better than Kabuto," Obito said, rubbing his chin. "Oh well. Jinchuriki, attack!"

The Version Two Yagura, Roshi, Han, and Utakata rushed forward, their respective tails swirling about menacingly. Or, it would've been menacing, had such a thing not become common to those who regularly hung around Naruto or to those who weren't jinchuriki.

In response, Fuu took to the skies, Yugito blurred forward, and Kurama covered herself in her own, boiling-red chakra. Naruto donned gold armor and jumped down alongside Kurama, ready to beat his former mentor into the ground.

It still felt strange to fight against Yagura, though. Last time, he had fought with Yagura against Nagato. This time, it was a bit different.

Fuu began swiping and kicking at Utakata, Yugito began to breath intense fire at Han, Kurama began to punt Roshi around, and Naruto unleashed a devastating series of punches and kicks that were augmented by his strength and speed.

The Flying Thunder God technique helped too. Every time one of his friends were about to get hit, he'd flash in, distract the foe, and flash out. It was pretty amusing.

Eventually, Obito got annoyed that the battle wasn't going away and forced the jinchuriki to enter their fully-realized Tailed Beast forms. In response, Yugito and Fuu did the same.

Naruto did so as well, Kurama's Yang Chakra so integrated within his body that he didn't need the Kyuubi's influence to help control it. He transformed into a giant, golden fox with nine tails and odd, black markings. Kurama simply transformed into its original, furred state using the remaining Yin Chakra it had.

Obito gawked at the two Kyuubi's that were staring at him. "Okay, that's not even fair," he said, pouting childishly. "Tobi's been a good boy! He even ran away from old man Madara who was questionably interested in children and from a Zetsu clone that was way too interested in defecation!"

"Way too much information," Kurama growled out. The non-resurrected jinchuriki nodded in agreement.

The Gobi stamped forward, roaring as it did so, and snapped its head down in an attempt to gouge one of the Kyuubi's with its horns. They simply jumped away, allowing the Nanabi's stinger-like tail to strike the dolphin-horse hybrid. It stopped and roared in anger, allowing the Hachibi to punch it away.

The Nibi-fied Yugito was attempting to incinerate the Yonbi, but was having little luck. Eventually Yugito got bored and urged the Nibi forward, slamming into the ape-like Yonbi and slashing it across its face.

For some reason, the thought of cutting off its tails flashed through Yugito's mind.

The Sanbi rolled into a ball and headed towards the golden Kyuubi. Kurama leapt in front of her container and grabbed onto ball, causing her feet to skid back due to the speed of the armored thing. Eventually, it stopped rolling and Kurama was able to chuck it into the air, where Naruto jumped up and smashed it down to where Obito was watching.

The attack missed, of course, but the amount of destruction did bring a satisfying grin to Naruto's face. The final Tailed Beast, the Rokubi, blasted out rotted gas from its mouth, but the beating wings of the Nibi sent it harmlessly away.

Naruto raised his giant, golden arm, but had it devoured by the Rokubi, who was looking for some other way to contribute to the battle. "Thank god for plot armor," Naruto dryly said. Then he swung the slug into the Yonbi, who had punched the Nibi away.

From his perch, Obito quirked an eyebrow. "You know, we just need some cameras, a large city, and some people brave enough to act as innocent bystanders and we could make a multi-million dollar movie."

"You mean ryo?" the Hachibi offered.

"I know what I said!" Obito snapped. He formed a ram seal, causing the Tailed Beasts under his control to jump back and begin forming a giant Tailed Beast Bomb.

"Oh, wait wait wait!" Naruto said, ending his transformation. "Let me get rid of this!"

"How are you going to do that?" the Nibi said, gazing down at Naruto's position.

His cloak flared and Naruto jumped forward just as the giant bomb was released. Instead of obliterating him and everything around him, it was sucked into some seal just like Madara's meteorite had been, leaving some very confused Tailed Beasts behind.

"You go boom now," Naruto declared cheekily. He unsealed the bomb, sending it careening towards his enemies before it detonated. The explosion knocked the beasts back and golden tails reached forward, grabbing the stake that bound the beasts to Obito's influence.

Obito grunted in annoyance and summoned the statue, sucking in the beasts and glaring at his enemies. "Damn you all. Do you know how hard it was to do all of that? It feels like I actually have limited chakra."

His enemies returned to normal, all of which were glaring at him. "I learned some pretty interesting things... again," Naruto informed. "I think I'm going to enjoy breaking this thing... again."

Since Obito's mask was thrown away, it might've been a good time for Madara Uchiha to jump down and assert his power, but he was sealed away too. It kind of helped when you had more S-rank ninja and one that had dominion over life and death.

So essentially, it was Obito and an incomplete statue. He couldn't do anything except run away and he doubted Naruto would let him do that. "Can I forfeit and join the Hidden Leaf under a peace treaty?" he asked. "I'm sure Kakashi would be happy to see me again, never mind the fact that I never notified him that I was alive nor inquire as to how Rin actually died."

"Oh, Rin's alive," Naruto informed, raising an eyebrow at Obito's statement. "She's just in a coma that no one's been able to get her out of. I think your idea is pretty stupid, but abandoning your plans of world domination seems like a good thing, especially since they're motivated by the death of a girl you apparently liked."

"Which is a pretty pathetic excuse, to be honest," Yugito added.

Obito paced for a few moments, seemingly ruminating about ending his plans. "...All right, I give."

"Sweet! I knew I was persuasive!" Kurama gave Naruto a dry look and vanished in a puff of smoke. Naruto's pupils entered a slitted state and he clapped his hands together, invoking the powers of the ancient Sage.

The statue exploded. Quite brilliantly, too. The restrained beasts jumped out of its burning husk and gave Naruto a nod of gratitude before heading back to their original villages. They had a role to do, as was outlined by Naruto when he was in a deeper plain of consciousness.

It was never really elaborated on to everyone else, though.

"Finally, this war is over," Fuu said, breathing a sigh of relief.

"This 'war', as you call it, took over two days..." Fuu shrugged at Yugito's response while Bee cheered at finally being able to work on his own rap.

"So, can I go see Rin's nearly-dead body?" Obito asked, walking up to them.

Naruto chuckled sheepishly. "Oh, about that... well, I lied. Good-bye!" Obito's head exploded due to the stress of losing his so-called beloved. "And that, boys and girls, is why you shouldn't think you have a true love," Naruto finally said.

"So... now what?" Yugito asked.

"Yeah, we're kind of all chummy now and since ninja were made for the express purpose of war, we all have no reason to exist anymore," Fuu remarked.

"No, ninja still have a use," Naruto informed. "It's just that that use is pretty boring."

"What is it?" Bee asked, tilting his head in curiosity.

Naruto shuddered slightly. "Protection details for creepy old nobles." Then he frowned in thought. "Although, a lot of the nobles have pretty hot daughters..." The blond grinned deviously. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this..."

He was whacked by Yugito, Fuu, and Bee at the same time. "Hey, whatever happened to Kisame?" Fuu asked.

"Oh, I killed him," Bee said, deciding not to rap after their climactic battle that had decided to fate of the world.

"I thought he defected and went back to the Hidden Mist," Naruto commented.

"Whatever, he's not an issue anymore," Yugito said, disregarding the missing-nin's existence.

"So, you all up for some ramen?"

There was much groaning.


=Epilogue, I Guess?=

A older Naruto Uzumaki sat in the mission office, going over some papers with a lack of interest. Damn, how he wished he could've stayed at his home village, but no! He had to be Hokage...

It still brought a sour taste to his mouth. Oh well, at least he'd resurrected his clan and given each great village a new bloodline, as well as a bit of Uzumaki sealing knowledge.

There was peace and no reason for ninja to exist... well, until they decided to explore the other side of the world and inevitably wage war over there. Of course, that was if such a place even existed.

Naruto looked up at a nearby clock and sighed to himself. The other chunin on duty seemed to take notice of the time as well and stiffened in preparation. "Three... two... one..." he muttered.

The door to the mission room burst open, revealing three children, all of which had whisker-marks and forehead protectors. Each of them had some striking characteristic due to their heritage.

"Hey, dad! Give us a C-rank already! I want to kill some more bandits!"

"You picked the mission last time! It's my turn now!"

"I hate you two. Can't we just go assassinate some nobleman? Even you wish you could do that every now and then, dad..."

Naruto glanced at their sensei, a rather annoyed-looking Kiba Inuzuka. "Can you tell them to be quiet, Lord Hokage? Please? You're the only one, aside from their mothers, that can control them," he begged.

The blond Hokage nodded sagely. "True, true... Unfortunately, I think it's hilarious, so I'm not going to say anything." His children cheered. "Although, their mothers might not be so happy with me..." His children paled.

"N-No, don't tell mom..."

"My mom's going to kill me if you do...!"

"I actually don't think my mom will care, really," the final one, a kunoichi, said.

Naruto grinned at his daughter. "That's because your mom is too free-spirited to give a damn about anything. Although, I do wish she'd come and visit more often..." A lecherous grin crossed Naruto's face.

"Eww! Dad!"

Kiba growled in annoyance. "Come on, Lord Hokage. Give us a damn scroll so we can get out of here. Seriously, how the hell did you stand them when they were younger?"

"Where do you think they got their energy from?"

"Jinchuriki," Kiba deadpanned.

"We're not jinchuriki!" the first brat, one with red hair and pink eyes, said. "Come on, be realistic Kiba-sensei!"

"Come on, uncle, you know we're just bubbly because of our heritage!"

"Can I use Storm Release on this mission?"

"I fucking hate you," Kiba muttered to Naruto, who shook his head in amusement.

"I know." Naruto handed them a mission scroll that told them where to remove some bandits hanging around in the Land of Fire. "If you all do well, I'll take you drinking tonight."


"Oh man, you better not be lying dad."

"Kouchuu always says it's awesome!"

Kiba's jaw dropped. "Are you kidding me? You're going to take my nephew drinking?"

"Uzumaki don't get drunk," was Naruto's simple response.

Kiba groaned and left with his genin in tow. Naruto chuckled as they left.

Peaceful life may have been incredibly boring, but at least his children were more than enough to provide entertainment for him.

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