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Rise of Heroes: Rise of the Pokémon Princess

Chapter 1: Escaping Troubles

For most who live in palaces and castles, you would think life was simple as nothing and new exciting would happen. Well you be would be wrong on so many levels. One person seemed to have it rough growing up in a palace and with 16 brothers and sisters. Everyday for her was a struggle just to make it through the day.

"Hey look at the little runt of the palace," said the eighth oldest sibling as she pointed to young six year old Relena Kaiou, the youngest daughter and child of Princess Michiru Delilah Kaiou. "What are doing here? You're not supposed to be living in this palace."

"Yeah, go live with slaves, where you belong," added the third oldest sibling, Adam Fagin Kaiou as he approached Relena grabbing what was in her hands, shoved her on the ground and then kicked her in the gut causing her to curl in a ball as her older sister joined the brother and threw the item at Relena breaking it into pieces.

"Oh I'm sooo sorry," mocked the eighth sibling as she kicked some of the broken pieces on Relena's back and signaled for Adam to kick Relena again and force her on her back. Adam kicked Relena again forcing her on her back which caused pain for her as some of the broken shards were stuck on her back and she screamed in pain as her older siblings laughed in delight.

Luckily for Relena, a few of the palace servants were nearby, came to her aid and shooed the older siblings away. The servants then picked Relena up off the ground gently as they knew that Relena was shy around other people other than her mother and Pokémon that frequently visited in the palace gardens everyday. The servants gingerly and carefully got the broken pieces out of Relena's back and bandaged her wounds.

"Young Miss, you should be careful around your siblings," the head servant Hector Alvarez said to Relena. "They won't stop coming after you until you leave. Although I don't understand why your siblings hate you."

Relena said nothing as she had temporarily locked her words away and was afraid to speak to the servants.

Hector continued, "You should really find something productive to do other than sneaking around the palace like a scared little Rattata. Find something creative and most likely away from them so they won't see you as much." Again Relena said nothing as she looked down on the floor of the servants' break room in despair and with tears rolling down her cheeks. She then began to sob once again like most days when her older siblings picked on her and hurt her. Her sobbing was heard by the servants who were on their break before returning to their work posts.

After sobbing for five minutes, another person had entered the room which caused the servants to drop what they were doing, stand at attention and give the person a slight bow to her as they recognized the person Relena's mother, Michiru Delilah Kaiou.

"What happened this time?" Michiru asked the servants in the break room. "Please tell me what happened to my daughter. It brings pain to my heart to know that one of my children is hurting and none of you can tell me why my youngest child has been injured."

"It was Adam and Helen again today," answered one of the servants who had been there to help escort Relena to the servants break room. "As you can see your highness, they kicked her three times and she had broken fragments lodged in her back. The fragments appeared to be from pottery."

Michiru sighed and shook her head in disappointment for her own children because they picked on their youngest sibling.

"Thank you to those of you who took care of my daughter," Michiru said as she had a small item behind her back.

She then put it in her breast jacket pocket and then took her daughter's hand as they left the servants' break room. Michiru had a look of pain in face as she looked at her youngest daughter; it was hard to raise seventeen children by herself and the father had walked out after Michiru refused to have more children. Once the father had walked out, his own family took Michiru in as part of their family and cut off the son from them and the palace. Michiru shook her head gently, right now her daughter needed her and she took Relena to her favorite place to go. It was the one place the older siblings stopped going to once they became hooked to their... obsession.

Once Michiru and Relena entered the palace garden, many Pokémon saw the young princess and approached her with cheerful smiles on their faces. Relena then saw the Pokémon in garden, let her sad face melt away as she let go of her mother's hand and went to play with the Pokémon in garden. After an hour of playing a new Pokémon appeared as it appeared to be exhausted. This Pokémon happened to come from mountainous areas on Jungle Fortree Island. The color of its feathers was definitely darker than its counterparts in the Orange Islands and Kanto region. This Pokémon definitely spent a lot of time in the tropical climate instead of the mountains. Relena's eyes brightened and had sparkles in them as well.

"Look Mommy, it's an Articuno!" exclaimed Relena as she slowly approached the big bird.

"Be careful sweetie," Relena's mother, Michiru Kaiou, said to her daughter with a hand out in worry.

Relena kept approaching the exhausted Articuno. At first he didn't notice young Relena approaching because he was dazed from flying for four hours non-stop without a break. Once he had shaken his dazed feeling, he noticed Relena approaching it slowly. The Articuno cocked his head in curiosity as he had never seen humans up close or even at a distance. Relena kept approaching the Articuno slowly until she was close enough to where she felt comfortable in front of big bird.

Again the Articuno was curious about the small human child that seemed brave enough to approach him. He stood straight up and then tried to scare her off by letting his size compared to the little human in front of him. But Relena didn't move an inch as she stood still and waited for Articuno to come closer to her. The Articuno did just that as he inched closer to Relena hoping to get better reaction from Relena and hoped that she would run in terror. Relena stood still, still not budging an inch. Articuno then got in Relena's face with loud cries of intimidation and to try and ward off her off. The only time that Relena fell down was when Articuno blew weak gusts of snow at her. But Relena just got back and stood there with a smile on her face as she held out her left to let the Articuno feel her hand. The Articuno was certainly amazed that the human child before him was certainly brave and could need some company. He carefully approached Relena as he had no idea how to interact with humans before. Relena gently stroked the Articuno's left cheek much to his delight and rubbed his stomach too which the Articuno liked as well.

"Mommy, this Articuno likes me," Relena said to her mother as Michiru relaxed a bit as she watched her daughter show the Articuno affection which it had come to enjoy.

"Relena, come here for a second," Michiru requested of her daughter.

Relena looked at her mother and left to her mother's side. The Articuno's face went from being happy to being sad. Relena turned back to him and said reassuringly, "Don't worry big guy; I'll be right back. I promise."

'Okay,' Articuno said to Relena as she went to her mother's side, 'please hurry back.'

Relena went to mother as her mother pulled out an all-red Pokéball from her left breast jacket pocket and gave it to Relena.

"For me Mommy?" Relena asked her mother as she received the all-red Pokéball.

"Uh huh," answered Michiru as she gently set her hand on youngest daughter's head. "It's called a Cherish Ball and it should only be used if the Pokémon wishes to join you."

The Articuno eyed the Cherish Ball and was nervous. He had heard from other Pokémon on Jungle Fortree Island that Pokémon often got captured by humans to be either tools or pets. Articuno wasn't going to be some human's tool or pet. He would be more than happy to be a playmate for the little human, but he wasn't going to be her pet to do tricks for or whatever humans had their Pokémon do for them. Articuno began spreading his wings, lightly flapped them as he was about to fly away.

Relena saw that Articuno was going to fly away and she rushed to get him to stop.

"Wait," Relena called to Articuno, "please don't go. I want you to stay, please stay."

Articuno shook his head and was about to fly away when out of nowhere a ball of mud struck Relena in the face. Michiru turned to her left and saw four of her children tossing mud balls at their youngest sister.

"Stop throwing things at Relena!" Michiru demanded to her older children.

"We're throwing these things at that runt," said Samantha, the oldest daughter Michiru had given birth to, as she threw a metal ball at her youngest sister.

Articuno turned around and saw more humans. This time he noticed they were attacking the little human that was trying to get him to play with her. At least he thought she was trying to get him to play with her until he saw the Cherish Ball in her hand. But now he saw four other humans throwing things at the human who gave him affection and attention and had to do something for her. He turned around and shot an Ice Beam at the objects thrown at Relena.

"Huh, that's Ice Beam!" exclaimed Relena as she saw the mud balls and rocks thrown at her were frozen.

Articuno then let his wings glow with a metallic coating and then sliced the frozen objects into multiple pieces much to Relena's amazement.

"Wow, he knows Steel Wing too," Relena said in awe of the big bird in front of her.

Articuno then spread his wings, sent a gust towards Relena's siblings and let out a cry of intimidation at them too. The siblings dropped what they had in their hands and ran away after seeing the Articuno spread his wings around their youngest sister. Once the siblings left, Articuno to stand up straight up but was pull into a light hug as Relena tried to wrap her arms around him.

"Oh thank you Articuno," Relena said as she hugged the big blue bird. "I wish you could stay longer with me. My siblings are always mean to me and they never leave me alone.

"Please stay with me," Relena pleaded with Articuno as she had tears in her eyes.

Articuno didn't understand why Relena was crying but patted her on her back and tried to comfort her.

'Um, everything will be okay,' Articuno said as he tried to think of something to tell Relena that would make her calm down.

Articuno looked back to his life on Jungle Fortree Island and saw that he felt lonely. Other Articuno Pokémon were happy as they had mates and were family Pokémon while he lived a carefree life and spent most of his time in the jungles and had even developed a rivalry with a Zapdos who lead a gang of bird Pokémon. All in all, he thought about how lonely he was and how maybe being with the young human wouldn't be a bad idea. 'Not to mention,' thought Articuno, 'this little human being could use the protection.'

'Alright little human,' Articuno said to Relena, 'I'll stay with you.'

Relena looked up to the Articuno, still having tears in her eyes.

"You'll stay with me?" asked Relena as she looked at the bird Pokémon. Articuno gave her a slight nod acknowledging the answer to her question.

"Oh thank you... Frost," Relena said as she hugged Articuno even more grateful that he would stay with her.

'Frost, eh?' wondered Articuno. 'I like having that name. I think it would suit me perfectly.'

Relena let go of her first Pokémon to be and held out the Cherish Ball for Articuno... I mean Frost to see. She was about ready to throw the Cherish Ball at Frost when he moved in and pressed the button with his beck, allowing it to capture him. After three clicks, Cherish Ball gave one final click signifying that Frost was now Relena's Pokémon.

"Yay! I caught an Articuno!" Relena exclaimed with joy before letting her first and new Pokémon out of it's Pokéball.

Two months later, things appeared to be looking up and the teasing was going down thanks to Relena's Pokémon bodyguard, Frost. Relena had turned seven years old a month after Frost became Relena's first Pokémon. One Michiru could breathe easier a bit and could go and visit with a Pokémon she had as a young woman before getting married to the man who helped her give birth to her 17 children. Michiru, this day, was supposed to meet with her Gardevoir, Sakura, so she could take Sakura's firstborn baby Ralts to Relena. But today would be a day that would shake Michiru and devastate her hard.

On Tropical Market Island, Michiru got off a speed boat and began heading to the outskirts of a medium-sized trading outpost. Sakura had instructed Michiru to wait for her and her two month-old Ralts along the outskirts of the trading post and either she or her Spiritomb 'husband' would bring their daughter to her. Michiru stood at the outskirts for an hour and a half waiting for either Sakura or the Spiritomb with their first child.

'Where could Sakura be?' wondered Michiru as she sat on a crate and tried to make herself comfortable on it. 'It's not like Sakura to be late.'

As Michiru thought those things, she heard a soft cry coming from a baby Ralts and could then make out the silhouette of a rare and shiny Spiritomb. The pair made it's way towards Michiru as the little Ralts let go of the stone her father had hanging on him. She was a shiny Ralts just like mother and had a Sakura flower wreath around neck but had her face looking down to the ground and tears streaming down her face as she was very sad. Michiru saw both of them and noticed the little Ralts was crying.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Michiru asked the little Ralts with compassion and gentleness in voice as she held out her arms to the little Ralts.

'Mommy was killed by an evil human,' the little Ralts answered as she held out her arms wanting Michiru to pick her up. 'Daddy's tribe won't let me stay with them either.'

"Oh you poor thing," Michiru said as she picked up the little Ralts and noticed the wreath of Sakura flowers and then realized that the Ralts's mother was own Gardevoir, Sakura. Michiru then fell to her knees and started welling up with the little Gardevoir in her hands. The little Ralts also cried as well; both of them were affected by Sakura's death. Sakura gave birth to the little Ralts and raised her while her father made every attempt to be there for her when he had time away from his tribe. For Michiru, Sakura had been her companion since she was a little girl living a rough life with abusive parents and going through the foster system, only to land in the relationship with her only husband.

'I hope Relena is doing okay while I'm not there at the palace,' thought Michiru as she looked toward Tsunami Island where the palace was and her youngest daughter was there alone with her 16 older siblings.

'Relena should be fine with Frost protecting her,' thought Michiru as she began her visit with Spiritomb and his Ralts daughter.

Back in the palace on Tsunami Island, Relena searched everywhere for her Pokéballs and Frost, who had gone back to Jungle Fortree Island. What Relena didn't know was that her siblings were already making their move. While Relena was playing with the other Pokémon in the palace garden like she did everyday, the oldest sibling Akita, had gone in swiped all but one Pokéball she had left in her room, including Frost's Pokéball. Frost had temporarily gone back to Jungle Fortree Island to check on Pokémon he had been protecting from a rival Zapdos. Relena was playing with the Pokémon in the palace garden and showing the Cherish Ball she got from Andrew, her fourth oldest brother for her seventh birthday last month. Andrew covered up his embarrassment by patting his younger sister on the head and just saying 'You're welcome.' Andrew searched everywhere for the Cherish Ball he gave Relena by mistake but couldn't find it.

When the Pokémon left the garden, Relena went back to her room, she found it had been trashed and everything strewn around the floor and her ripped up bed. Relena's eyes widened in shock and disbelief that her siblings would do something so despicable to her.

'I'm gonna tell Mom when she get's back from wherever she went to,' thought Relena as she went to confront her siblings as she assumed that Frost would back her up.

As Relena was walking through the halls of the palace, close to the ocean she finally ran into her siblings.

"I wanna know why you guys trashed my room," Relena demanded as she stomped towards her siblings.

"Well, well, the runt speaks," snickered the sixth oldest child, Nathaniel, as he threw a pot at Relena's face.

The pot struck Relena in the face and caused a couple scratches to appear along with one cut across her left cheek.

"Get her," ordered Allison, the second oldest sister.

A couple of Relena's siblings were all too eager and grabbed her by her limbs while Andrew searched the pockets of Relena's dress and jacket and could not find the Cherish Ball he mistakenly gave Relena. Relena certainly could feel the punches her older brothers threw at her. What was even worse was that her sisters scratched, kicked her and tore her dress and jacket showing her bear left leg and bruised right and left arm. After 20 more minutes of beating Relena unconscious, the siblings then threw her into ocean in the hope that she would drown under the dangerous surf.

Relena hit the surf and was drug under where she was unintentionally picked up by a school of Luvdisc that carried her out to open water and then broke away as the school went in another direction. Relena drifted for a good thirty minutes until a Pokémon wrapped a tentacle around Relena's waist and pulled to him and his companions.

'What is that thing?' asked one Tentacruel as he examined what his Tentacool subordinate grabbed.

'Look's like a little human being,' answered another Tentacruel.

'In other words it's just a piece of trash,' said a third Tentacruel. 'Just throw it back in the open sea.'

The Tentacool threw Relena up and out of the water carelessly as it rejoined its group. Relena about landed back in the ocean until she gently landed on the back of a Mantine.

On Tsunami Island Michiru had returned to the palace with the Ralts daughter of her now deceased Gardevoir, Sakura. The little Ralts clung to Michiru's left arm as they entered the palace grounds. As they entered the palace grounds, Michiru heard the sound of party music and hurried to the source of the party music. When she found the source of the party music, Michiru could not believe what she was seeing as she kept the baby Ralts from seeing what her children were doing.

"What's going on here?" Michiru asked her children.

"Oh, hey mother," said Adam said to his mother. "We're celebrating the fact we got rid of that little runt who thought she had a right to live here."

Michiru widened her eyes at what Adam had said to her and she quickly pieced together what he meant. She knew that her older children were trying to get rid of Relena, but never thought they would actually do it successfully. She then narrowed her eyes with fire in them; she was very angry that they would stoop low as to try and kill her youngest child. She pulled a Pokéball and threw it up in the air.

"Mika, I need your help with some redecoration," Michiru said as as her female Serperior came out of her Pokéball.

Michiru then went to the first table with music CDs and small food on platters. She proceeded overturn the cardboard table causing the CDs and food to collide with each other, the floor and part of the wall. Michiru and her Serperior, Mika, continued to go on a rampage of destruction. The siblings weren't spared from their mother and Mika's wrath. They were hit with extremely fast flung food and CDs that were flung like Frisbees. After twenty minutes of the miniature demolition derby, Michiru and Mika left the makeshift banquet hall upset at Michiru's children.

'What do we do now that your children seemed to have crossed the line?' Mika asked her trainer.

"We find my baby girl," Michiru answered Mika. "I know they're lying and Relena is alive."

'You realize that it could take weeks, maybe even months to find young Relena,' Mika reminded her trainer.

"I know that Mika, but I don't have a choice," Michiru softly countered back. "Relena's my youngest daughter and I'm trying to keep the family together after their father left us."

'I should remind you that we only have four days before the Pokémon League season starts again,' cautioned Mika. Michiru gave a slight nod as she and Mika left to find Relena.

Three days had past as Relena had gone through quite a journey while she was unconscious. Most of her journey had been with a school Mantine and Mantyke for two days and nearly lost an arm to a Sharpedo that attacked the school. Fortunately for Relena, she drifted to a pod Wailmer and Wailord. After 12 hours of drifting with the Wailmer and Wailord , Relena was carried away from the pod when a female Kabutops found her lying on the back of the lead Wailord. Kabutops took Relena's prone body and took her to a nearby island that she knew of and knew that Relena would be safe.

On the nearby island, an aqua blue Pokémon stood on the beach as he sensed that his Kabutops servant was coming with her weekly report from around the Atlantica Islands. This Pokémon was known as a Suicune and stood waiting as he noticed Kabutops carrying a human being on her back. The Kabutops explained everything to her Suicune master and set Relena on the beach for Suicune to take.

'Thank you Kabutops,' Suicune said through telepathy, 'you may go.'

'I hear and obey Master,' said Kabutops as she slightly bowed to Suicune and left.

'Now young human princess,' Suicune said to the unconscious Relena, 'I will take you in and care for you.'