As I gazed at the watch, I knew nothing was ever going to be the same; never the same laugh, the same smile, the same life. Everything was already dead, and we can't get back from that, even if we want to. If we could, I would make sure to bring my mother back to life; God only knows how much I miss her.

"Hurry the fuck up!" it bothered me enough that I didn't have any privacy or freedom; running around many foster parents didn't please me, and it surely didn't please them. Every single family that adopted me changed their minds in no time. I didn't need them; and I didn't need this one in particular. "Calm down!" I was never afraid to answer to that prick I had to call dad from now on; like I was ever going to do that.

I grabbed my bag from the car that was already falling apart and grinned while looking at the house; I knew the whole story behind it, and it didn't bother me a bit. Somehow, the story behind that house made me want to move in even more; I couldn't cope with humans, they were too pretentious and idiotic to hang out with.

"Don't you like the house? It kind of suits your look, freak." The joy of having a 'brother' was enormous; he was a prick that couldn't get good grades because his football injuries surely had made him dumber. Of course that people thought I acted out, being like this. I didn't; I was just too busy with my own life to care about theirs. "I like the house, but it's sad that I have to live with an idiot like you, isn't it Adam?" what kind of name was Adam anyway?

It was no surprise that he didn't have a good answer to give back to me; it just proved that my theory was right. I walked inside the house bumping into the movers or the idiots I had to live with; walking up the stairs, I reached the door that lead me to a pretty awesome bedroom. The room was going to be mine.

I dropped the bag in the middle of the room without a care, going to the window to see how the view from up there was; as I thought, it was bull. All that existed nearby were houses and trees. "Help with the boxes, Ariana!" Bianca was the foster mother I had ended up with; she wasn't the worst of them all, but she did everything that John told her.

"I'm going for a walk around the block, can't help." I reached for the pack of cigarettes I had on the small bag I brought with me in the car, grabbed my IPod and got out of the house, ignoring the screaming; they didn't have the courage to force me to do anything.

Taking out a cigarette from the pack I looked at the house while walking away; I would have time to explore later that day, when they went out to some party nearby. There was some stupid dog barking around and making a horrible noise, forcing me to put the headphones on and pumping up the volume to the top. There was nothing like The Smiths to put me in the mood to wonder around; I hoped there would be some non-idiots around for me to have a decent conversation.

"Ah, are you from the new family that just moved in? I'm sure you won't last long hereā€¦ it isn't a great place, you know?" some woman reached me, walking a dog and smoking a cigarette; I had accidentally bumped into her while searching for the lighter in my pocket. She grabbed hers and lighted up the cigarette I had in my mouth.

"You're a bit of a nosy person, aren't you?" me and my big mouth, we got along so well. She frowned at me but didn't bother to care about what I said. "I can see that you are the new girl here. I stand by my statement."

I rolled my eyes at her; she seemed like the crazy person that every freaking neighborhood had around. "Alright, thank you for saying we are going to die. Have a good day."

I started walking once more, feeling her eyes glued on me; I believed something freaky was going on in that house, but I didn't believe that there were real ghosts that could kill me; those were stories, and I just had fun pretending to believe them.