Silence is Golden
by Leela

"Jesus, again?" Glenn complained, making a face and groaning.

T-Dog barely moved where he lay, entranced by a book. The noises coming from the next room over didn't even bother him anymore. Frankly, it's the day they wouldn't hear them that he'd start to worry. "They're young and horny, leave them alone."

"But it's every night," Glenn exclaimed. "And so many times every night. How is that even possible?"

T-Dog chuckled. Glenn was so naïve. "That girl ran for days, man. They both have some tight endurance."

"Aw, dude," Glenn said, making a face. Bad enough that he had to hear it. He didn't wanna picture it, too. "Should we just go over and tell them to at least keep it down?"

T-Dog laughed. "Yeah, go interrupt Daryl Dixon while he's having sex. Can I come along and watch him break every bone in your body?"

Glenn sighed. "But it's every night!"

His roommate shrugged. "Eh, it's quiet four nights out of the month."

"Yeah, thank God for that shit," Glenn said. "It's like going on vacation or something. Jeez."

"They're hot," T-Dog said, eyes still on his book. "Hot people do it a lot, I guess."

"I'm like, down to twice a week with Maggie. When I'm lucky. And I'm pretty sure Rick hasn't gotten any in months. Yet these two… Jesus. They just keep going at it."

T-Dog smiled. "You're just jealous."

"Of course I'm jealous!" Glenn exclaimed.

Finally, it stopped, and Glenn sighed a quiet 'thank God.'

"This is ridiculous. I'm gonna talk to Andrea about it. They should at least move to the other end of the hall. For everyone's sake," Glenn said. "Hell, they should move to the jungle, cause that sounds like some rough shit."

Suddenly, he heard a banging on the wall behind him and Daryl's gruffy voice. "Hey, keep it down!"

Glenn closed his eyes and pressed his lips into a tight line. "I'm gonna fucking kill myself."

T-Dog laughed.