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Rogue sat on Xavier's office, enduring a lecture in stoic silence. There was something more in their minds aside from fear and compassion now: there was anger. Good; she wanted them angry, she wanted them defiant. It was confusing and disturbing to want to fight people she cared so deeply about but that's the way things were. ..

"…lucky no one was inside. You could have killed somebody…"

"Ah already killed somebody. Ah killed many 'sombodies'…"

The comment silenced them. She didn't break eye-contact with the Professor. He was the alpha in that room and she wanted him to know she no longer give a shit. He got it quite fast, although he didn't seem to know what to do about it. She almost burst out laughing. There was nothing he could do!

"You are not to leave School grounds until further notice…" He ventured. "We will resume our sessions. I want you in my office at 7 this afternoon."

She wanted to taunt him: if she didn't obey, what would he do? What would any of them do? But she didn't say a word. It was suddenly clear that a direct confrontation was the only thing she could look forward to. Rip them all apart, unleashing her vast power once again and rejoice in the bloodshed…That would be the end. After that, there would be nothing left. The thought frightened her and she rose from the chair and left the room without a word.

Rogue sat at the edge of the cliff, staring out at the sea. The sun was starting to hide behind the raging waves. No one had come to pester her and so she had sat here all day. In that peace, she had come to notice something odd: she could feel the world around her: the water, the earth, the wind, and the fire roaring dozens of miles under their feet; the minds of the people and the minds of the animals…One thought, and they-the elements and the living- would do as she commanded….

…Logan was approaching. It was time for her therapy session with the Professor. She didn't have to go…But she teleported to his office anyway. He didn't flinch as she puffed before him. That was a first…There was no gentle smile to greet her either. He was not angry, per say…just on guard…

"You are late."

"Ah don't have a watch."

"…please, take a sit."

"What are you going to do?"

"Please, sit…."

She sighed and took a seat on the couch. He wheeled towards her.

"You are angry." He stated. "And you are coming to the realization of just how powerful you are…I wonder if you are trying to force me into hurting you?"

Although surprised by his insight, she managed a snort.

"…you cannot hurt me. Ah'm raw power…"

"No, you are not. You are a young confused girl. I do not want to hurt you. Rogue, I care about you. All I want is to help you recover your life. Help you get pass this….I think that you just want to stop feeling…numb. I think you want things to change. And I think you just don't care how anymore…"

Well, the old fart had something to brag about after all. And it affected her more than it should. She found herself fixated to his words. It was wrong to want to hurt her friends…her family. It had to be wrong. But he was right; it seemed to be the only way out. A fight, destruction and, hopefully, death…hers or their…It didn't matter…

"Letting me into your mind would change things." The Professor continued. "It would be a step forward. And there would be no coming back from that either…"

"…how do you…know all this?" She asked wirily. Was he reading her somehow…?

"I do not need to read your mind to understand what you are going through, Rogue. I have studied human behavior in the conventional way for many, many years…"

"…and the brain…" She stated dully. She knew his studies; the Institutions he had gone to, the careers he had followed-and finished….The war he had went through; his love, the betrayal…She closed her eyes. She knew everything about everyone in her mind… "There is nothing you can do that Ah do not know about…"

"Is that so? I know I can be a fresh perspective. Same mind, but different experiences…"

That made sense. Well, he had surprised her twice in a few minutes. Maybe…maybe this was worth another try. She sighed, closed her eyes and let the Professor enter her head. As always, he moved in smoothly. He sampled her emotions, her state of mind but then, he did something odd. Instead of trying to force himself in the corner where her memories were hidden, he sipped more of his consciousness into her head. The flickering light that was his thoughts became blinding….and it immediately started to burn.

"You dare attack me!" Rogue snarled, eyes snapping open. They were blazing with raw plasma energy. "You idiot!"

Charles gritted his teeth and pressed on his attack. Rogue whimpered in pain and seized her head, but instead of growing weaker, her power rose with her anger. The ground under their feet started shaking and, outside, he could already hear the rumbling growls of thunder. The light of the sun was swallowed by darkness. Inside the office, they exploded, sparks flying out of every outlet and connection.

But then, it all stopped and Rogue fell on her knees with a plaintive wail. Jean had entered the fray, using cerebro just as he had instructed. Together, they continued to increase the pressure…

"We will rip you all apart."

A hundred voices promised, hissing out of Rogue's fanged mouth. His wheelchair screeched and groaned as the metal started twisting and bending onto itself. It trapped his legs, his stomach. He immediately felt the pressure gnawing on his muscles and bones. And then the pain was on his head…on his brain. He stared in horror at her infernal eyes…Her lips twisted into a wide feral smile.

There was a dry click and the pain immediately banished. Rogue's eyes stopped glowing, recovering their…baffled humanity. She took her hands to the metal collar now strapped to her neck and turned around to find Logan and Nightcrawler standing behind her.

"What the hell is this?!" She snarled after a few seconds of stunned silence. She was trying to rip the collar off…and failing. "How…what the hell is this?! Ah can't…!"

"Puff out, kid…" Logan growled at Kurt. He opened his mouth to protest…"Now!" The blue mutant sighed, throwing his sister one last sorrowful glance before puffing out of the room. "Party's over, kid. You are grounded."

Rogue stared at him and then at the Professor….He was looked completely wiped but…satisfied…The door opened, and Hank and Ororo walked in…Followed by Jean…using a weird cerebro-like helmet…That fucking bitch…

"You had this all planned…" She snarled. She knew she didn't have a right to feel outraged, considering what she herself had been planning to do…But still! How…how did they even…?! "Ah…don't understand…How…? Mah powers…They…"

"Luckily, for us all, you underestimated us, Rogue." The Professor sighed. "Now, please, do sit down. We really need to talk."

She slumped on the couch, feeling like a completed idiot.