Origins of despair, chapter 1: prologue and a new hope

1542, Nehia era. the forgotten land of Merlunai which is surrounded, there are considered forbidden ways of the world, some humans were able to use abilities like no other blessed upon them by the gods, and then there are some who have taken the powers of the beast, and finally there are those who must feed on others to survive, these three, the blessed humans, those who inherited the beast, and finally, those with the lust for blood. These three beings are classed as the highest of power and were eliminated from the world, or were thought to be, in the Kusakai house, the vampires have taken up residence, and have forcedly become the rulers of the land, those without powers suffer and try to live as best they can, but loose loved ones to the vampires who take them for sustenance and to prosper themselves, the werewolves themselves have taken up lands in the forest and have set themselves apart from the vampires and the humans. In the Kusakai house, the king sits

"My lord, we have the blessed, what would you have us do?" a young vampire soldier said to him, kneeling as for dear life

"Bring him forward" the lord said, swirling a glass of red liquid in his hand

"Of course, bring him forward!" the vampire called, as the doors behind him shot open as if on command, and two more soldiers walked in, dragging on more on his knees, they threw him down in front of their lord, he stood up, spitting blood on the floor

"there, your reward for bringing me in" the blessed said with a smile, looking back at them as they hissed and gave him death stares, they walked off with an agitation , he then turned and had a shiver run up his spine

"blessed, what is your name?" the lord said, setting his cup down and crossing one leg over the other, he was wearing a long black trench coat, with rupees attached evenly on each side, he had dark blue eyes and long straight hair, he was fairly tanned, the blessed thought, for a vampire.

"my name is Illiad, lord melliore" Illiad said with a slight bow as to insult him, he stood straight "what would you like with me?" lord Melliore looked at him, and smiled slightly, showing his fangs, looking at Illiad he saw he had crimson eyes, he was wearing torn black jeans and a blood splattered jacket,, he wore a black hat with flames and had blood red hair. To others he would be intimidating, but the lord simply smiled

"You know the laws of our land Illiad, the vampires hold dominion over what happens here and there, we do not allow people out during the day on most occasions, but you, you simply broke into my home, where I keep order, and began killing us off mercilessly, yet you have no weapons, and no one saw anything that can be identified from the bodies, tell me Illiad, what did you do to my people?" he said standing behind him, Illiad turned his head slightly and looked at him, as his eyes flamed red

"I came here to make a point, that we blessed are just as strong and in turn I got to speak to the one in charge of it all, lord Melliore, the strongest of the vampires, now I think I may finish it right here and now…" Illiad began, and flicked his finger, which had a spark, the lord tilted his head slightly, as the spark touched the ground, flames burst out around them, encircling them both and spiraling into the roof, bursting outward through and beyond, going upward into the sky, everything inside the room was scorched nearly instantly, the furniture turned to ash, the fire began to subside, and all that was left was flames barely touching the roof, Illiad began to walk towards the door which barely stood, but stopped suddenly as a hand touched his shoulder, all he felt was pain, he looked at it slowly as his arm was being indented as if a box cardboard, he winced and tried to get away, but was gripped harder and thrown into the wall, hitting it he felt his back crack just as easily, he fell to the ground coughing he looked up hastily to see Lord Melliore standing there, his clothes only slightly scorched if anything, his body itself seemed to be perfectly fine as if he were just waking up

"You are quite strong, I see that you have obtained the fire god's blessing, a rare one to obtain indeed and certainly not permitted, fire is light in its own way, and you see we do not allow light on our island." He said firmly, Illiad began to get up but the Lord moved as if a blur, kicking Illiad in the side he flew into the wall, cracking it nearly onto the other side "I don't believe I will kill you Illiad, you had the nerve to approach and attack me without hesitation, which on other circumstances I would have found amusing, but you are blessed by the fire god, and I will make you suffer for choosing such a path, Guards!" Lord Melliore called, whipping his clothing, he jumped out onto the ceiling where the whole came from, he smiled, and looking up instead of sunlight there was only darkness "bring him up here"

"of course" said one of the guards, who appeared before Illiad as if from nothingness , there were five in total, a large amount for only one blessed Illiad thought, but was picked up and brought to the lord on the roof, thrown down he coughed

"Look, you say you're kind are stronger than ours, but in my mind I hope this will show you that idea was dead from the start" Illiad looked up slowly, and his eyes widened, as he looked he saw that thousands of vampires were descending on fields, as he began to hear screams and calls of names "you were smart not coming alone, bringing a army of your own to confront me after eliminating guards yourself, but this will show you, not to believe what you think in comparison to us, the beasts have abandoned mankind, blessed were the only ones thought to be able to win, think again"

"Damn you…" Illiad said hitting his hand off the ground, which shot pain up his arm , he was grabbed once again and dragged down into the hole

"You are finished now blessed, because of you, we shall eliminate your kind from our island, make an example of you personally." As the lord said that, he smiled looking down at him, as he went through the door

It has been 100 years since that event, the vampires made their point, purging the island of blessed everywhere, bringing Illiad out and torturing him to show that they were not to be trifled with again, but stopped once they showed there point and through him in their dungeons.

in a village, there is a teenage girl, about 17, she had long black hair and ocean blue eyes, she wore a leather jacket and jeans, she had pitch black gloves and was decently tall for her age

"Mother, where are you?"

"I'm in here Crystal!" Crystal's mother called from inside a house, Crystal ran inside to see her mother with a friend of the family, and Crystal had a small heritage of those who were called blessed, she asked her mother about them many times but was not told anything except not to bring the subject up again, Crystal smiled, looking at them, she saw their friend in the corner, with a blanket over a person, a boy, who looked about 18, he was only wearing torn jeans and had silver spiked hair that looked like he was in a fight only a moment before coming inside

"Mother, who is that?" she asked, leaning against her mother and looking curiously, she could not see his eyes, but felt cold looking at him

"This is Duke, that is what he said his name was and that is all he said and hasn't spoken since"

"Duke…" Crystal said looking at him, she tilted her head and got startled as he looked up at her, he had silver eyes, they looked cold, like there wasn't much there to begin with, he moved the blanket off of him, revealing scars and other injuries, but he was in good condition and was muscular to a great extent, but as suddenly as he took it off he was in front of her, and shot his hand towards her stomach in a punch, they screams and held her hands down, she felt a pulse in her body, not pain, but like energy was moving, she looked down, as her hands were flashing with a bright light, she saw a glimpse of steel through it and saw Dukes hand, but no blade, as his arm was covered in a steel coating, but was being repelled by the light being given off, he stepped back, looking at her mother

"You blessed your child with the god of the sun" he said, looking at Crystal afterwards "I am Duke, I was blessed by the god who constructed weapons, the forge god"

"i….i don't understand" Crystal said, flailing her hands quickly from the light they went back to normal " what are you talking about?" she asked hastily looking at her mother and him many times

"Crystal…you are a blessed" she said finally, grabbing her daughter, bringing her near "Duke, what do you want? Why did you come here?"

"I had felt the power of the sun for many months and it brought me here, to this girl, you see, we are both blessed, a power supposed to be forgotten a century ago, the ones who stood against the dominion of vampires, we are those same beings, and she is going to help me restore us to our great stature"

"oh my god…" Crystal said, holding her hand out "go away!" she yelled, as energy exploded from her hand, hitting Duke through the back wall where no one could see

"Crystal!" her mother began, and sighed "please, you should listen to him maybe…our grandfather was a blessed, and had fought in the same story he has told"

"…mom things arnt going to be fun are they?" Crystal said sitting down

"no dear…im sorry they arnt"