Origins of despair

"Duke! No!" Crystal yelled, and pointed here hand forward, and a beam of light, as it connects with the back of one of the Heleneirs, it flies into the mountain beside the one holding Duke "what the..."
"now thats how you start! But remember don't kill or cut it in half!" siki waved her hand down and water ran down into a ball in her palm, and it dropped, touching the ground the ground below them shook, and a tidal wave exploded out, Crystal looked at Siki in amazement, and the water flooded down, crashing into the Heleneirs, and taking the one away from Duke, tearing down tree's all around them "Duke! Get your ass up and quit faking!" Siki called out in laughter, Crystal was dumbfounded, and she couldn't think of anything to say, looking at the wave of water settles around her ankles
"Siki...that was amazing, to release such a massive amount of water..."she took a step, and lost her footing, and was thrown backwards into a tree, looking up dazed, a Helenier, gasping for air, stood with its tail pointed at her, and jabbed forward, but missed by iches, Crystal looked to her right, as the tail stuck into the tree only a few inches from her eye, then looking back at the Heleneir, her eyes widened, she saw its head, encased in water, clawing t it but with no hope, as it dropped going limp
"Crystal! What do you think you're doing?! Run! " Siki yelled, running to her, but with a smile, she took crystals hand, and they began to run
"Siki...what about Duke?!"Crystal said, trying to get her footing "what about Duke?!
"Just shut up and go! He gave me a message, "go to the port town tokasai" so that's where were going, after that he disappeared..." Siki said, pulling her hand hard, Crystal looked around, but couldn't find a single Heleneir, or for that matter any other movement, so she kept running in silence.

in the forest, about two miles from the battlefield

"So, do you think it was a good idea to leave them alone Duke?" Sokai asked Duke in front of a fire
"we didn't have a choice, if we didn't they might have been attacked by Heleneir, we had to stop them first, so we will head to tokasai in the morning, hopefully things will go smoothly, because we're going to have to get on a boat and set sail to see a demy god.

"Siki...stop walking I'm tired" Crystal complained, going along behind Siki lazily
"Oh quit whining! Were almost at the port town" Siki said irritably "If Duke didnt ask me to i wouldn't even be doing this id be out with him and Sokai"
"Sokai? Who is that?" Crystal asked curiously, just as Siki stopped quickly, turning around she glared at Crystal
"he is just an ally. Leave it at that Crystal" she said, and turned quickly
"w-wait! I thought we were going to rest..." Crystal said with a sigh, and continued walking

Several hours later, at the entrance to the port town...

"were here, now you can quit whining Crystal." Siki said, stretching her arms, Crystal took in a deep breath, and looked around
" this is the boat town of Tokasai, it's so large..." Crystal said, looking at a massive boat in the distance "so that's a boat, wow, its gigantic, can it really float?"

Siki laughed slightly "of course it can, otherwise we wouldn't bother using it" Siki said, walking up to a stand, and purchasing a few bags of apples, tossing one to Crystal she caught it fast "you're hungry, i can tell, did that idiot Duke not feed you at all last night?" Siki asked with a grin

" i guess he really didn't" Crystal said silently, blushing she looked at Siki "w-what is it? Let's go find an inn. I have money we can spend the night waiting for Duke"

"Well, I can certainly admire a free night indoors, especially if it means i can get a good rest before more random stuff happens, because honestly Crystal i think you are cursed"

"I am not cursed! All this began happening as soon as i entered this little gang of yours everything i knew went out the window and somewhere deep down I think you're trying to kill me!"

"Well i wouldn't lie to you Crystal" Siki said with a smile, and directed her to the closest inn, they walked in silence, as Crystal looked at Siki worriedly, as if she was thinking Siki was serious about wanting her dead
"Alright, were here, let's get a room and some sleep..." Crystal said, walking into the inn, and getting a room, they walked up a large amount of stairs, and entered it, Crystal had to admit, the inside of the inn was actually quite nice, there were silk beddings on three beds, and everything was neat and in a place, there was a fireplace in-between two of the beds made of marble that made her warm when she went into the room "how can they afford this? I didn't even know there were islands from here"

"You'd be surprised Crystal, there are dozens just off the coast, and even some that go through tides are whirlpools to get too, Duke never told me which one we will be going too though, so we'll just have to relax until he gets his lazy ass into tokasai" Siki said with a smile, falling back lazily onto a bed

"Yea, i guess there is so much i haven't seen, and our journey has only just begun...Siki, can i ask you a question?" Crystal asked, but did not hear a response, looking at Siki she sighed, Siki was fast asleep, she looked peaceful, behind the power she held Crystal could have thought she was just an ordinary girl, she sat down on her bed, and thought she would take a nap, but then heard a knock on the door, she got up hesitantly, and went to it, putting her ear against the door "who is there?"She asked suspiciously

"I am a friend of Dukes. He has asked me to bring you to him immediately "

"Duke?...okay" Crystal unlocked the door, looking around the person was not there anymore, all that was left was a note, she picked it up and began to read it

Meet me in the back ally of this inn, i would come inside personally but im afraid there are some people in this town that would prefer i disappeared

Crystal slipped the note into her pocket, and went down the stairs as quickly as she could, running out the door and turning in behind the inn, she looked around, wondering where Duke was, she heard a rustling noise in the dark where she could not see, and out of the corner of her eye she saw a movement, and ducked quickly, as something large went just over her head, crashing into the building beside her, she flicked her fingers, and a light appeared in her hand, and her eyes widened as she saw a large tail contracted back behind a hooded man

"That was quite a dodge for someone so vulnerable, ." the hooded figure said with joy, and touched the tip of his tail with his hand, as poison dripped from the end, burning into the ground, leaving a large hole "but, how long will you last?" out of the light came a smile from the hooded man, a chill ran up Crystals spine "because it is fact. The prey can only run for so long from the predator." As he said this, his tail whipped out at her again