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James's POV

When everyone had their armor on, we left the cabin and went into the forest. We put our flag up in the trees that were right above the delta and we waited for the gong. After it rang, Pacifica and her brothers ran at full speed one way while Klaus and his sisters, along with Thalia, ran the other way. Then about 10 minutes later we were attacked by other campers and magicians. I took out my shield and threw it at the kids in red helmets and knocked them out cold while Jason carried them away. Torrun flew over to the campers in blue helmets and knocked them out cold. As soon as I turned around, I felt a sharp object on my neck and I couldn't move, then a girl's hand was around my neck and was holding the knife that was trying to dig it's way into my skin. "You should never let your guard down, mini-Captain America."

"No one calls me Captain. I will not let you call me that either." I said while getting her wrist and trying to flip her, but I saw a rope climb up my legs like a snake. When I looked at the trees I saw this girl with blonde hair and green streaks in it holding her hand out at me.

"Tas." She said while jumping down. The rope was already at my waist and getting tighter, I knew that I had no way to escape. Just before I told them to just take me as their prisoner, an arrow flew by my ear and pinned the girl behind me to a tree and a silver arrow got the other girl from behind and pinned her to the tree in front of her. The rope stopped climbing up my body and I saw the the 2 people, or should I say girls, who shot the arrows and knocked out the other 2, it was Pacifica and her cousin Thalia.

"You know, when we say 'Girls have the advantage.' We mean it, I just shot that arrow from 100 meters and still hit my target." Thalia said while helping Torunn off the ground. Pacifica ran right past me and saw that Percy was knocked out cold. I went after her and I tried to keep her calm, her whole body seemed to be shaking like crazy.

"The Immortals win!" Chiron yelled from a distance. One of the blondes escaped from the arrow that pinned her and ran up to us. She did look pretty with her blonde hair and storm gray eyes, but still not as pretty as Pacifica.

"What happened to Percy?" She asked while cradling his head. The girl seemed really worried about him as if they were... DAMN IT. They were together. She must've been scared out of her mind to see him like this, motionless and looking as if he was dead.

"Annabeth, Percy was fine until someone or something attacked him from behind and knocked him out making it look like he is dead, but he is fine." Pacifica said while putting her hand on his forehead. A light came from her hand and Percy started to moan.

"Did we win?" He asked while taking Annabeth's arm and looking up at her. (Percy's laying down on Annabeth's lap) She kissed his head and I saw tears streaking her cheeks. As soon as Percy was facing her in a sitting position, Annabeth tackled him in a hug. Then the other blonde came up to us and when she saw them she looked like she was going to barf.

"You two are glued together like my Gramps on the telly during a rugby game." She said, she had a faint British accent. The girl turned to me with a weird look on her face. "You dress weirdly. My name is Sadie, Sadie Kane. I am a magician, Eye of Isis, and it is my job to keep my brother, Carter, in line."

"Got it." I said. Pacifica offered me her hand and I got up, when I did I noticed that my clothes were ripped and that the skin under my clothes were either pink or red. She gave me a quick hug and whispered, "You did an amazing job and I'm glad that your not severely injured. If you were, then I don't know what I'd do."

I started to turn pink since she was hugging me and I returned it. When Pacifica broke away she also turned pink until she looked past my shoulder and a look of horror was instantly plastered on her face. Turning slowly, I saw

a boy who was my age, shaggy coal black hair, lightning blue eyes, he had a red bandana, a sword at his side, orange shirt, jeans, and an angered expression on his face, standing in front of a group of teenagers that were about 2 years older than the rest of us. He came up to me, grabbed my shirt and said, "What do you think your doing with my girlfriend?"

"Look she hugged me and her cousin as well as her, saved me from being captured. Why don't you just back off?" I asked while prying his hands off my shirt and taking hold of my shield. He laughed at me and took out his sword, it reached me without a problem, so I did a backflip and threw the shield. Then Pacifica caught it in mid-air and took the guy's sword away.

"You two need to calm down and get along. Zoom, you need to stop telling everyone that I'm your girlfriend, 'cause I'm not your girlfriend anymore. I dumped you because you tried to kill one of my friends, my Egyptian friends. Because of that you turned into a real jerk and that is why, and I say it again, I dumped you." Pacifica said while giving me my shield and putting Zoom's sword on the ground. "You may be the son of Zeus, but you act like a son of a bitch."

Zoom walked up to her and pulled his sword out of the ground. He seemed emotionless, but his eyes showed fear. I know I would be scared if I messed with the daughter of the sea god. The air got colder, the ground started to shake, and the river started to rage. Looking up there was a clash of lightning and that made Pym and Hawkeye cringe because of it's sound. Torunn looked up and said, "Father, is that you?"

"No, blondy, it's my dad. If your friend here is an Avenger then you must be Thor's little princess. Well, let me tell you that your dad has no control of this area, just my dad." Zoom said. He jogged away and the air started to get warm. Pacifica calmed the river down and stopped the ground from shaking while healing my burned skin. She then ran to her siblings and cousins then they all disappeared into the trees. I walked over to Azari, Pym, Torunn, and Hawkeye. Torunn had tears coming out of her eyes and she had her head bowed. She seemed really disappointed that it wasn't her dad so I put my hand on her shoulder and said, "I wouldn't listen to him. He is a jerk and he thinks that he is all powerful since his dad can control lightning. Well, he isn't and he deserves to be put in his place."

"Thank you, James." Torunn answered. We all walked towards the camp and saw that everyone was gathered around the center of it. When I took one more step a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes appeared in front of me in a bunch of blue lights and asked, "Hey, have you seen my brother Chris. We were training when he just orbed away. He's about 6' 1" and has brown hair with green eyes."

"No, we haven't seen your brother. Sorry. Though, have you seen Pacifica?" Hawkeye asked. The guy nodded and pointed to the water, but held his hand out to signal stop.

"I wouldn't go there now. She is talking to her dad, Poseidon, and her dead mother. No one really goes to the beach when she's there, it only makes things harder. Is there anything else you guys want to know." The guy asked.

Apparently the guy in front of us just said what Pym was thinking since he started to pile him with questions, "What's your name? How do you know Pacifica? What kind of being are you? Oh, and do you have any other abilities?"

"Uh... Wyatt Matthew Halliwell. Pacifica was able to get the entire magic community here within a day, including my family. I am a Whitelighter-Witch. I can orb, as you just saw, telekinetically orb, telekinesis, shielding, projection, healing, photokinesis, remotely orb, sense, and I have high resistance." Wyatt answered.

"You forgot that you are half-pacifist and a huge optimist. Oh, and a show off." A girl said while walking up to us. "Hi, my name is Prudence Melinda Halliwell, but my friends and family call my Melinda, and you obviously met my oldest brother, Wyatt."

"Hey, Melinda, wait up. It took me about 10 minutes, but it is ready." Another guy said while holding up a small bottle. She pushed away and pointed to us. "Oh, hi. My name is Christopher Perry Halliwell, friends call me Chris."

"Nice to meet you. My name is Pym and this is Azari, Torunn, Hawkeye, and James..." Pym said. Thankfully Azari covered Pym's mouth before he could ask them about their abilities. They all laughed while 4 more people walked up to us, in fact one of them looked familiar.

"What's up, Wyatt?" Another kid asked.

Wyatt took the guy by the shoulders and said, "Guys, this is Carter, his little sister Sadie and their friends Zia and Walt. Anyway nothing is up other than the Elders and the gods, Carter."

"Ha ha, Carter was talking about Pacifica. What's up with her." Sadie said, now I remember her. She is the girl who helped tie me up.

"Ex." Melinda answered.

"Oh, gods. Why can't Zoom just leave her alone?" Zia said while pulling Carter away from Wyatt.

"Speak of the mistress of weather, she is calling." Wyatt said while taking hold of Melinda and the rest of us while Chris took the others. We all disappeared and reappeared at the beach in a bunch of bright lights. When we landed we all started to stumble a bit, besides Melinda and her brothers. "Come on, it wasn't that bad."

"Says the half-whitelighter, who can orb whenever and wherever he wants. You do know that not all of us are use to traveling in tiny, bright lights." Pacifica said while lifting wood over to the fire pit that was a couple of yards a head of us. About halfway there something tripped her and making her drop all the wood. Hawkeye nudged me towards her and we both ended up helping Pacifica pick up the pieces of firewood before we all started to hang around the bonfire. After a while, Thalia and Jason joined us and Thalia ended up having an archery with Hawkeye and Pacifica while Jason, Pym, and Torunn raced in the sky. Meanwhile Chris and Wyatt had an orbing race and turns out that Chris is faster than his brother. The rest of us were talking around the fire and I swear that if we start making s'mores that I will check the entire camp to see if Ultron is hiding somewhere. Of course things got a bit more fun when Pacifica and her cousins as well as friends came back to the fire. She told us stories about the last camps, Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, as well as the Nomes.

We just sat there, looking into the flames until Pacifica yelled, "Sibs, I think dad just gave us a present!"

"What are you talking about?" Azari asked. PAcifica pointed to the water and we all turned to see the waves were coming in from 50 feet away and every few feet the wave got smaller while from the distance they start out as 50 feet. Mental note to self, never get Pacifica mad.

Pacifica's POV

I was talking to my dad earlier today and begged him to help me forget about my messy break up with Zoom. Thankfully my mother was there, in spirit form since she has been dead for the past 19,954 years, and help vouch for me. When I saw the 50 foot waves coming in, I knew that my dad listened, as in really listen, to me. As soon as the waves started to crash on the shore, my siblings and I snapped our fingers and we all changed into wetsuits. James looked at me and asked, "Your not seriously thinking about surfing that giant wave, are you?"

"James, you worry too much. In fact to show you that the waves are harmless, you are coming with me. Sibs, take 'em." I said. Each of my siblings took a member of James's team, Caspian and Phobeus took Torunn by her arms; Red and Black took Azari from his arms and legs; Indiana caught Pym in his tiny form with her hands, Serena and Klaus were able to separate Hawkeye from his bow and arrows long enough to pull towards the surf while I was able to pull James towards the shore by his arm. When we got there, I created to longboards out of the water, froze them, and gave one to James. He leaned in closer and whispered, "One thing I don't know how to surf."

"It can come naturally like throwing a shield just like your father. Surfing can tie us closer to the water. Just sit on the board when you are deep enough, when you find a good wave you swim towards it, as soon as you are at it's base then you stand up quickly, and then you just go with the flow, literally." I said while pointing to my siblings. Each of them were going through the wave as if it was a second nature to them, in a way it was. James still seem kind of reluctant, so I was going to take a little bit of desperate measures. I put my hand on James's shoulder, leaned in and whispered, "You know, if you surf then you might get on good terms with my brothers. As well as get on really good terms with me. All you have to do is just surf one of the waves."

Then I gave him a small kiss on the cheek before leaning back and try regain my ready-to-kill vibe. James started to blush and took his board out of the sand. The both of us ran into the arctic cold water and shudder as all our senses went into hyperdrive. I got on my board, helped James onto his, and waited for the perfect wave to come. It took about 10 tries to get James to surf a few of the waves, but by the time we were done everyone was getting ready to go. When we got on the surf James and I raced towards the fire, but something hit me from behind, it was like being put into a fire and started to go into a spasm. I only had a few seconds before I blacked out to see that Zoom electrocuted me with his inherited ability to control lightning. James ran over to me and caught me just before I passed out. Although before I passed out, I looked at Zoom and asked, "W-Why?"

"Because you rather have a powerless mortal, instead of me, the prince of the skies. Be lucky that you are still alive, Pacifica Virosus, forbidden child." He answered.

"Like your not forbidden. Last I checked you were born after World War II. Making you a forbidden child, just like Thalia, Jason, Nico, and the rest of my family. Next time, Zoom Takazumi, remember that I can't die and that greeting death will be like greeting an old friend to me. See in the next life, 'cause you won't live long enough to see after that." I answered. Slowly I started to lose the feeling in my arms and legs as everything went black. I could see Zoom looking at me coldly, shudder quickly, then look at me again, but this time in horror. He ran closer to me and James, but James lifted me up bridal style and backed away from Zoom. James held me so close to him that I could hear his heart beating rapidly. He took me over to the bonfire and set me down, when he did the world went black.

James's POV

One minute I'm telling Pacifica that I don't know how to surf and the next, I am carrying her unconscious body, bridal style, towards the bonfire and away from Zoom "The Jerk" Takazumi. Pacifica's body was in in arms yet she was also limp and her head was tossed back completely, but the only thing that kept me from putting her down and taking off Zoom's head was her beating heart. I kept her pulled close to my body to make sure that her heart would still be beating by the time I got to the others. Surely enough, her heart was still beating when I set her down by the fire. Zoom had walked up to us and guess what happened... Phobeus pulled him up by his collar, put him near the fire, and asked through gritted teeth, "What the hell did you to my sister."

"I just shot her with some lightning, you know that I can't even hurt her with that." Zoom answered while holding onto Phobeus's hands.

"The whole truth, Takazumi. Or you can say hi to Hades for me." Phobeus said, almost growled, while starting to push Zoom closer into the flames.

"I snagged a potion from one of witches while they weren't looking. I never saw what the label was, honest. Now please put me down before I turn into a crispy fry." Zoom said while trying to pry off Phobeus's fingers. Phobeus pulled Zoom back and threw him all the way into the water with the raging waves. Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda crowded around Pacifica, if anyone can fix this they can. Chris held his hands out, a light came from them and nothing happened, even when Wyatt did it. It also didn't when they tried to heal her at the same time. Melinda looked at her carefully, looked up, and said, "James can heal her."

"I don't have any powers like you guys. How can I heal her?" I asked while crouched beside Melinda.

"I've seen this happen before when my cousin P.J. got hit with lightning by her ex-demon-boyfriend, she was in a magical coma. The only thing that saved her was when they guy that liked her, not her ex, kissed her." Melinda said while checking Pacifica's pulse. I looked at Pacifica's pale face & pale lips and then back to her family's concerned faces, even Red who was crying on Black's shoulder.

"It better work." I said while bending closer to Pacifica's face.

"It will work." Melinda said. I leaned in closer until my lips brushed against hers. That was when I could feel that everyone looked away, everyone including her family and mine, as I kissed her. Slowly I could feel her kiss me back and the she tried to prop herself on her elbow, but I quietly pulled her into a sitting position. She pressed herself against me while I turned my head to the side, so that way the kiss would deepen. Pacifica put her hand against my cheek while I wrapped my arms around her waist. While we kissed, everything seemed as if it wasn't real, our battle with Ultron was just a dream, half of civilization wasn't robotic, all there was, was the here and now. I lost track of time and suddenly my actions were unconscious, like when I ran my tongue over her lips making her open her mouth. Instantly we both pulled away quickly and suddenly, then hugged each other. Then I remembered that everyone was still looking away, "You guys can look now. It's been awhile since she woke up."

"5 minutes actually. Also, do you think that next time you could give us the heads up if you 2 are going to 'be awhile'. I could've been beating Carter and Walt in volleyball by now." Sadie said.

"I hesitated." I lied.

"Riiiiigggghhhht. Right, you hesitated." Hawkeye said while giving my a secret thumbs up.

"Don't make me kill you. In fact I could just say who you like on front of everyone right now." I countered.

"You wouldn't." Hawkeye said while pulling out his bow and arrow.

"Try me. Hawkeye likes..." I started, but whispered in Pacifica's ear. That way she can tell them.

"Wow. Dude, good luck trying to get Thalia because A) She has 2 really protective brothers. B) She swore off boys a while ago. And C) She can send a lightning bolt coming down from the heavens within 3 seconds and kill you. My cousin is off limits, just ask Leo Valdez." Pacifica said while getting up.

"Pacifica isn't lying. Leo got put underwater for hitting on her and then electrocuted. He still has spasms." Thalia added. This made Hawkeye drop his jaw further down and then straighten right back up. No way was he going to let anyone see him like this. After Pacifica did a double check on her family, we all walked back to our own cabins, except for the team and myself. Pacifica looked at all of us then said, "Hawkeye head on over to the golden cabin and tell Will that I sent you there to stay. Pym, go with him. Azari and Torunn head over to Thalia and tell her that I told you 2 that you could stay there. James, you tell Thalia, in the red cabin with the barbed wire and mounted bull head, that I sent you there to spend the night and that if she says otherwise then she has to answer to me. Oh, and don't get her mad. All of you be careful."

We all separated into the different cabins and then tried to make it through the night, well I did at least every single person in the cabin slept with a knife. Well, at least it's not in a cave or in Ultra City, right?

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