Harry Potter and the Alternative Beginning

*Cue theme music*

"Lily! He's here!" James screamed. "Take Harry and run!"

Before Voldemort had time to attack, there was a loud noise that made James nearly shite his trousers. Voldemort fell on the ground, red blossoming on his robes like a flower. James gaped and turned around. There was Lily, a contraption in her hand that he didn't know the name of—he didn't pay much attention during his muggle studies. She lowered the gun and tossed it aside.

The end.

Author's Note: I know you have to take in account of the horcruxes, but shut up and stop ruining this for me! I never understood why somebody didn't just shoot him. It's not like it was a foreign concept to muggle-borns/raised like Harry and Hermione. Mind you, I haven't read the last two books, so maybe there is an explanation for why nobody shot the shit out of him.