We were immediately found by a police officer, and taken to the hospital. Us six made a promise that we weren't going to answer questions individually, only answer them in groups. Mostly because no one will believe us if we tell them a ghost girl was killing people.

After almost two months in the hospital, we were set free to go. Only Mimi had serious injuries, her broken leg, other than that we were all fine. They only kept us in the hospital because they though we had brain injuries, since we wouldn't answer questions. Pretty soon, they learned we just didn't want to talk about it until we had recovered, and they left us alone.

We did tell the police about the haunted building eventually, and showed them proof. They said they would look into it, but the building was never officially shut down until 2025.

After the incident at the theater, it took us all time to recover. It was like a never ending, we just couldn't wake up. Eventually, we all did go on with our lives, graduated high school and college. We kept in touch over the years. In fact, Aaron and Makenzie got married right after college and now have two beautiful daughters, Ana and Emily.

Elizabeth married her high school boyfriend, Alex. She had a daughter whom she named Jordon.

Ben married his girlfriend from college, Kylie. They don't have any children yet, but Kylie is pregnant with a baby boy that their going to name Michael. Mimi just got married, but she isn't pregnant. Ben told me she wants a baby soon, though.

As for me, I married my high school crush. Dylan. We have two girls, twins. We named them Samantha and Riley.

Every month, all six of us meet up at the Starbucks closest to the theater, and catch up on our lives. We also give thanks to the 18 teenagers, our friends, who lost their lives that day. We thank them for giving us the chance to live.

"Do you think they're mad at us? Because we lived and they didn't?" Mimi asks.

"No" Makenzie says "I bet they are smiling down on us from heaven and glad we lived. I wish everyone had lived, and what happened was a sad thing. But at least we stopped it from happening to anymore kids."

"That's true." Mimi says. We drink our coffee and eat muffins in silence. We have come a long way in our friendships since that one day.

Terrible things have happened in our past, that we will never get over. Things happen for a reason. That's life.

But life goes on, as well all know. We will die one day, but our courage will inspire many children. Never give up. Even when it looks like it couldn't get any better.

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