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The Next Week

Friday morning, I woke up with a start.

"Ugh. Only a dream," I told myself sleepily. I looked back at my bed and it didn't appear very welcoming. It was too hot—even though the sun was still working on getting past the horizon. I decided to just go out. I could do some thinking and the vitamin D would do me good. Besides, the beaches would probably be less crowded this early in the morning.

I showered, put on some beach clothes, got some editing stuff I needed to finish along with a good book and my iPhone, and walked out of my house.

I didn't really need to bring all that stuff; at the beach I just stared at the water and zoned out, the draft I was supposed to work on laying uselessly by my side. I didn't know what time it was when I finally snapped out of it and looked at my cell phone. I had three missed calls from Maggie.

"Hey, Maggie."

"Bella Swan! Where have you been?"

"I'm down at the beach. Sorry I didn't pick up, I…I don't know. I was just…thinking."

"What about?" she asked.

"I don't know," I grumbled. "I had a pretty weird dream last night and I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, so I came out here to do some work, but then I started spacing out. It wasn't even exactly spacing out, it was like I was so deep in thought I didn't even know I was deep in thought."

"That's weird."


"I'm coming down to talk to you and bringing Alice, too," she decided after a while.

"Umm, you don't have to-"

"Oh, yes I do."

I sighed, said bye, and hung up.

"So, do you mind explaining this?" Alice asked as I stared at the sand between my toes, unblinking.

"I don't know."

"I mean the dream, Bella."

I huffed. "I barely remember it now. All I know is that it kinda freaked me out.

"Try remembering."

I rolled my eyes at her common logic, but tried it anyway. "Edward didn't know who we were," I said after a second.

She sighed. "Really? That's the dream?"

I shrugged.

"Why do you think you were so freaked out?" she questioned.

Maggie got up. "I'm getting us some frappachinos."

We watched her leave, and then I turned back to the waves.

"Where is she going to get a frappachino on this beach?" Alice snorted.

But I wasn't listening, trying to work up the courage to continue on and tell Alice the rest of the dream. I was afraid she would roll her eyes at me.

"I think it was more along the lines of Edward completely hating us because he didn't recognize us and we got thrown out of his Mr. Rich Man house," I admitted.

"When did we start calling him Mr. Rich Man?" Alice asked me.

"I don't know. I don't even know if he's rich!" I said.

"You don't know a lot of things."

I shrugged. "That's what it was about. It was pretty scary to me. I've known him forever. First he started distancing himself from us and now to dream that he forgets us completely? It gives me goose bumps," I confided.

"I don't really understand that," Alice said after a minute, "but I kind of do. I just wouldn't be as scared."

We were quiet for a moment, me wondering why it scared me more than it scared Alice, and then she said, "You know what you really need?"


"A spa day."

I groaned. "Beauty products? No. You're the one that said I had natural beauty…"

She laughed. "Sure." Another silence went by.

"I feel like this is entirely his fault. You were just fine until he came along," Alice finally said. "I kind of liked the stronger you, but I guess it was all on the outside. Look at you now. I mean, you handle his… 'bullcrap,'" I smiled, "when faced with him perfectly, but then you have one dream and you're out here."

"I know," I said. "I feel like a wimp."

"You're not a wimp," she objected. "You just…weren't prepared for his presence. The longer he was away from you, the stronger you became. Now he shows up in all his tan, muscled, 22-year-old glory and catches you completely off guard."

"Tell me about it," I sighed, thinking back to him showing up at my front door. "Wait. How did this completely become about me? Aren't you guys a little pissed at him? And what do his looks have to do with anything?" I asked, thinking back to the words tan and muscled.

She stared at me.


"Yes, we're a little pissed, but not as much as you are. He's not as important to us."


She smirked. What…? I was as confused as Zafrina usually was at that moment.

"And his looks…well his looks definitely count for something," she continued, smirking even more.

"What thing?" I insisted.

"I'm going to see how Maggie's coming along with those frappachinos," she said, and then she got up and ditched me!

I took out my phone and immediately called Rosalie.

"What's up?"

"You're our little Alice dictionary, right? What does it mean when Alice tells me that Edward's looks definitely count for something?'"

"She said that?"

"Yes! What does it mean?"

"LOL. That's really funny!"

"ROSALIE! What does it MEAN?!"

"I'm sorry, Bella, but I won't be able to speak through my laugh attack. Gotta go!"

"You're not even having a laugh attack!" I shouted even though she'd already hung up.

I'd already showered and everything, but was wrapped in a towel robe when the doorbell rang. Thankfully, Rose had come over to get have a spa night yesterday night and then had a sleepover (Alice had a night out with colleagues and Maggie and Zafrina were buried under mountains of homework, though I didn't know why Rose didn't have the same case) so she got up and opened the door.

"Umm, hi. Where's Bella?"

My lip gloss strayed from the outline of my lips. He was here so soon?! I'd thought it was Alice! I wish I could see the look on his face, though. He didn't know that Rosalie, out of all people, was one of "the girls."

"She's in the bathroom. She'll be out in a second," I heard Rose's hard-edged voice say. "Why don't you come in and make yourself…comfortable?"

Please, please, please don't embarrass yourself…and me! I pleaded to her in my head.

"Uh, okay." Edward probably shrugged, and I heard them sit down. I was frantically finishing my make up and finding my shorts now. How attractive it would be to show up with only a bra and underwear on…

"So, do you remember me?" Rose said after a few seconds.

"Not really," he said. I rolled my eyes. Of course he remembered her.

"I'm Rosalie. You know, the girl you accused of stalking you?" I winced as I could almost see her narrowing her eyes at him.

"Oh, um, hi," Edward said awkwardly.

There was a moment of silence.

"So, what are you doing nowadays? Living in New York, I heard?" Rose said, still speaking to him hard-edgily.

"Uh, yeah. Er, what's up with you? Still in school?"


"Cool. What are you majoring in?"

"Child psychology."

I dropped my deodorant stick. Child psychology? What was so she talking about?

"Bella? You okay in there?" Rosalie asked in concern.

"Yeah! Yeah, I'm fine!" I yelled back.

"Child psychology? That's interesting," Edward said. His interest seemed real.

"Yeah. I'm already interning, too. Right now I'm working with stuck up, arrogant teenagers who think they have everything when no one really likes them and the one girl that's supported them all along is slipping away from them as we speak and they have too big of heads to notice!" She took a few breaths to calm down since she worked herself up so much.

I slapped my forehead. She was so going to embarrass herself and me in the process as well. I shouldn't have even hoped.


Just then, the door opened again.

"Hey, Edward!" It was Alice.

"Hey." He didn't sound surprised. Maybe he figured it out on his own after all…

"Long time, no see! Where ya been?"

"New York. I've seen your brother Emmett down in Minnesota a few times whenever I've come to visit my parents."

"Yeah. He's moving up here in a few months, though."

"That's nice."

"Yup. Where's Bella?"

"In the bathroom," Rose answered.

"What's taking her so long?" Edward wondered. I narrowed my eyes at the door, pretending that he could see my Death Stare.

"She's a girl. What do you expect? You have a mom, you should know how long it takes for us," Rose shot back.

"Hey, Rose, I was going to tell you something, but I forgot…" Alice said. "Oh, yeah! I read your sub-article. It was amazing! I even rec'd it to my friend! You're going to be an amazing reporter one day," she beamed.

Oh, brother…

"A reporter?" Edward said confusedly. "She said she was majoring in child psychology."

"Uh, yeah! I'm a… child reporter! I'm going to report the psychology of children," Rosalie laughed nervously.

"Pshh, no you aren't," Alice dismissed. "There is no such thing. And you hate children. You're majoring in journalism! Or am I missing something?"

"Nope," Maggie said, coming through the door. "Last time I checked, she was still majoring in journalism. Hi, Edward."

"Hey, Mags."

The fact that he seemed comfortable enough to shorten Maggie's name gave me hope that he didn't mind that I didn't tell him that he would be meeting his old friends again. That he didn't hate them…

"But then what was that whole big speech she gave me?" he asked, turning back to the subject at hand. A subject I needed to help Rosalie avoid thanks to her big mouth!

"What speech?" Maggie asked curiously.


"It was about how she's interning and working with stuck-up teenagers who had no one in life and that their girlfriends were drifting away from them or something."


"Hi, guys!" I entered the scene before anyone could say anything.

"Hi," Edward said as he scrutinized Rosalie. Her face was red. I'd never seen her turn red before.

She's talking about you, idiot. Realize it. Except for the girlfriend part. That's not me. Unless you have a girlfriend in New York that has also realized you're a jerk… I snorted to myself.

"Why are you looking at Rose like that? Come on, we have to go to dinner!" I said, grinning to myself as I turned away and everyone followed me out of the apartment.

"You could have told me that you've been sticking with the same 'posse' for so long," Edward half sneered behind me. So he had just been playing it cool…

I felt a sort of crushing disappointment, but I couldn't let him see. I shrugged. "Thought you'd be smart enough to guess."

He almost stopped walking. I knew I'd catch him off guard with that reply. I continued smiling.

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