His voice is gentle, his touch soothing, yet I stay curled up with my chin on my knees. My thoughts bounce through my head, and I've long since lost control of where they go. My eyes are shut tight, not allowing in the dim light. My ears zone in and out of what he is saying, enough to completely ignore him without losing the sweet rhythmic sound of his voice.

But I do catch one word, one word that causes me to snap open my eyes, focus my thoughts, and steady the buzzing that came from the sudden movement. "…And you'll dance, and then it's over," Finnick says, summarizing the upcoming victory tour into mere sentences.

"Dance?" I ask him, still caught up on that word. His sea green eyes glisten and a small smile appears on his lips before he whisks me up onto my feet. It takes me a second to catch up to the present and notice we left the couch, but even when I do, I'm still confused.

"To dance," he says as he places my hand on his shoulder and his hand on my waist, "you just simply walk in time to the music." I look up into his eyes, wondering where he's going with this, but he's looking to the side, using his free hand to turn on music.

The music is nice and slow, but still happy and cheery against the dark night air. The full moon shines through the window, creating the dim light that seems to flow around with the air. Moonbeams reflect against shining surfaces, including the ocean that's seen from the window. The theme is set, and it couldn't get any better.

Finnick looks back to me, still wearing that smile of his, and continues with his ever so helpful dance instructions. "Lucky for you, you just need to follow me." And then he takes a step back. I just look into his eyes, more confused then before. He chuckles, and then adds, "So follow."

I take a step forward to make us even. He takes another step, and I follow. "Try to step with me," he advises. "Find a pattern in the steps, and move with it." And then he takes another step. I continue to follow his slow steps, which contrast to the slightly faster music, before I find a pattern and step with his movements.

Gradually his steps become faster until we're in time with the music. I'm tripping over his feet and my own, but we laugh and go with it. And eventually I'm able to look into his eyes while my feet follow his evenly.

Next, Finnick tries to teach me to spin. The first time I try I get confused and dizzy, and we both end up on the floor somehow. The next time goes by a bit better, but I still trip in the middle of it. He catches me in his chest and steadies me a bit before we start laughing at my mistake.

By the time I've got the spin perfect, I'm so dizzy I fall onto the couch, dragging him with me. We sit there laughing even more before my thoughts take me back under and I quiet as I'm dragged into space.

Next to me, Finnick quiets too, and resolves to playing with my hair. "You should get some sleep, Annie," he says. "Tomorrow's a big day." I stay seated though. Getting up would be accepting tomorrow's fate. Getting up would mean saying goodnight to Finnick. So I stay seated.

Eventually, he stands up, and in fear that he's leaving I stand as well. He smiles when I do, but it does seem a bit smug. I frown when I realize he just got me to stand up. The next thing I know, he's kissing me on the lips, his arms around my waist. It takes me a second to respond, but in time my arms lace across his shoulders, my hands resting behind his neck. Finnick pulls a way far to soon, and puts his lips to my ear. "Don't frown, it doesn't suit you," he whispers.

Then he kisses my nose when he sees my smile. "Goodnight, Annie," he tells me as his arms leave me. Quickly I grab his hand, making sure he doesn't leave quite yet. He gives one last smug look before we ascend the stairs for sleep. And I fall asleep easily in his arms.