First Duty

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or the Glee characters. If I did, Faberry would be canon from season 1 and Finn Hudson would have been dropped in "Acafellas".

Warnings: This is an AU fic. The characters from Glee are here, but playing very different roles.

Summery: Rachel Berry was America's sweetheart and she had her Tony award when tragedy struck. The accident took her amazing voice and her blossoming career, so she needed a new one. In true Rachel Berry fashion, she went after it with gusto...

Pairings: Faberry, Brittana, Pezberry friendship

November 6, 2040

The group huddled in the small office and stared at the data streaming across the screen. The polls had been closed for almost three hours now and everyone waited on baited breath. Santana Lopez was a wreck, she knew how important this election was. She didn't care who was talking now as analysts kept droning on and on about this being the closest election in recent memory. She just wanted results! How hard was it to count ballots? Seriously, the election process had come a long way. But they were still waiting. They had put up a damn good fight and no one, no one, could say that the scrappy brunette hadn't put everything she had and everything she was into the campaign.

America had responded, in droves. She was elected to Congress and served for 10 years as a US Senator. She then set her sights higher, and at the urging of her two closest friends, threw her hat into the ring for President. No one believed she stood a chance but she was passionate, articulate, charming and she was charismatic. And now her opposition was faced with a very real threat.

Santana looked across the room and smiled at her best friend. Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry had been friends since freshman year in high school. Santana thought back to those days that seemed so long ago and smiled softly. She remembered that she and Rachel Berry should have been enemies, and they would have, if not for one very persistent little diva.

Flashback- Start of freshman year 2008, McKinley High School

Rachel Berry walked down the halls of McKinley High School with her head held high. This would be the start of a new era for her. She would now be a force to be reckoned with. Her talent would finally start to be appreciated. She would be...


Rachel sputtered as red slushiee dripped from her face and hair, running down the front of her sweater and, she would find out later, stain it. It wasn't the shocking, sudden cold that hurt the most. It was the waves of laughter that followed by all of the students around her. Upperclassmen laughing at the newest victim, sophomores laughing at someone else getting picked on for a change and freshmen, laughing out loud while inside thankful that it wasn't them.

Thus began the high school career of Rachel Berry. And she would have continued to be a target if a certain brunette hadn't taken a liking to her. Her name was Santana Lopez. She was a member of the Cheerios. The varsity, national champion, internationally ranked cheerleading squad. Some Cheerios graduating from McKinley high school had gotten full ride scholarships to places like Yale, UCLA, Notre Dame, and many other colleges. All they had to do was work harder then they had ever worked before, survive the training for four years, and keep order in an otherwise chaotic environment.

Santana Lopez had seen Rachel the summer before freshman year as she was leaving dance class and heading to gymnastics. She was then a member of the Baby Cheerios, picked in junior high and guaranteed a spot on at least the JV team in high school. She would have to try out for a varsity position but being a Baby Cheerio meant that she got one...other JV members had to wait until they were sophomores.

Santana had seen Rachel dance and she had seen her in gymnastics. The girl had serious talent. And Santana hated to see talent go to waste. So Santana Lopez decided to take the girl under her wing and teach her. Because Santana knew that high school was only four years long and it was only after high school that let you make a mark in the world. She knew that Rachel Berry would make a mark because in addition to dancing and gymnastics, Santana had heard Rachel sing. And as well as she danced, it was nothing compared to her singing. A voice like that was bound for greatness. And Santana Lopez knew that she wanted to be close to Rachel Berry when that inevitable greatness took off.

Rachel Berry was a Cheerio by the end of the week, alongside her two new best friends Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce. They were considered by some, behind their backs of course, as the Unholy Trinity. They kept order all through their freshman year as the only three girls to make it onto the varsity squad. The Cheerios took Nationals easily that year and Rachel, Santana and Brittany formed a bond of true friendship that lasted the rest of their lives.

End Flashback

Santana glanced at the screen once more and shook her head. It was taking to damn long. A shrill bell rang out, instantly cutting the chatter in the crowded office space. Someone, a volunteer that had been on from the beginning, picked up the phone and looked Santana in the eyes as she listened to the person on the other end.

Sugar Motta took the phone call and a huge smile broke out on her face. Seeing this, Santana looked quickly at Rachel's face across the room. She jumped up and very nearly cheered when she caught Rachel's eyes. They were locked on the television screen behind Santana.

Santana turned and paid attention to the news once again.

"We are getting reports now from numerous sources and we can now confirm that the incumbent, President Adrian Miller has called his rival and conceded. In one of the closest voting battles in recent history there is a new President. The once famously tragic star of Broadway Rachel Barbara Berry has won the election and is the new President-elect of the United States of America!"

Santana fought her way over to her lifelong friend and confidant, now pressed between dozens of enthusiastic supporters. Upon finally reaching her Santana pulled the still stunned woman into a tight embrace as she wept tears of joy and surprise. No one had thought they stood a chance two years ago. And now they had won. Rachel Berry, once the rising star of Broadway, had just been elected President of the United States.