This is my first fanfic that I have ever posted. I haven't written a fanfic in about 10 years! Hope you like it.

Some Info: One, I do not own Harry Potter or any characters. Just borrowing them for a little fun. Two, this is placed after the war. The first chapter they are returning to finish their last year at Hogwarts making them "8th years"

Chapter 1

Hermione was sitting in the Great Hall drinking her pumpkin juice and eating toast when the morning owls came in. Hermione paid the owl for her edition of the Daily Prophet. She opened it up and read the headline printed in large black letters.


"What the bloody hell is this!" She exclaimed. Shocking everyone with her language and making Ron proud.

"What's wrong 'Mione? Did they shorten the hours at Florrish and Blotts? Run out of your favorite parchment?" Ron teased.

"This is exactly why we are 'just friends,' Ronald. Hermione huffed. Everyone around them started chuckling.

Ron smirked, "That's true. Seriously what's gotten you all upset?"

If you weren't being such a dimwit Ronald I would have already explained." Hermione took a deep breath. "It says that the Ministry passed a marriage law. It's to keep the magic world populated after losing so many during Voldemort's rein and the war. Each witch or wizard ages seventeen and up will be mated with their soul mate. Your soul mate is determined by highly scientific processes. We should be getting our letters tomorrow morning stating our mates." She looked around and noticed all the seventh and eighth years were surrounding her to listen.

Harry grabbed Ginny's hand and squeezed tightly, "How is this determined? What if we are already with someone?"

"It says unless you are married or too old to reproduce-"

"Ew," someone interrupted.

"Anyway, you will be forced. The marriage has to take place within six months of your letter and a child needs to be produced within the first year of marriage."

The next morning at breakfast it was tense. The students were on edge waiting for their fate to come flying in the room.

"Ladies and Gentlemen." Head Mistress Mongonagal's voice boomed over the students. "Because of the Ministry's new law, I would like to emphasize that your heads of house will be more than willing to assist your with your needs. Since we still have three months left of school there will be a chance some of you shall marry while still at Hogwarts. We will have a private section of the castle set aside for married students. Thank you and good luck to you all."

Just then the owls started flying in. There were lots of groans, protest, and an occasional "yes!" Hermione just sat there holding her future in her hands. She looked around the Great Hall. Draco was just sitting there smirking. Pansy was sitting there shaking her head and saying "no" over and over. Luna and Neville were sharing a shy smile with each other. Harry and Ginny were wrapped in each other's arms.

"Ronald, you look like you've seen a ghost," she said worryingly. She grabbed his paper. "You're mated with Pansy!"

"Mione, you haven't opened your letter. It's not all bad. They put me and Harry together. Look, Neville and Luna seem to be happy," Ginny said encouraging.

Hermione took a deep breath to help steady her nerves. With shaky hands she opened her letter and began to read.

"No one. I've got no one."

"Are you really surprised, Granger? Even I figured no one could be compatible with an insufferable know it all like yourself," Draco called out.

"I've already injured that pretty little face of yours in third year, Malfoy. Would you like a repeat?" Hermione threw back to their ex enemy.

"I'll pass," Draco said laughing.

Hermione passed her letter to Ginny. It said as of right now there is no wizard that is compatible with her. But not to worry the wizard is probably not seventeen yet or other circumstances.

"I like at the part where it says 'Don't fret. Everyone has a match." She said dully.