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Chapter 15

Hermione sat at her desk looking at the framed picture in front of her. It was a picture of her and Lucius dancing their first dance as husband and wife. She smiled fondly as she recalled that night two months ago. Everything was so calm then.

Harry and Draco came rushing into her office.

"We got them cornered 'Mione. Are you sure you want to go?" Harry asked.

"Absolutely," Hermione grabbed her Ministry robes and wand and followed them to the apperation spot. They have been working day and night since she got back from her honeymoon on this case. She hardly slept or ate in the last month and a half. There was no way she was missing out on this arrest. These bastards took her away from newlywed bliss and she was out for vengeance.

Hermione stopped at the spot and placed her hand on her stomach. She squinted her eyes in pain.

"Mione are you okay?" Harry asked concern.

"Yes. I've been having these pains since yesterday. It's most likely because I haven't slept or ate properly in the past six weeks." When the pains subsided Hermione asked, "Are we all ready?"

They apperated two buildings down from where the death eaters where hiding out. They walked up to two Aurors who've been watching the building.

"Have you seen any activity, Johnston?" Hermione asked one of the men.

"No one has left or entered that building, boss." Johnston replied. He walked over to a wall and cast a spell with his wand. The blueprint of the building was projected on the wall. He pointed to two colored heat zones towards the front of the building. "Those are your guys, Ma'am."

"Perfect. Thank you, Johnston. I want you to take the left side and Henley takes the right. Just in case they decide to go out the windows. Draco you come in from the back and Harry and I will go in the front. Let's get this done today. I don't want to waste anymore of our time on these men."

Hermione and Harry walked into the building on guard. They slowly walked down the hall to the room the two men were at. They could see them sitting at a table playing chess.

"Really?" Hermione mouthed to Harry. He just looked at her dumbfounded and shook his head.

One of them men looked their way and spotted them. He jumped up and Hermione sent a stunning spell at him. The man blocked it. This got the attention of the other who barely dodged out of the way from Harry's spell. Hermione and Harry ran into the room casting defensive and offensive spells. One man ran for the other exit to the hallway shooting dark curses at Harry. Harry chased after him leaving Hermione to take care of the other guy.

"I can't believe I have the one and only Hermione Granger in my presence." He man said as he dodged Hermione's spells.

"Give up, Lake. You're not leaving this room," Hermione said then sent a stupefy at him.

He blocked it. "No you are mistaken. You are not leaving this room alive. Would you like to die the same way as your parents? Of course I would have to wipe your memory clean first. They didn't even know they had a daughter. It was still fun to watch them die. But you my dear will be so much pleasurable."

Hermione sent spell after spell. He killed her parents. This was the man that ruined her world. The pain returned but ten times worse. Hermione doubled over in pain and fell to the floor. She thought for sure this was the end. She was in a weak position. She heard Draco scream expelliarmus and Harry scream petrificus totalus.

"Hermione you're bleeding! What did he hit you with?" Harry said rushing over to her.

"Johnston and Henley take these men to Azkaban," Draco said as he rushed to her side also.

"I'll apperate her to St. Mungo's. Go get Lucius," Harry said to Draco. He sent a patronus to the hospital to warn them they were coming.

Lucius paced the waiting room. He felt like his world was crashing down on him. The healers haven't told him anything. All he knew was what Draco told him. His wife was chasing death eaters and fell down to the floor bleeding.

"Mr. Malfoy," Healer Greene walked up to Lucius. Harry and Draco got up and stood next to Lucius. "I have news on your wife. Would you like to go somewhere private?" She eyed Draco and Harry.

"They are family please tell what happened to my wife. Will she be ok?"

"Yes she will. She had a miscarriage. She was two months pregnant. I must tell you that there have been many cases of women who have been put under the cruciatus curse for long periods having miscarriages. I believe the combination of that and the stress of her job was the reason she miscarried. You may go in and see you now. She's been asking for you since she regained consciousness," Healer Greene walked away leaving the three men alone once again.

Harry looked at both Malfoy men, "This is not your fault. Either of you!"

"But-," Draco started.

"No!" Harry stated.

"Harry it's not that simple. We should have-"Lucius tried to explain.

"I said this was not your fault. The only person we are blaming is Bellatrix and thankfully that bitch is dead. Now you two are not going to feel guilty for this. Lucius, your wife wants you. She's been asking for you. She needs you. She needs your support. She does not need you blaming yourself. Draco and I are going to tell everyone what has happened. Now go!" Harry shoved Lucius toward Hermione's door then grabbed Draco and basically dragged him down the hallway.

Lucius stood in front of Hermione's hospital door. He took a deep breath and opened it. His breath caught as he looked at her. She looked so weak.

"Lucius," Hermione whispered. She held her hand out to him.

Lucius walked over to her and grabbed her hand as he sat down in the chair next to her bed. "How are you feeling?" He reached up to push her hair away from her face.

"I lost our baby. I didn't know I was pregnant and I lost our baby," Hermione started to cry.

"Shh…It's not your fault love," Lucius said as he crawled in the bed with her. He wrapped his arms around her and she clung to him and cried more. Lucius held her tight as tears fell from his own eyes. All he could think about was how this was no way her fault but all his.