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D'artagnan POV

I drew out my sword, a true musketeer's weapon, and rushed out of the room. I knew that Athos, Porthos, and Aramis were following me, and the queen was not. I could only hope that Constance wasn't behind me. As I reached the entrance to the palace, I felt a strange sense of pride. I was defending my country. My bravery stemmed from a different nature,though. Constance. Everything I did, I did for her, just as I rushed right into a huge fight.

Right away, I knew that something was wrong. Nobody was fighting. In fact, nobody was there...except for Athos, Porthos, Aramis, me, and the guard who had called on us. Suddenly, I knew. This was not a King's guard. This was one of the Cardinal 's spies/guards. But, even though I figured out his identity, I was too late. This particular guard must have been trained specially, because he was fast. By the time I knew, he had tied all of us up.

All I had time to think about was Constance. Then I was knocked over the head, and I blacked out.

When I came to, I found I was tied to another human. I tried to turn my head, but still couldn't see who it was. Tired, I gave up trying to see who it was and tried surveying my surroundings. I found that I was in a dark room. It had windows, but the windows were covered with long, burgundy curtains. In front of me there was a long, simple brown table with two chairs on the side facing me, so if people were sitting there, I would be able to see their faces.

There was nobody in the room except for the person I was tied to and me. Suddenly, the other person woke up. They moaned softly, as if a bit depressed sounding. Then, after a long silence, I realized that I should try to untie them. I started to untie their hands, and got a shock. I knew these hands. I myself had held them many times. "Constance?" I asked quietly.

In return, the person nodded their head and gingerly touched my hands in return. I grasped the person's arms to show that I was real. "Do not struggle. I'll try to get you free Constance." I whispered into her ear. She ceased struggling at the sound of my voice. I calmed myself down as well, because this showed that she trusted me.

As I was working on her bonds, the heavy wooden door creaked open. In stepped one of my enemies. Also one of the greatest secret agents of all time. Milady deWinter. She wore elaborate headdresses and heavy furs. My Constance was a hundred times more beautiful and intelligent than her. I did give her credit for living after falling a thousand feet into water though.

I ceased working quickly. She didn't notice that I was trying to untie my...friend.

Milady stood in front of me and smiled. She had the type of smile that, if you were a coward, could make you curl up and weep uncontrollably. The type of smile that a snake had before its prey never saw the sun again. Constance shivered. She hadn't had good experiences with Milady before. I squeezed her hands. Milady stared at us for a short moment, then, without further ado, began speaking. "I see that the little…eh…musketeer has been caught. Oh, and his little friend is here too!" She exclaimed with mock surprise. I couldn't handle how she managed to seem so amused and evil (evilly amused) at how pained I was that Constance was captured. I was about to lose it, but Constance poked me discreetly in the back. I sighed. "What do you want, Milady deWinter?"