Ok. I'm probably never gonna update this for no good reason, But I'll strike a deal. If one person reviews each chapter, I'll keep it up. It can even be the same person over and over. I don't care. Summary (Very Basic): What if, in addition to the MG (Morph Gun) mods, Jak II and 3 continued to have other forms of Eco (Yellow, Red, and Blue) and they produced other combination Ecos (Heretofore referred to as CE's)? Shit goes down, that's what. BTW Yellow and Blue will equal Gunner Green (Think Blaster and Vulcan Fury). Also Dax takes about another year to find Jak. Just go with it.

I looked down upon my arms, so adorned with these symbols, once strange and now all too familiar. A blessing or curse, who can say.

2 Years After Rift Gate

"Dark Eco injection cycle complete. Bio readings nominal and unchanged." The computer spouted monotonously. The subject dropped back to the table, no longer being injected with Eco.

"Hhhppp. Nothing! I was informed that this one might be different!" The Baron said angry at the thing on the table in front of him.

Erol, being ever the kiss-up, tried to state the obvious as politely as possible. "He is surprisingly resistant to your 'experiments' Baron Praxis. I fear the Dark Warrior program has failed."

The Baron growled angrily and grabbed a nearly unconscious Jak by the roots of his greasy hair. He screamed in his face which momentarily made Jak contort in anger before becoming exhausted and nearly passing out. "Aaaagh! You should at least be dead with all the Dark Eco I've pumped into you!"

A nearly unconscious Jak looked back and forth at the two as they talk.

Erol grew weary and reminded Praxis of troubles ahead. "What now? Metal Head armies are pressing their attacks. Without a new weapon, my men cannot hold them off forever!"

"I will not be remembered as the man who lost this city to those vile creatures! Move forward with the Contingency Warrior program! We'll start to fix this... 'thing' tonight!"

As they leave the room, a tired Jak grows angry, wondering what this new program holds in store for him. He is reminded of his intense hate for Praxis and feels his consciousness shift to something Darker and more sadistic. He feels himself lose control and watches as his skin take a pale lavender hue, while his nails grow long and sharp. He also feels more powerful and he tries to break his bonds, but he remains too weak, because he is rarely fed. The change is momentary, but it angers Jak while also giving him hope. Anger because the Baron's program worked. Hope, because he gave him a powerful weapon.

1 Year Later

"Channel complete. Subject shows extreme levels of retention, as well as ability to convert Dark Eco to other forms."

"Excellent!" exclaimed Praxis. "We will deploy him tomorrow. Those Metal Heads won't see this coming" On that note he left, preparing to cancel the deep drilling project, which was started in order supply the Metal Heads with Eco.

A couple of minutes later, Daxter broke through a vent from above landing on Jak's stomach with a set of clothes. Daxter had allowed his chin hair to grow longer over the last year, giving him a gruffer appearance.

"Holy crap! Jak, I finally found you! By Mar, what the hell did they do to you?"

Jak was surprised. He was going to break out today anyway, but having Dax back was icing. "A lot of shit. Hop off and you'll see."

Daxter, who was surprised to hear Jak speak, obliged. "So you talk now? How are you going to get out of that thiā€¦"

Daxter stopped mid-sentence, watching Jak manifest his Dark form and break free. Jak turned and feinted at Daxter, making him flinch. He reverted and chuckled.

Daxter was not amused, having nearly jumped out of his fur. "What the hell, Jak?"

"That's for taking three years to get here. Hand me those clothes, we're breaking out." Daxter was anxious to see what other surprises Jak had up his sleeve.


On the way out, Jak described the treatments he was subjected to.

"They gave me more shit than you can think of. First two years it was Dark Eco, every day. That's where freak show back there came from. That's Dark Jak. The Dark Eco and our first adventure paved the way for them to make me a channeller. Now I can turn Dark Eco into any other kind, store it for later, and retain the benefits for seven times longer. I think I can mix them too, but I was trying to conserve energy so I could break out, so I haven't tried yet."

Daxter was amazed that Jak survived all this. He was even more surprised that Jak wasn't a brooding mess. But, he thought, a positive attitude is probably what kept him alive.

"That is crazy Jak." Daxter was more interested in telling his own heroic story. But while you were locked up, I was off killing bugs for two years. Then I found a resistance force and now I roll with them. I figured that would be the best way to find you. I can't wait till you meet the leader."

Jak raised an eyebrow and after leaving the prison, hijacked a zoomer. He explained to Daxter how they showed videos introducing him to modern tech so that he would be useful as a soldier.

As they buzzed through the urban sprawl, Daxter grew curious about Jak's abilities. "So you can channel any Eco? Like old Samos and his Green Eco?"

"Yeah, but not as well as he could," Jak said dodging the KG with his zoomer, knowing full well the consequences of pissing them off. "And I have to have either that Eco or Dark Eco to convert. Anyways, it's not as cool as it sounds."

This piqued Dax's interest, and he asked "How in Mar could that not be awesome?"

"Because," Jak said, weaving through pedestrians, "I have a persona for each. Remember how Dark Jak scared the shit out of you? That's because he's a sadistic ass, but he's pretty nice when you get to know him. I hear a voice for each one, but his had been the most prominent lately, 'cause I was storing up Dark Eco."

"Still sounds awesome." Daxter said, refusing to give up ground.

"I got all kinds up here, Dax," Jak said tapping his left temple. "There's Dark Jak, who you met, Fastback who's Blue Eco and a speed freak, Sniper with Yellow Eco and cigarette addict, Thick has Red Eco and loves to pal around although he might break your arm on accident, and I call the Green Eco persona Doc, because he loves to help and heal people as much as he loves animals that aren't Metal Heads. He hates Metal Heads, some crap about them having no constructive purpose. Also I no longer need hair gel. The grease in my hair from no washing over three years has my hair stuck like this."

Daxter just took all of this in, just glad that Jak wasn't brooding or vengeful in any way. (HINT) He was a bit grossed out by the hair comment, and urged Jak to take a shower at the next opportunity.


Soon Jak and Daxter reached The Underground. Jak dismounted his zoomer midflight and watched it crash into a building. The duo then walked over to the door, which Jak found without help.

As they walked in, Daxter asked how Jak knew it was that door. Jak said, "The big green logo outside kinda screams "underground"."

Torn saw Jak walk up with Daxter on his shoulder. He assumed this was the guy Daxter kept going on about. Over the past year, Torn had accomplished two feats: the first is that he secured the heir to the throne and the second is a scar over his left eye which forced it shut and proved to make him more badass.

Jak immediately noticed the tattoos on the man's face, marking him as a former KG. Jak quickly changed his remainder of Dark Eco into Yellow, allowing Sniper to bubble up. His face grew somewhat harder and his gaze intense. He allowed Sniper's persona to act while he watched, ready to force him down if this went south.

"So you must be Jak. Your muskrat friend has told me about you." He glared at Daxter.

"Yep. You the leader here? 'Cause I need two things."

Torn was surprised by the confidence of this man. He noticed that Jak had the walk and talk of a soldier.

"You do something for me first. What do you need?"

"Smart man. Well boss, I need a gun and a pack of smokes." Torn smiled at the last bit.

He pulled out a fresh pack and tossed it at him. "Take 'em. I'll work on a rifle for you. Name's Torn, figured since I know yours you should know mine."

"A smoker and a rifleman! I think we're gonna get along."

Torn smiled and told him that they needed someone to go and retrieve a rook that was stranded in Dead Town, been out there for six hours.

Meanwhile, Daxter was dumbfounded by the smoothness of the exchange. Jak was on better terms with Torn than he was after a year.

With their orders in line the duo left.


"What the hell was that?" Daxter exclaimed as soon as the zoomer was in the air. "How did you buddy up to him like that?"

Jak laughed, realizing he did make it look too easy. "I noticed the KG tattoos on his face. I figured he was an army man, so I let Sniper take over. Cake, really."

They reached the decrepit Water Slums, which were nearly destroyed by a Metal Head overrun 6 months prior. The people were hurt and sick, the buildings literally falling apart. Jak felt Doc surge up, but didn't resist, they had time for a detour. Often during times of intense emotion, the personas would rise on their own. Doc responded to Jak's compassion. Without warning, Doc took over completely and landed the zoomer. As he did, Jak's skin took on a color much like Samos' and his eyes became a lively green.

As he dismounted the zoomer, Daxter wondered just what the hell he was doing. The people of the Water Slums might as well have been lepers to the Dry Slums, let alone the rest of Haven. Doc looked and saw a man with an injured leg, it had been cut deeply and could be fatal if it wasn't treated.

"Daxter, could you grab that fabric tied to the back of zoomer?" Doc said with a calm and soothing voice, despite this Daxter shrugged and fetched it for him. Daxter then watched Doc walk to the man, his hands flaring up with Green Eco as he went. The man appeared scared at first, but as Doc laid his hands upon the cut, it began to seal and the man calmed down. Doc then wiped the remaining blood off of the man's leg. Daxter was amazed, and Doc walked back toward him, his skin and eyes slowly reverting to their original color. Once again Jak, he scooped up the ottsel and boarded the zoomer.

"You mind telling me what the hell that was?" Daxter questioned with persistence, as they covered the short distance to Dead Town, after Daxter corrected his directions.

"Doc wanted to help that guy, and I figured there was no harm in it. Why, did it freak you out?" Daxter shook his head.

"Naw, I got used to that with old Green back in Sandover. The KG saw ya though, and I doubt they appreciated the gesture." Jak gritted his teeth a bit.

"Well, should appreciate that I don't give two shits, especially after what they did, not just to me but to everybody."

Oh, don't doubt me. The vengeance is there, but that last year humbled Jak a bit. BTW This took two days to write, so everything will be about 2 days plus any delay.