Title: After the Fall.

Written for: Mandy's Banner Bunnies Competition.

Written By: Nicia

Rating: M

Summary: The moroi world is outmoded and outdated, but little acorns make the biggest trees. So what happened when a feisty dhampir clashed with a closed off moroi? Follow the love story of the vampire world's first dhampir queen. Dimitri POV. AU. Short chapters, will update daily. Rated M.

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After the Fall.


The high school student sighed as she scanned the bookshelves in the history section of her school library with disinterest.

She'd refused to complete one of her assignments, a simple one really, to write and then give an oral report on one of the great events that had occurred in their world in the past. But it had been boring. Everyone had talked about Queen Vasilisa taking the throne despite the tragedy that had seemingly left her as the only Dragomir, the re-discovery of the spirit element, dhampir-moroi or dhampir-dhampir relationships becoming more open and widespread, or even moroi being re-introduced to the concept of using offensive magic and fighting alongside their guardians.

But she hadn't wanted to do that. She didn't enjoy school, no one did, and she certainly didn't want to be a goddamned sheep, talking, well, gushing, over the same overrated topics that everyone else did.

Of course, when she told her teacher that when he asked for her report, he'd flipped and threatened her with detention. Which is when she'd snorted, and ended up being sent to the headmaster's office.

But that had been worse than being told off. He'd simply given her that disappointed look teachers always seemed to adopt around her, ever since her boyfriend, Jonah, had died and she'd started to act up in school. It was one of sympathy, no, pity, and she hated that.

The headmaster's punishment was for her to do the assignment, with a few modifications. He'd said that she could do it on anything, and she didn't have to give it orally, but what she did have to do, was to read a historical work that she found interesting, write a 'short' five hundred word report that summarised the key points of the subject and why she'd chosen it, and then to tell the headmaster about it. "Sell it to me," he'd said.

She snorted again as he fingertips trailed along the spines of the thick, dusty old books that looked like they'd serve more use as fire kindling.

The thought made her laugh lightly, and after earning a strict look from the librarian, she settled on grabbing the one closest to her, and praying that it wasn't boring as hell.

After the Fall.

"The fall? What fall?" The student tried to remember anything they'd learnt in history about a fall. Nothing, except for the Berlin Wall, but that was in the human world, and something she'd found out on her own, courtesy of google.

There was no blurb on the back, and impatiently, she flipped the cover open, her curiosity piqued and eager to see just what the book was about.

The moroi world is outmoded and outdated, but change always occurs. So what happened when a feisty guardian clashed with a closed off royal moroi? Ever wondered how we came to have Guardian Rosemarie Hathaway as our Queen? In this, the only autobiography of it's kind, comissioned by King Dimitri Belikov and his wife, Queen Rosemarie Belikova (neé Hathaway), find out the whole truth behind their chance meeting, courtship, and long and happy marriage, not just what you're told in those stuffy history lessons! Written by Lord Ivan Zeklos, advisor to, confidante and best friend of HRH King Dimitri Belikov.

"Wow…" The word was a barely audible whisper, slipping from between the student's lips as she stumbled back down the aisle and immediately sat on one of the beanbags in the 'reading section'. She couldn't wait to check it out, then wait for the bus, and have to suffer through the twenty minute long journey while such a goldmine was waiting to be read! Everyone always hushed her when she tried to find out about King Dimitri and Queen Rose.

The story was told, almost like a fairytale nowadays, and only briefly. No one seemed to want to promote that type of relationship amongst the royalty. It was fine for commoners, though the royals would never say that publicly, but amongst themselves, they only wanted to see moroi with other moroi. King Dimitri and Queen Rose's relatinship had been a slap in the face to those old traditions and cultures, and the uptight, stuffy royals had hated that their relationship hadn't crashed and burned.

Their relationship had always given her and Jonah hope, hope that they'd be accepted as other moroi-dhampir couples were, but when he'd been killed in an attack, well, she'd had nothing to hope for. But this book, maybe, just maybe, it would give her a little more insight.

Her hands shook as she flipped through the pages until she found the first chapter, and then, she began to read.

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