Here's an extra on Mello's actual list. It should've been longer, but I ran out of things to write.

From 1-8, I searched them online, so credits go to whoever thought of that, and as for number 9 onwards, all gibberish. I highly discourage you try any of them. Don't end up like Matt.

*The author is not responsible for further damages inflicted on an already sore throat. (Sorry, Matt, for the repetitive abuse. T^T)

The solutions to heal a sore throat:

1. Take oral antiseptics (follow instructions included in the packaging)

2. Gargle salt gargles/solutions

3. Take solid antiseptics (Take your money back. It doesn't work)

4. Drink some tea mixed with lemon and honey

5. Drink honey mixed with black pepper

6. Drink ginger mixed with honey

7. Rub oregano over neck

8. Lemon juice

9. Citrus juice

10. Orange juice

11. Eat a Jalapeno pepper whole

12. Sing an eight-octave high song

13. Squirt lemon juice on eyes and hope to forget the pain

14. Spin around in a tutu with one foot and repeatedly say your name until you're tired

15. Laugh like Spongebob, feeling the vibration in your throat

16. Sing the Figaro song while doing a backlip

15. Drink a glass of Coke with a Mentos in your mouth

16. Slap Near 'til your throat feels better

17. Visit the orphanage's clinic

18. Scream at Roger

19. Drink a glass of hot sauce

20. Have a foot massage

"Twenty-one… Hmm…"

"Mello, seriously, would you drop that list already?"

"No. I'm editing it 'cause none of them fucking worked on you."

"Oh, so it's my fault? When you were the one who insisted…"

Mello ignored Matt, and stared down at his list. "AH! Destroy one of Matt's videogames..." Mello wrote on the paper.

"Ugh. Whatever."