So I was trying out a new style of poetry and this came out. Enjoy.

The Leaf

She steps onto the platform
and rises to the ring.
Her borrowed uniform is comically too big,
like wearing an elephant skin.
The crowd cheers and her ego soars.
She fails to notice the looks of worry
between her teammates, as they notice
her untrained power and knack for rash actions.
She focuses her strength on her one opponent and
He's out like a light.
Unfortunately, he wasn't supposed to be.
At least, not the way she did it.
The first round ended in shame and a faceful of water.
The other team soon singles her out
As the rookie.
They target her until
Each step she takes becomes another blow,
Each duck to avoid an attack becomes a bruise.
Soon she's the one that's out and
Her rage will only bring more trouble
Instead of the victory she desires.
Two more rounds only result in two more dunks in the water.
Something has to change.
There's something in her brain that needs to click,
something to help her move, at least to avoid the attacks,
something to change directions at a moment's notice.
She breathes and starts to dance.
She steps lightly, flowing, no longer forcing herself.
She only moves as she needs to move,
She floats through the air, feeling the currents.
She is the leaf.

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