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It has been raining every night during these hot summer months in the small town of Wakefield, Kansas. There's something in the air tonight, something that will change Wakefield for decades to come. Life was decent for the small town's residents. Fishing, hunting, camping and plenty of places to enjoy the beauty of nature. The wealthy would retire to experience such luxuries. Not to say that a small town wouldn't have its disadvantages. State money was always tight since it mostly went to the major cities. Everybody needs to contribute their part to keep Wakefield alive and running.

Of Route 82 in the wheat fields of local Wakefield farmers, a thin, pale figure stumbles down the long and ill paved road unaware of the silver pickup truck headed towards her direction.

"I'll be in fifteen minutes. I promised," said Marilyn, the wife of a retired quarry worker. She was on the phone with her impatient husband of forty-five years.

"See you then, sweetheart." The rain was getting heavier. She increased her windshield wipers to MAX and she still couldn't see clearly enough. She barely missed the naked woman walking along the shoulder. She screams in terror as her truck fishtails out of control. Finally the pickup truck stopped.

Marilyn still had her eyes squeezed shut. Shaken, she remembers there wasn't a thud against the truck. Nobody was hit. She slowly opened her eyes to see the woman still walking down the road. Marilyn stepped out and ran to the tall and painfully thin figure.

"Oh, my Lord? Are you alright? What happened to you?"

The sight was something out of a horror story. Her skin was a pale almost translucent and she lacked any hair on her body, not even eye lashes. She had only fear in her eyes and completely vulnerable to the outdoor elements. She didn't make a sound. Marilyn figured she was in shock and went back to her truck to get a blanket. Lord knows what happened to this poor soul.

"Don't worry, sweetie, I'm going get you some help."

The stranger appeared to be catatonic as she held on the passenger door. Her senses, however, were running wild. The sound of the rain, the engine, the radio, and the driver's reassuring voice overwhelmed her. Her memories only span from the moment she woke up in the corn fields to a stranger putting a blanket around her shoulders.

The Mercy Regional Health Center was the closest hospital near Wakefield. Marilyn parked the truck in the emergency drop off entrance and escorted the stranger into the hospital. She finally reached the front desk and emergency technicians were ready to assist by putting her on a stretcher and taking her vitals.

Marilyn continued to give the receptionist every detail of how she found her. "I know I didn't hit her with my truck. I just saw her standing there! It looks like she hasn't eaten in days. Poor dear."

"The police will cross-reference any missing person's lists but in the meantime, we'll need your information."

"Sure, and if she's in need of a place to stay, I run the local woman's shelter downtown. Here's my business card."

"Her vitals are dropping. BP down to 63!"

These words were foreign to the stranger but judging by the urgency in their voices, it sounded like she was in bad shape. One fluorescent ceiling light after another, she was drifting in and out of consciousness. The gurney finally reached the emergency room. Doctors swarmed around her. Needles and machines everywhere. She drifted into darkness.

Marilyn is going to get a scolding from Bill for sure when she walks through that door. He worries when she's late and she's sure that Bill cooked up some of his famous meatloaf.

"Marilyn! You had me worried! I called your cell phone twenty-three times and not even a simple-"

"Bill, I almost hit someone with my truck after I hung up the phone with you. She was in bad shape. No clothes, no ID… I don't think she understood English. I rushed her to the hospital and gave the receptionist my card. It could be possible that she might be a victim of domestic abuse." Marilyn was tired and she didn't have the strength to let Bill say his piece.

"Marilyn...I'm sorry. Is she okay? Do you think she'll make it?" Bill ushers her to the kitchen table. He starts up the oven again and he pours her a glass of milk.

"I'm not sure. I'll check tomorrow morning." She notices the delicious aroma of dinner. "Oh, you did make meatloaf! I could use a hearty meal after tonight."

The stranger wakes up after a feverish nightmare. She slowly remembers where she was. The hospital, the woman that saved her, the rain. The sunbeams were shinning down from the window beside her. The nurse was changing her IV bag when she noticed the patient was awake. She quickly reaches for the call button.

"Doctor, patient Jane Doe is awake." The doctor walks in and closes the door. He takes out her chart and goes over her vitals.

"Hello, don't get up. You had a high fever. We had to induce a coma. You woke up before we expected you to. Your vitals seem stable and your heart rate and blood pressure is fine. Better than fine actually, you are a perfectly healthy young female besides your weight. We don't have any information about you. Not even your name."

Strange that she had some basic understanding of the language these people spoke in but when she tried to speak, her words came out in a different language.

"Δεν ξέρω ποιος είμαι." The doctor frowns; he doesn't know anybody that is fluent in Greek.

"Let's see if we can find you a translator. In the meantime, please I want you to eat, even if the food tastes bad. You're underweight and I want you to gain about 20 pounds."

"Θα προσπαθήσω. Το φαγητό εδώ φοβερή γεύση." She leans back. Hopefully she will be able to leave the hospital soon and to find the woman who found her.

At the Watchtower, sadness and grieve lingered in the air. Only a week had lapsed since Wonder Woman's funeral and every news station had a TV special dedicated to the female heroine. The irony of it all, was that only a week ago they were dragging her name through the mud with her murder trial of Max Lord. It made everybody sick, especially Donna Troy. Donna was on edge, ready to burst. She had supported her sister's decision from the beginning. Never to question her morals nor her loyalty. But her friends, her closest friends did.

The top league members were called for a meeting. They filled the conference room in silence. They knew what this meeting was going to be about. Batman took the podium while Superman and J'onn stood behind him. It was the first time since the funeral everybody was together.

"I know it's been a difficult time for the Justice League. We've lost one of the brightest and strongest superhero this world has ever seen. Queen Hippolyta through her grieving wants another to fill her place."

Donna bitterly laughed. How can any hero hold a candle to Diana? Batman can't be serious. This meeting was already getting on her nerves.

"Uh, Batman?" Wally slowly raised his hand like a student in grade school.

"Can't we discuss replacing her spot at a later time? This all seems too early."

"I would like too, Flash, but we can't. Queen Hippolyta herself is going to hold a competition for the title of Wonder Woman soon. We will have the final decision whether this new Wonder Woman will join the JLA." Batman hesitated to accept a replacement for Diana and so did Superman.

"Oh please!" Donna belligerently snorted.

"Anything you like to share Donna?" His patience was wearing thin with Donna during these past couple of days. She had been unreceptive and unwilling to follow simple orders.

"Yes, Batman, there is! Where was this sympathy during her trial for Max Lord? Don't you dare stand there and ignore that you and Superman are not the backstabbing bastards who wouldn't be caught being photographed next to her much less supporting her."

"We don't kill Donna." That sent Donna over the edge that she been on since Diana's death.

"Of course you don't, Batman, because we all know how many innocent lives have been taken and will be taken by Joker. How many more lives will it take, Batman? Until enough is enough? Ten, twenty more? Some sick sense of self-righteousness you have Batman."

J'onn didn't need to use his powers to sense her emotional turmoil. He stepped in. "Donna-"

"No, J'onn! Let him answer my question! Joker is nowhere near rehabilitation! He takes comfort in the fact that you will never deliver that final blow. That every time he's defeated, he'll pass through that revolving door of Arkham Asylum! So he'll keep on terrorizing the citizens of Gotham for his chance to play his game with Batman. What if he kills a loved one of ours? What he did to Barbara wasn't enough, Batman?"

"That's enough, Donna!" Batman shouted.

Tears threatened to surface. "You're right Batman. It is enough. I quit. The JLA has changed. Heroes only by association."

"Come on, Donna! Don't be like this!" Wally ran after her.

Batman carried no expression on his face. Superman didn't except him to, he's never known him to question his judgment. For himself, however, he couldn't stop thinking about the day he received the news of Diana's death.

Clark Kent was finishing up writing a report at the Daily Planet when J'onn communicated with him through telepathy.

"Superman, you must come to the Watchtower at once."

Sensing the urgency, he excused himself from work, changed into Superman and teleported to the Watchtower. Only J'onn was standing here. His heart dread the pending news that J'onn was about to tell him.

"The OMAC invaded Themyscira yesterday. All of the Amazons were sent to safety, except for one. She fought with honor and bravery and defeated every last one of them." J'onn had in the palm of his hand the Mjölnir he gave to Diana. The emblem had signs of a tough battle. A battle that was fought with every bit of strength the owner had.

He shook his head in disbelief. What? It can't be! Is he saying that Wonder Woman is dead?

"No! No! I don't believe you! She would have called-" His voice broke. His mind racing to make sense of it all. His heart breaking with every passing moment.

"Superman, I wanted to tell you in person before you heard it through the media."

He couldn't respond. He needed to see for himself. Without explanation (there was no need to) he transported himself to Themyscira.

The Amazons were picking up fallen rubble and gathering all OMAC bodies into one big pile. He finally saw Queen Hippolyta in the temple, praying before a statue of Hera. She had a black shawl over her head, wearing a black Grecian dress with her silver bracelets. She stood up and said, "May the Gods give life and take it away. I've been blessed with a powerful and honorable daughter. She has saved all of us from evil. May her spirit find peace in Olympus."

He rushed over to the body that was on the marble platform before the Queen. His fears were confirmed. Diana, Amazon Champion and Ambassador of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, Justice League member, and friend is dead. She was in her full Wonder Woman armor; there wasn't a scratch to be seen on her skin. Her face was so beautiful, like a sleeping beauty. He bent down to gently lay a goodbye kiss on her lips. Tears were flowing from his eyes. He stumbled from the marble staircase.

"Kal-El of Krypton, I have heard of the moral dilemma you had with my daughter during her trial with Max Lord. You have chosen not to support her during her time of need. She, in your eyes, broke the moral code among your Justice League."

"Yes, your Majesty." He did not have the strength to look at her. The guilt would've been too much for him. He expected anger from the Queen but she seemed indifferent, distant, and almost proud. She was a warrior, such a death would great honor to the Amazons.

"You're taking this well," he said bitterly.

"Trust me, Kal-El, I was mad and filled with grief. I screamed in vain when I saw my daughter's twisted body. I pray for the Gods to have mercy on her soul but they will see this act as either a warrior's sacrifice or a suicide mission. Suicide would send her Tartarus for throwing away the gifts the Gods have given her." She started walking towards the exit; her people needed her. She stopped to say, "I always thought you would eventually marry my daughter. She spoke highly of you, she admitted to me that she had feelings for you. It made sense judging by the way you looked at her." She exited the temple, leaving Superman alone with his thoughts.