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Grell pulled the carriage up to the mansion.

"Such grandness. It really is the last day of the social season." Madame Red said as she stepped out of the carriage in all her glory.

"It seems tonight will be rather enjoyable." Lau commented as he looked at some beautiful lady guests.

"If he suspects anything then it is all over, understand?" Ciel stepped out of the carriage. "We're not here to play, so don't let your guard down." He wore a pink dress with a wig covering his right eye and a pink hat covering it also. (You all should know the infamous pink dress that Ciel wears and loves! Ciel: I do not love it! Me: Of course you don't.)

Madame Red glomped her nephew. "SO CUTE~! Super cute!"

"Let go of me!" Ciel demanded. "Why do I have to be dressed like this?!" He tried to push his aunt away from himself.

Madame Red pouted. "What?! You don't like it? But a lot of cloth was used to make this dress in France!" Sebastian stepped out and smirked.

"Oh my, oh my, a lady should not be shouting so loudly." Sebastian scolded his mas-mistress.

"Sebastian you..." Ciel mumbled.

"Right, you have to obediently follow instructions!" Madame Red said.

"They're right, you know. If you do not, you could be caught."

Sebastian then turned and helped the last person out of the carriage. Alejandra wore a dark blue and black short-sleeve dress. It was simple and yet, was beautiful. Her hair was put in a low bun with a dark blue hat on her head that had small roses on it. She wore light blue eye-shadow that was so light that they didn't appear to be there. Her feet were covered by a pair of dark blue heels. She was so graceful as she walked out of the carriage with the help of Sebastian.

Everyone around them stopped and stared at the lovely girl. There were men who wanted to approach her and ask her for her hand. There were women who were jealous of the attention that the younger lady was receiving. Many felt as if they were staring at an angel. Others felt as if they were staring at a goddess.

"Oh my goodness, Alejandra! You look so beautiful!" Madame Red stared in awe at the young girl in front of her.

She began to blush when she noticed all of the attention everyone was giving her. "I do?"

Sebastian grabbed her right hand and brought it to his lips, giving it a small kiss. "Of course you do, my lady."

"Now then, Lau's role is my lover, Ciel is my niece from the country-side, Sebastian is my niece's home tutor, and Grell can be as he is." Madame Red announced.

"What about me?" Alejandra asked.

"Alejandra, you are Sebastian's fiancé." She said, looking between the two.

"So...Why is my role as 'your niece?'" Ciel asked, really upset.

"Because I've always wanted a daughter! A cute daughter who would look lovely in their long flowing dresses!" Madame Red responded.


"I was just joking, to have your cover blown as Earl Phantomhive would be a troublesome thing, no?" The older women whispered in the boy's ear. "Firstly! Anyone who sees a one-eyed young boy with a dashingly handsome butler would know it's "you." Isn't this the best solution?" She explained. "Anyway, the Viscount's security is tight, and he likes girls, so you're perfect!"

"What!"Ciel was indignant. "Why not use Alejandra!"

"Did the young master not say so before?" Sebastian started, "To 'use any means necessary?' Besides, Alejandra cannot be the one to do so since she is not involved with our 'business.' Do you not agree?"

Ciel only glared at Sebastian.

Ciel and Sebastian hid behind a table with a cake on it, avoid Elizabeth.

"How are we going to distract her to get to the Viscount?" Ciel thought out loud.

"I will talk to her." Alejandra approached Elizabeth while Ciel and Sebastian danced across to the Viscount.

"Excuse me."

Elizabeth turned and saw the gorgeous young lady that was the talk of the party. Elizabeth then realized that she was being addressed by the beautiful woman.

"Yes?" Elizabeth asked.

"Are you Elizabeth Midford?" Her voice was gentle but heavy with a Spanish accent.

Elizabeth gasped. "How do you know me?" She was suspicious of the woman in front of her.

"Madame Red has told me so much about you."

"She has?"

"Yes and I must say that she has never told me how beautiful you are."

"I FINALLY GOT THIS FAR!" Ciel was on his hands and knees, panting from his dance with Sebastian to reach the Viscount.

"You really have no stamina, it was only but a little while." Sebastian told his master, wondering how is it possible to be so exhausted from a simple dance. "I'll go get some water." He heard clapping approaching them.

"Quite fascinating." They turned and saw the Viscount. "A really lovely dancer, just like a robin!"

"Alejandra." Said girl turned and saw Sebastian behind her.

"Oh, my love." She said while wrapping an arm around one of his. "I was talking to this lovely young lady. Remember the one that Madame Red told me about?" She smiled up at the demon.

"Oh! Are you...?" Elizabeth blushed a bit when she saw the two "lovers" communicating through simple touches and looks.

"Yes. This is my handsome fiancée."

"I'll let you two be alone then."

"That's fine. It was a pleasure to meet you, Lady Elizabeth."

After that, Elizabeth left Sebastian and Alejandra alone.

"Where is-?" Alejandra whispered to Sebastian.

"About to be found out by Lady Elizabeth."

"MY LIFE IS OVER!" Ciel cried out in his mind, panicking.

A guitar was sounded and two figures jumped out of nowhere to the middle of the room and in front of Elizabeth's path.

One figure was a male wearing a tuxedo and a black mask. The other figure was beautiful. She had a black dress that reached her knees, but had black tights underneath. On her feet were black ballerina shoes. Her long black hair was in a bun on the top of her head with a red rose on the side of it. Her eyes and nose were covered by a black mask exactly like the male's mask.

"The ball is at its peak, so at this time, may all the gentlemen and ladies watch this dance by the ever so lovely Black Swan." The man announced. Everyone was staring at the young lady in the middle as the man pulled out a strange instrument. The castanets, guitar, and piano players began to play. Then the instrument followed. And finally the Black Swan began to dance. (Look up the song called "Mi Bolero Del Fuego" by Docjazz4 on Youtube. The castanets will only appear in the mp3 version, but if you can't/don't want to get it then it's fine. The instrument Sebastian is playing is an Ocarina. If you've played a Legend of Zelda game, then you will most likely know what it means. I will NOT say exactly how Alejandra dances because I want YOU to see how beautiful she dances in your mind.)

Her body moved across the dance floor. Her body showed a sadness that accompanied the song, but remained strong throughout.

When the Black Swan was done, she bowed deeply as the audience applauded. Everyone approached her, wishing to know who this beautiful young lady was.

"This is my chance!" Ciel thought when he saw everyone distracted.

"Please excuse us, ladies and gentlemen. The lady Black Swan must leave to attend another event." Sebastian pulled Alejandra to the side to another room. He led her to a balcony where the moonlight was shinning wonderfully.

"You were amazing, my dear." Sebastian whispered as he brought his hands up to Alejandra's face, reaching for the mask. He took her mask off and placed it on the balcony wall next to them, and then wrapping his arms around her waist.

"You were not so bad yourself, Sebastian." Alejandra reached Sebastian's face and softly took his mask off, placing it next to her own, then placing her hands delicately on his face. "If it wasn't for your help, none of this would have worked." She smiled at him.

He leaned forward and brought his lips close to Alejandra's. "However, your beauty should not be hidden behind a mask." He whispered before kissing her.

After a while, the two stopped and separated.

"I am sorry, Alejandra, but the Young Master is calling for me. I must leave." And with that he kissed her one more time for a second and disappeared.

"Alejandra? Are you alright?" Madame Red asked the silent girl on their way back to Ciel's manor.

"Oh, yes. I'm fine." She responded distantly.

"Then why are you blushing?"

"Am I? Must be from the exhaustion from my dance. It always happens."

Madame Red thought otherwise.

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