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The very next day...

"WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?!" Ciel slammed his newspaper onto the table. "The Viscount didn't go anywhere last night!"

"If the suspect could not carry out the murders... It's an impersonator... no, it's possible there were others from the beginning." Lau commented as he passed his paper to Madame Red.

"Meaning the Viscount isn't involved?" Madame Red asked as she quickly looked at the paper.

"I have to come up with something again..." Ciel mumbled to himself. "We have to narrow it down. Sebastian, organize the list."

"Your humble servant understands." Sebastian placed his hand over his heart.


Everyone in the room jumped and looked to the door.

"What was that! Sebastian!" Ciel ordered.

"Yes, my lord." With that he quickly left.

Sebastian entered the kitchen, where the crash was from.

He froze upon seeing what happened.

Alejandra was face-down on the ground, blood pooling around her head. All around here were various china dishes that were broken, creating small cuts on the young lady's skin.

Sebastian quickly pulled Alejandra to a sitting position and looked at her. She was bleeding from her forehead where there wasa piece of china sticking out. Her whole body, apart from the blood, was covered in sweat. Her breathing was erratic, as if she was barely able to breathe.

"Madame!" Sebastian burst into the room, slightly frazzled.

"Sebastian! What's the mea-"

"I shall explain later, young master. However, this is of most importance. Madame, Alejandra is in need of your medical assistance immediately!"

With that Madame Red left the room and followed Sebastian.

"So the reason that you barge in here like this is because Alejandra was sick?" Ciel questioned his demon butler.

"Yes, young master. I would have healed her, but I do not know what was causing her to be this way." Sebastian responded.

"Why? Why would you have healed her when she is just another human being?" Ciel could not believe he treated Alejandra as if she were any other person, but he needed to get Sebastian to answer his question honestly.

"...I do not know, young master."

"There are 4.5 million people in London alone. During the seasonal part period, there'd be even more. If we relax the requirements, the pool of people increases even more." Ciel said as he and Sebastian were reviewing the list of suspects at night with a storm raging outside.

"You're still working?" Madame Red spooked Ciel as she entered the room with Grell right behind. "Sometimes you don't need to work so hard. Want to relax a bit and play this?" she held up a chessboard set.

"International chess huh..." Ciel sighed. "It brings back memories..."

"Is that so? Because Ciel was coming, I took this out of the attic!" She brushed all the papers on the table to the floor and placed the chess set on it instead. "Come! Take a break! Take a break! Grell, please prepare some tea!"

"It's already late... So I've prepared herb tea made from wild roses." Grell served said tea to Ciel and Madame Red.

"THIS TASTES BAD!" Madame Red yelled after spitting the tea out. "Why is herbal tea salty? And you call yourself a butler?! Alejandra already showed you how to do this! Do it again!" she ordered.

"Even so, I'm still a butler!" With that Grell left.

Sebastian went back to his work and the two nobles continued played chess.

"That butler of yours, whether he's capable or just a workaholic... that's not much?" The adult asked, looking at Sebastian as he worked.

"This is nothing." Ciel responded.

"Since he's so capable, you should just make him do the investigation on the Viscount instead." She suggested.

Ciel tensed slightly.

"That is my 'power' and 'hands and legs.' Sebastian is merely one of my chess pieces. It is not possible to move the chess pieces without me, the person behind it." He moved his black knight. "If I won using a free moving piece that would not be to my credit. The one who gives the orders will always be the master. Without my command, he will not make a move. But the difference between Sebastian and chess pieces is that... He can singlehandedly take down all the other 'knights.'" He knocked over another white piece. "Just like that."

"Doing that is against the rules!" Madame Red complained.

"That's right. If this was a game of international chess..." Ciel smirked. "Unfortunately, in reality there are no situations where one can win merely by following the rules. There will be knights that break the rules, and even chess pieces that betray him. In order to maintain the balance in this game, I too must break the rules in order to win, no? If we in England were to be less attentive we would..." he slammed his piece, "be finished."

"You should apart from being the watchdog of the darker side of society, have another way of living. Sister... your mother would have wanted that too. But you insist on returning to this darker side of society..." Madame started. "You want to take revenge for my murdered sister?"

Ciel twitched.

"Sister would definitively have not... We would not have wanted you to be like this."

"I... never thought of taking revenge. Even if I took revenge, the dead would not come back. And I would not gain any satisfaction. Whether it be to avenge or take revenge on someone's behalf, these are just pretty words, and merely a show of selfishness."

"So it is just a matter of comfort?" Madame asked.

"I did not do this for the name of the Phantomhive family. I did it for myself! I want those who betrayed the Phantomhive family to... experience as I did... the same level of humiliation and suffering. Checkmate."

Madame Red sighed in defeat. "This makes a consecutive 46 loses! You were always good at chess. I'd always lose when I played with you." She smiled. "I shall remember the day you were born. At the time I was still a new nurse, and I was just panicking back then. You were so small and cute... I felt I had to protect you. Although I've never had children, I treat you as if you were my own son and Alejandra as my own daughter, and so I want you to leave this kind of society." She place a hand on Ciel's head.

Ciel moved her hand. "I am here because this is what I wish and it is what I choose. And so, I won't regret anything. And neither will I rely on anyone."

Sebastian finished with picking up the paper.

"It is time for me to retire." Ciel stood up and kissed his aunt's cheek. "I had a happy time playing with you, Madame Red." Ciel began walking away. "Oh, how is Alejandra?"

His aunt blinked, somewhat surprised at his question. "She is doing well. She should be completely better by tomorrow afternoon."

Ciel gave a small smile. "That is good news. Good night, Madame Red."

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