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SUMMARY – Klaus sends Caroline back in time to get to know him before he became a vampire. Caroline, who figures out quickly she isn't a vampire when she arrives in the past, is unaware that Klaus has sent her there and she is confused as to how she got there and how to get home. Story takes place after 3x20.


I felt cold. It was strange to me but I was too tired to worry about it so I kept my eyes closed and started to drift back to sleep. Something tickled my nose and it felt like a bug. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed I was lying outside on the grass. I shot up into a sitting position and looked around. I was in a small clearing with trees all around, I didn't recognize where I was and became a little scared. I tried to use my vampire hearing to check if anyone was nearby but I couldn't. I was human. I knew for sure when I stood up and slipped on the wet grass then cut my hand on a rock. 'What the hell.' I thought to myself. Of course I was in my pajama shorts and a tank top so I had no cell phone on me.

I stood up again…slowly this time and began to walk. I had no clue where I was going but I knew I wasn't going to figure anything out staying where I was. I walked for about a half an hour give or take a few minutes since I really had no way of telling time, I didn't come across anyone just more trees. I was about to turn around and try another way when I heard voices. 'Finally.' I said to myself. I froze when I came across the two that were making the noise. "It was Rebekah, but she looked different. Her hair was much longer and she wore a long grey dress that wasn't her usual style. She was with a young boy maybe about 11. He had dark hair and he wore a long grey shirt and dark brown pants. They almost looked like they had stepped out of a time machine or something.

They walked closer and I was about to say something but Rebekah cut me off. "Are you alright Miss?"

Now I was officially confused. Why on earth was Rebekah pretending not to know me? I mean we are far from friends but I didn't think she would just pretend not knowing me, that wasn't really her style. "Um…" I started to say but I was just so consumed with trying to figure out what was going on I never finished my sentence.

"I am Rebekah." She said. "This is my brother, Henrik."

Henrik, he was the sibling that had died before Esther had turned them. 'Oh my god.' I said to myself. So I must be dreaming, that is the only possible reason. Well, that or Esther is somehow messing with me from beyond the grave. "I'm Caroline." I said before they thought something was seriously wrong with me.

"Is everything OK?" Rebekah asked again.

"No." I said honestly. "I really have no idea how I got here or…where I am supposed to be." I said trying to hold back tears. I felt so helpless. I was in a strange place without my supernatural abilities, I was vulnerable and I didn't like it.

"Are you hurt?" Henrik asked.

"No. I don't think so."

"Come along." Rebekah said. "You can come back to our home; I can let you borrow some clothing." She said looking at my attire that was probably looked as inappropriate.

I was a little nervous to go back with them. Rebekah was being perfectly nice and it wasn't the other soon to be originals that scared me. It was Esther and of course Michael since I had heard from Elena he was an ass to Klaus in the past. "Thank you." I said. I figured I wasn't really in a place to say no; no matter how scared I was.

"Our home isn't too much further." Henrik said after about ten minutes of walking.

We reached what looked like a campsite there was a small fire with a big bowl hanging over it. There were animals wandering around and all the houses in the area were made of logs with what looked like animal skins draped over them. I had never dreamed so much detail before so I was pretty convinced this wasn't a dream and that magic was definitely the reason I was here.

I followed Rebekah into their home and she showed me to her small 'room'. The bedrooms reminded me more of an office cubicle then a bedroom. "Here." She said handing me a dark blue dress, almost identical to the grey one she was wearing. "Just come outside when you are finished." She smiled and I returned the gesture before she turned around and left.

I walked outside and saw Rebekah standing near Esther and another man whose back was towards me. "Caroline." Rebekah said when she spotted me. "This is my mother, Esther." She said as she placed her hand on her mother's shoulder. Esther seemed a little less scary now, maybe since she wasn't trying to erase the existence of vampires. "And this is my brother." She said as she lightly pushed the man that had his back to me. "Niklaus." She said as he turned around.

I ignored the almost relaxed, safe feeling I felt when I saw him. After knowing the present day hybrid Klaus I don't know why I would feel that when I saw the human Klaus for the first time. "Hello." I said quietly with a smile.

"Hello." Klaus said with a smile. He kept his eyes on me for a few minutes.

"You are welcome to stay with us Caroline." Esther said as she headed in the house.


I actually jumped at the sound of Klaus' name being screamed. I turned towards the angry voice and Michael was walking quickly to where Rebekah, Klaus and I stood. I quickly stepped to the side, I must have moved to fast because my right ankle buckled underneath me and I started to fall. Klaus caught me right before I hit the ground.

"Thank you." I said with a small sigh.

He gently helped me stand up and smiled at me; never taking his eyes off mine. "Of course." He said softly.

"Niklaus!" Michael said again this time he was only about three feet from us. "I told you to go hunt with your brothers. You need to start listening, boy!" Michael had his sword in his hand and was pointing it to Klaus' chest.

I sucked in a breath and my heartbeat started to increase. "It was my fault." I said quickly not wanting Michael to hurt Klaus.

Michael turned to look at me but the expression on his face did not change, he still looked angry and scary.

"This is Caroline." Klaus said as he stepped in between me and Michael. "Rebekah found her wondering in the woods. She doesn't remember anything so she is going to be staying with us."

"Try and catch up to your brothers and make sure you bring back enough for dinner." Michael said.

"Alright." Klaus answered but he did not move until Michael walked back into their house.

Me and Rebekah were left standing outside. "Would you mind coming with me to fetch some water."

"Sure." I said.

Rebekah handed me two buckets and she grabbed two herself. I followed her back into the woods. "Why did you defend my brother?" She asked in a curious tone.

I thought for a moment but just went with the truth. "Please don't be angry but your father seems a bit…scary." I paused. "I thought he was being too hard on your brother so I tried to help."

"Father is always hard on Niklaus. Besides me, you are the only one that has ever stood up to him for it though." We reached a lake and Rebekah started to fill her buckets. "I'm sure my brother appreciated it." She said as we stood up with the full buckets of water.

I was sitting around the fire with Rebekah, Esther, Michael and Henrik waiting for Klaus and his brothers to come back with dinner. I was pretty hungry and hoped whatever they caught would taste good.

"Niklaus has probably distracted them again." Michael said in an annoyed tone. He was talking to Esther but he was anything but quiet when he spoke so the rest of us heard him perfectly.

"Michael." Esther said quietly trying to calm him down.

Michael got up and headed towards the woods, the same direction Klaus had gone when he left. My eyes followed him but it was dark so after a few minutes I couldn't see him. I looked back at Rebekah with a slightly worried look on my face. I never thought I would be worried for Klaus' safety; but I was.

"They will be fine." She said softly

Michael came back into view a few minutes later holding some kind of animal he walked to the back of the house with it, probably preparing it to be cooked, Esther followed him. Kol and Finn walked up next and sat down across from me and Rebekah. Elijah followed directly behind them. Klaus finally joined the group a few seconds later. He walked up to me and handed me a small bouquet of flowers. They were absolutely beautiful.

"They are beautiful." I said as I looked up at him and smiled.

"Thank you for earlier." He said softly so only me and Rebekah heard him.

I smiled at him and nodded slightly. He walked over and sat next to Elijah.

"Caroline, these are my other brothers. Elijah, Finn, and Kol." She said pointing out the three men. They all smiled politely at me and I smiled back. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Klaus still looking at me.

Everyone started to go off with their own conversations. Michael and Esther returned and started to cook the food. I dropped my head down and smelt my flowers; they smelt wonderful. When I looked up I noticed Klaus quickly turn his head trying to hide the fact he was looking at me.

Dinner was finished. It was actually very good, I had no idea what animal it was that we had eaten but I was starving and it satisfied me. I helped Rebekah clean up, although there really wasn't much of a mess.

"I will give you a night shirt to wear; I guess you will be staying in my room." Rebekah said.

"Thank you, I am sorry to intrude like this."

"No, I have always wanted a sister; instead of my five brothers." She paused. "Speaking of my brothers… I think Niklaus is quite fond of you."

I smiled and followed her inside. We went to her room and she gave me a nightshirt then went to grab some extra blankets while I changed. She returned already in her night shirt. I made a small bed with the blankets across from hers.

I fell asleep fast, it had been a long, confusing day and I was hoping that I would wake up in my own bed and in my own time…but I wasn't counting on it.


Klaus sat in the living room with his drink in his hand. He stared at the witch that sat in the chair on the other side of the room.

"Did it work?" He asked in his usual impatient tone.

"Yes. Rebekah found her and brought her to your home.

"Good." He paused. "And how long are you able to keep her there?"

The witch shrugged. "Several days…their time. Why go to all this trouble? It couldn't have been easy to find me. And from what I know I am the only witch who knows how to send someone through time."

"She needs to see what I was like when I was human. Klaus answered simply.

"You must care for her a great deal."

Klaus said nothing for a few minutes. "You are able to make sure she is safe correct?"

"Of course. She won't have any abilities, she is pretty much human since vampires haven't been created yet in that time but she will be safe."

Klaus relaxed in his chair and took a big sip of his drink.

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