Here I am, back again with this thing. Random-ness just keeps popping into my head!

One good thing about a series with a bazillion characters is that there are just as many ships of every shape and size to set your sights on.

Alliteration, anyone?

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Even if the only memories he has of his eldest brother are fuzzy and warped from time , he still misses the man who had been king with a violence, wishes he were here to explain the strange feelings which overtook him each time the quiet girl was near, what they meant and just how he might make them go away.


It had been an accident the first time, a toss of her head in an attempt to move the shock of hair from her eyes which obscured her view at this new angle, but when her ruined skin brushed against the inside of his thigh and he gave such a low, deep groan of pleasure, the second and third time were most certainly on purpose.


Mother swore it wasn't proper, fostering two boys from the North when they had their daughter to consider, but Father knew, everyone knew, the likelihood of any boy attempting something untoward with the likes of her was laughable...but then, when the youngest one kisses her hand there is something rather wild in his eyes that makes her think they might be wrong.


She tries to assure him that his sister's words don't hurt, that the lady was right in her wanting to secure a proper match for him, but he sees the tears she blinks back and lets out a dangerously feral growl before clutching her roughly to his chest and telling her to shut up.


They are able to beat most of the blood and dirt from her skirts with stones from the ponds, and he knows just which herbs to chew and place over the scrapes on her palms to stop the bleeding, which don't hurt, not really, so she is sure that she will be able to make it up the tree after him without falling next time, surely.


He draws every eye as he strides through court, tall and fierce and focused on a point beyond the fluttering lashes and simpering looks he passes, for those pretty faces sour and pouting mouths drop open in shock when he takes her into his arms without a second thought to impropriety, blue eyes closing blissfully once her scarred cheek and thin lips are pressed against his own.


The moments before they fall asleep are the most precious to her, for it is then and only then that he allows himself to be still and to lay his head against her shoulder, listening while she reads her books aloud with one hand threaded through his unruly hair while both of his are clasped firmly around his heart.

I have no clue where anyone got the idea to stick these two together. Is there some hinting in the books that I have not come across yet? Or it is just a crazy fangirl dream (like my own OTP, Jon/Myrcella)?