DERIAN WAS WALKING THE PERIMETER OF THE MAIN ISLAND of the Nexus Islands. Derian, a tall red head man in his late 20's makes this routine every morning. Usually accompanied by someone, usually Isende, Derian decided to walk this morning alone. Derian spent this time to recollect his thoughts, from first meeting Firekeeper, to the Dragon of despair, up thought the time he was kidnapped and taken to u-Seeheera, fighting through the fever of querinalo, and finally the departure of Firekeeper and Blind Seer. Derian thought most of those last two. About the changes that he had endured while suffering though the fever and now carry's the slight distinction of a horse and how he disfavored looking like a "freak." Then Firekeeper. Yes it had been short of a year since he saw Firekeeper and Blind Seer off. Aside form the children playing, and the commerce through the gates, things on the Nexus islands have been quite calm, almost a little too calm. But even with the two of them gone, Blind Seer and Firekeeper, Derian wasn't entirely alone, Elation had stayed with him on the island, and Doc and Elise have moved to the u-Seeheera giving Derian the chance to visit with them more often, and then of course he still gets letters from his family back in Eagles Nest of Hawk Heaven.

Done with his usual patrol, Derian headed back towards his cottage where he will spend the rest of his day working out disputes between neighbors on the island. This went on into the late noon, when a dispute was finally settled and Derian could take a nap, but just before doing so Elation came squawking to his window seal.

"Well, what is it?" Derian asked when he turned towards the falcon. Elation only squawked in return to only remind Derian that he wasn't able to understand the bird, or any of the yarimaimalom with the exception of horses. Then just as Derian began to figure out what Elation's message was, Harjeedian came running in.

"Well, what is it?" this time Derian asked Harjeedian.

"Blind Seer," he paused for a moment to catch his breath, "Came through one of the gates, just now.

"What about Firekeeper?" Derian asked sounding somewhat frantic.

"That's just it, we only saw the wolf, didn't see her with Blind Seer. And by the looks of it, I'd say he was in a bit of a hurry, panting like he was"

"Well bring him here!" Derian demanded, worrying about his condition like the night Blind Seer ran back to the group after leaving Firekeeper alone to get their assistance. That night Blind Seer had ran for hours on end to meet the group with bleeding paws and exhausted to the point that Derian had to force Blind Seer to rest.

"No need, after he greeted Plik, Blind Seer began to make his way up here, and I think Plik is coming up as well. It would be of the most convenience to have a translator."

"What is it that bothers you, Blind Seer?" Derian asked.

Plik Translated, "As you are probably already aware of, Firekeeper is indeed not with me. She is caught up in other matters."

"If I may," Blind Seer asked Plik, "I do wish to speak with Derian in private."

"But how?" Plik asked, "Derain won't be able to understand a thing you say, at least, not beyond a yes or no question."

"True," Blind Seer responded, "but since I am capable of comprehending the written word, I bet I can figure something out."

"so, what you wanted to talk to me about, it is about Firekeeper?" Derian asked

The wolf nodded.

It took a moment, but Blind Seer's gesturing for a sheet a paper finally gave Derian the notion that the wolf was going to attempt to write what he wanted to say.

"You, want a sheet of paper."

Blind Seer nodded

"Well, we would have to walk to the library to get some."

For a small room, the library held all the records of the islands dating back to the construction of the gates, mixed with spell books, recipe books, and many others. As Derian grabbed for the blank paper, the paper pulled a book with it, and that book landed square on Derian's head.

"Ow!" Derian screamed, "that will leave a nasty mark." Derain glanced over at Blind Seer only to see him panting his Wolfish laughter.

"Stop that." Derian demanded while rubbing his head. Derian bent down to pick the book up, but was halted by Blind Seer who then motioned towards the title.

"'Communications Spells,'" Derian read, "what about it?"

Blind seer had then went for the paper that Derian had dropped when the book hit his head, then found himself a pen that he could comfortably fit between the toes of his paw, and ever so sloppy the wolf began to write.

"Mabe. We. Can. See. If. Bok. Has. One. We. Can. Use."

Derian was astonished at the wolf's abilities, even knowing Blind Seer for years, he never seizes to amaze Derian. No longer phased by his astonishment, Derian picked up the book and began to flip through the pages till he stopped.

"This might be the one we are looking for, 'for communication between beasts and man kind.' Hmm, what do you think, Blind Seer?" Derian asked only to stop and realize that he had asked a question that could not be answered with a 'yes' or a 'no.' Forgetting that last question, Derian lowered the book to the wolf's level for him to read, and waited for Blind Seer's nod of approval.

In a remote location, chosen primarily for the sake of privacy, Blind Seer began with the first step of he spell. Derian allowed Blind Seer to use his own blood as the wolf used it to draw patterns on the floor, primarily two large circles that overlapped each other. Blind Seer carefully performed step after step as the book specifically instructs to do. Both blind Seer and Derian had put a swab of blood in the overlapped portion of the circles. Then finally, to finish the spell, they swapped blood as Derian rubbed his pricked finger on Blind Seer's freshly bleeding ear.

Generally there are multiple types of blood magic, but blood magic is the most common because it is the easiest to learn. Even though there are many kinds of magic, most use some sort of blood some where in the spell. The use of magic, blood magic in especially make's Blind Seer uncomfortable since he was raised in a pack where magic was resented and represented destruction.

After a few moments of silence, Blind Seer looked up at Derian and finally asked, "well, did it work?" and waited for a response from Derian.

"I guess not."

"Are you kidding me," Derian said finally after staring at Blind Seer a seemingly forever amount of time, "of course it did!"

"This is wonderful! If only we had done this sooner! This would have made things so much eas—"

"Calm yourself Derian." Blind Seer growled, "I was hesitant to even say yes to performing the spell, I was worried about how you might react to being able to understand yarimaimalom. But the main reason I decided to agree was so I would be able to talk to you this fluently, and why I'm here and Firekeeper isn't. First, before I continue, this information is strictly between you and me, I discussed it with my home pack, and they feel the only other I would be aloud to share information with is you. Other than Firekeeper, I trust you the most, especially to keep this between us, and I will need you to come with me back to my home pack.

"Back in the new world, questions and rumors have arose concerning whether Firekeeper is truly one among the beasts and many are worried. So she set out on her own to prove her self. What I've come to believe is that a few individuals started these rumors as a way to cover up the fact that they have yet found the location of another artifact and want her to retrieve it." Blind Seer finished when he finally broke eye contact.



"I'm just really worried, you know, about Firekeeper. I'm not there incase she gets her self into trouble." Blind Seer said seeking comfort from Derian.

"Ok, I'll come with you Blind Seer, I just need to notify Ynamynet. I'll just tell her that I have a 'sick family member' and that I will be gone for an unknown number of moon spans. For now, I think the best thing for you is to get some rest. We will leave first thing tomorrow moring.