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Warnings for chapter: Masturbation and sexual fantasy! Some Konoha bashing and plotting Kyuubi too.

Timeline: Takes place a month and a half before Itachi vs. Sasuke battle. Itachi also doesn't have an illness.

Summary: Every spring since his 13th birthday, Naruto goes into heat. He endures it by himself, but one season Kyuubi reaches his limit. Enter one tied up Uchiha traitor and things get a little messy. Big time.

In the Heat of the Moment


Chapter Four


The Great Demon Fox, Kyuubi no Kitsune, who could cause earthquakes and tsunamis with a wave of one of his nine tails, was irritated. Why was he irritated you ask? Well the answer is quite simple.

It has been a week since he and his container, Naruto, returned from their seven day escape with Itachi Uchiha and the brat wasn't showing any symptoms of pregnancy, at all.

He knew that with humans it usually took a couple a weeks before the most annoying symptom, morning sickness, started. Because the bratty, blue chakra orb was being influenced by the fox's own demonic chakra, Kyuubi assumed the pregnancy would reflect that of a demon. So far, that assumption had been proven incorrect.

Naruto hadn't thrown up once. He wasn't suddenly tired and he wasn't floored with pain when a sudden cramp hit because there were no cramps in the first place.

Nope, the brat was just going about his buisness like nothing was different, the fact that the kid didn't know anything was different was besides the point. How the hell was Kyuubi going to break the news to Naruto if he didn't show any symptoms? He certainly couldn't go up to kid and say, "Hey brat! I totally forgot to do the contraception jutsu so your up the duff with Itachi's kid. Isn't that funny?"

That would surely go well. In fact, it would go so well, Kyuubi might just find his cage suddenly smaller than his large body could fit and wouldn't that be the most exciting thing ever.

'I'm starting to get pissed at my own sarcasm,' the demon thought to himself.

What he needed to do was calm down and look at this situation rationally. Naruto may just be taking a little longer to show his symptoms. The brat was currently off in dream land dreaming about clouds shaped like weasels or something as it was nighttime. Surely, he would show something in the morning. Kyuubi just needed to keep an eye out for anything suspicious or different in his containers behavior. When the kid did start showing symptoms, and he would, Kyuubi would be there to explain everything calmly and smoothly. Then they could work together to plan what to do.

He just had to be a little more patient. That's all.


Naruto woke up that morning feeling strange. Not sick, just weird. It was like he was missing something and yet that something was right in front of him at the same time. Yawning and stretching, he looked at his frog alarm clock and noted that it was pass ten o'clock.

He didn't have team training because both Kakashi-sensei and Sakura were pissed at him. Not that he particulary cared. When they were ready to return to being ninja and stop being children then he would gladly train with them, but he wasn't going to be sit and be lectured by a lazy pervert and a cotton candy banshee.

He occasionally saw Sai. The emotionally inept teen had stopped by a few times and they spared together. Sai seemed to understand that Naruto did not want to talk about what happened while he was gone and for that Naruto was grateful. He'd have to find a way to subtly thank his teammate.

Other than that one team meeting the day after he returned and the occasional training with Sai, Naruto hadn't seen much of anyone else. He passed Neji on the way to Ichiraku's once, but they weren't really close so they had just sort of waved at each other before going on their way. He'd heard Lee and Gai-sensei more than he saw them and he could ocasionally get a glimpse of the others, but he hadn't spoken to anyone.

It might be because he rarely left his apartment.

Yeah, that might be it.

Naruto, however, couldn't muster the energy to deal with the villagers and it's not like he didn't have things to do in his apartment. His plants were looking greener than they had in a while and he had plenty of scrolls from the Perverted-sage to read.

But, right now, the blond didn't even want to get up and do anything. He flopped back down into bed and burrowed back under his covers with every intention of going to sleep.

'It's too bad Itachi isn't here,' he thought with a pout. His eyes closed as he prepared to go back to resting. 'Then we could make lots of love right here.'

Blue eyes shot straight open and Naruto sat up rigidly in bed. 'What the hell was that thought?'

Why was he suddenly thinking of having sex with Itachi Uchiha. He hadn't thought of that since the went their seperate ways. His thoughts on that man had all been mostly innocent. He thought more about Itachi's calming presence than the sex that presence usually brought with it.

But he wouldn't necessarily mind if Itachi appeared right now and started kissing him on the lips passionately with lots of tongue and a little lip biting. In fact, it would be best if that did happen because that would lead to other things and Naruto really wanted to do other things.

'Whoa hold on for a minute! This seriously needs to stop before it gets out of hand!'

Seriously, though. He should definetely stop thinking about Itachi Uchiha without a shirt, smirking devilishly as he kissed along Kyuubi's seal, humming while he did and he definetly shouldn't think of Itachi Uchiha without a shirt and wet.

Naruto pulled a pillow to his chest as he burried his face in it. If this train of thought didn't stop soon, he would be faced with a serious problem and be forced to take care of it right there, in front of his very open window and his ANBU watchers. He lifted his head out the pillow, a furious blush on his cheeks.

Itachi wouldn't care about the watchers at all, but Naruto wouldn't do anything in front of them without Itachi there.

Naruto calmly put the pillow down and untangled himself from the blankets. Reaching over, he pulled the string to release the blinds, listening as they rattled down and met the window sill with a soft clap. The mid morning sun was no longer blaring into the room and the small space became shaded.

Reaching over, Naruto crudely straightened his sheets and lay back on them with his eyes closed. Imagining.

Itachi was present over him. Long, dark tresses cascading around his face like a curtain blocking out the world. He was with out a shirt and Naruto could see every detail of the peferctly sculpted pale chest with blaring clarity. The blond wanted to run his fingers all over it, but he was stopped by a gentle command.

"Today, is all about you. Let me pleasure you," his older partner whispered in his ear.

Naruto moaned, rubbing his hands up and down his body, teasingly across his inner thighs and playing with the hem to his oversized white t-shirt.

Itachi leaned down to lick his whisker marks and Naruto couldn't repress the shiver that travelled through his body. His marks were so sensitive and here Itachi was taking full advantage of that fact. A soft gasp escaped his mouth and then suddenly Itachi's tongue was intertwined with his own, a pale hand still caressing his scarred tongues swirled around each other in Naruto's mouth causing a moan to rumble in the back of his throat. Itachi spent extra care to taste every inch of his smaller lover's mouth.

The pale hands were exploring the lithe body beneath him. Running over tan thighs and scrapping against soft cotton cloth. Naruto's body was being set on fire by the Uchiha's teasing touches. Saliva dribbled down his chin from their conjoined mouths and Naruto arched into the elder's touch.

He shimmied out of his boxers, no longer being able to endure the constricting nature of the underwear. He gasped when the cool air of his bedroom met the heated flesh of his cock. He didn't dare touch it, not yet.

Dream Itachi was sucking on his neck as pale hands worked to remove the frog boxers from his person. The hands caressed from his knees up to his hips, squeezing and rubbing before slipping under the hem of the t-shirt to hardened nipples that he rubbed and flicked.

They broke their intense kiss for a moment before their mouths returned to each other. Naruto's arms lifted to wrap around the Uchiha's neck and pulled their bodies closer. Their respecitive heats mingled and mixed causing deep groans to escape from both their mouths and into the others'.

"mmmn..." he moaned as his fingers worked on tweaking his nipples through his shirt. The cotton felt soft against his sensitive skin and Naruto shuttered at the sensation.

"Where do you want me to touch?" Itachi asked, his voice deep and sensual. "Do you want my hands to stay here of do you want them somewhere else?"

Naruto's breaths were harsh and rapid. He was so impossibly turned on and his lover's voice was only adding to that.

"Come on Naruto-kun. Tell me what you want."

"Oh God! Your hands! Put your hands on my cock..." he cried out. His left hand immediately shooting down to his weeping erection where he gently massaged the base before trailing his finger to the tip. He collected the small bead of pre-cum on the tip of his finger and brought it to his mouth. It was salty and bitter, but he moaned in complete bliss anyway as he sucked on the finger and as his other hand went to stroke his cock.

The skin of Itachi's hand was rough against the smooth skin of his sensitive cock and Naruto mewled in pleasure as the hand slowly moved up and down his erection. The raven delivered a soft kiss to a scarred cheek before moving to suck at the blond's neck. His other hand lifted the hem of the white t-shirt, unveiling flushed, tan skin. The long pale fingers left a trail of goosebumps in their wake as they lifted the shirt just above dusty, brown nipples.

"mm...Itachi," Naruto breathed. Itachi was making him feel so good and he wanted more, but wasn't sure he could form a sentence coherent enough to properly convey his need.

Naruto's breath was coming out in harsh pants as he increased the speed of his hand slightly. He still sucked on his finger, the erotic slurping sounds only intensifying his arousal.

The lithe, tan body arched as Itachi bit down on his neck, a throaty moan exiting his mouth. He could feel the smirk against his skin and under normal circumstances it would irritate him, but this situation was far from normal.

A warm tongue lapped at the mark there and Naruto could not stifle the moan that left his mouth if he wanted to. Itachi was setting his body on fire and yet it wasn't enough. The hand on his cock was moving far too slowly.

"nnn...mo-more," he demanded. "Oh gods...more."

Itachi hummed against his neck before pulling his head away. Those smoldering red eyes bore into Naruto's own, amusement and smugness dancing in their depths. God, the things he felt for this man.

"You want more?" God, the things that voice did to him. Naruto nodded, giving a desperate moan as well. "Then more you shall have."

Itachi lowered his head then, just above Naruto's aching, red erection. His breath ghosted over the sensitive head like a heated, silk blanket and the blond trembled at the sensation. Itachi delivered a soft kiss to the leaking tip and trailed light kisses down towards the base, where he sucked on the skin.

Naruto's hand was working furiously on his cock. Pre-cum leaked from the tip and streamed down his shaft providing a makeshift lubrication.

Itachi licked the pre-cum that had accumulated at the tip before running his tongue against the slit. Naruto writhed against the bed, his body arching at the naughty minstrations of his lover's wicked tongue.

The raven haired man kissed the swollen head before opening his mouth and closing it around the tip, making sure to suck gently. Naruto's body curved upwards in attempt to get more of his cock in that mouth, but Itachi was having none of that and forced tan hips to still with his own hands. Tantalizingly slow, Itachi worked the erection fully into his mouth, giving a few soft hums as he engulfed Naruto's manhood.

"Ah! Hm...Ita-"

Naruto was in a perfectly debauched state. His blue eyes hazy and his skin flushed to create a lovely shade of pink. Drool slipped out of his mouth, the finger he had once actively slurped on now sat purposlessly at the corner of his mouth.

Up, down. Up, down. Itachi's head worked around the blond's cock delivering soft hums inbetween moments of harsh, vacumn-like suction. Naruto's mind was a blur of sensations and incoherent thoughts as he tried desperately to hold in his oncoming orgasm, but it proved useless.

"Oh god! Itachi! I'm..."

"I'm almost there! Oh god I'm going to cum!" he cried out. He could feel his balls tightening and the coil deep in his stomach was constricting to the point of breaking. His hand moved at impossible speeds along his cock trying to reach that moment of pure bliss. "I'm coming! Oh fucking god I'm coming!"

Tanned feet dug into the mattress and his back arched highly off the bed as thick streams of white semen spurted out of cock. His hand slowed, but didn't stop completely as he rode the waves of his orgasm, breathing staggered and harsh. The sticky fluid had projected up towards his chest and onto his t-shirt that was now surely stained.

Naruto sat up, face flushed and crystal blue eyes still glazed over in lust. He took several deep breaths in attempt to calm his quickly beating heart, but it wasn't working. He couldn't clear out the fog that clouded his mind, his thoughts still on Itachi and all the sinful things that man could do.

He fisted his hair in frustration. He just masturbated! That should having taken the edge of at least, but as he looked down at his privates, surely enough, his cock was twitching in attempt to come back alive.

He needed a shower. A nice, ice cold shower and then he needed something to concentrate on like a scroll. 'Yeah, that sounds like a wonderful plan,' he thought.

He stood – taking a moment to stabalize himself on his shaky legs – and headed out of his bedroom, through his living room/kitchen and into the adjacent bathroom.

Of course, the freezing shower didn't work and he ended up jacking off halfway through, much to his frustration and annoyance.

Just what the hell was up with him?


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