This is my very first fanfic so sorry if it REALLY sucks. If you want to give me some advice feel free to do so ^^ I'd really appreciate it. Also this is mostly gonna be fluffy. I might get into more mature rated stuff later on, but for now it's gonna be pretty fluffy like a baby rabbit :D Also might be a bit OOC (or a lot)...Really sorry if that bothers a lot of people. But it's probably gonna be because of my weird fantasies which involve a lot of OOCness...of any character really...

I was already sure of what to expect. My mom said I had no reason to be nervous, but I wasn't nervous. I was angry because I knew that my first day of 2nd grade would resemble the years before. I'd have no one to hang out with because everyone was afraid of me. Well, except for Shinra, but he gets on my nerves a lot. So, to get out of going to school I figured that I could fake that I was sick and miss a few days.

"Hmm, you don't have a fever…" My mother says as she feels my forehead and takes the thermometer out of my mouth. She looks at the thermometer and gives me a look. "Get out of bed and get dressed." She says in her usual authoritative voice. I sigh and get out of bed and fiercely try to take off my shirt, but since I'm so pissed the shirt clumsily gets stuck and I fumble around trying to get it off of me. I toss and turn and even crash into a few things before finally removing the dirty shirt and tossing it on the ground.

"Everything's gonna be this horrible today." I say as I continue removing my clothes and put on new ones. At breakfast Kasuka and I sit at the table, him calmly eating his cereal and me cursing anything and everything I could while eating my own bowl of cereal.

"What the hell is the point in going to school if everyone is just gonna ignore and pick on me? Can't I just be home schooled?" I ask my mother but she firmly stands by her belief that today will be different. Besides she also believes that being home schooled makes you a hermit as you become older and that if I were to be home schooled I'd never go to college, get a job, find someone to marry, blah, blah, blah. All of which I have no idea if they're true.

"You have Shinra to hang out with, don't you?" My mother asks as she cleans the table after Kasuka and I are finished eating.

"Yeah, but he's really annoying…" I say with a low grumble. "Besides, he told me that his friend he had from this other elementary school he went to before, coming to our elementary school."

"So? Isn't that great? You'll have another friend!" My mother says excitedly.

"No, this probably means that he'll desert me and just hang out with the new kid." I say sadly as I put my backpack on my back.

"Nonsense, you should always think positive son." My mother says as she cleans my face. "Now if anyone gives you any trouble just tell the teacher okay?"

"Alright…" I mutter tiredly. There's no point in trying to convince her of anything. She wants everything done her way.

As I walk with Kasuka to school (which isn't too far from home) I check inside my lunchbox and look for my usual carton of milk, which is usually next to an ice pack to keep it cold. I smile slightly as I find that my lunch is as it should be—perfect. It's more often than not the highlight of my day. Kasuka looks over to me dully tugs at my sleeve to get my attention.

"You're gonna be okay, big bro?" He asks as he and I finally arrive to school. I sigh and nod to him with the same dullness as he usually gives me. "Just try to stay calm okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah I know that…" I know and yet I cause a lot of damage to school property and sometimes ending up hurting some of my classmates. Shinra is just damn lucky that he hasn't been one of them…yet. It's all because I lose control over petty things like my classmates teasing me. I just sort of snap.

We part ways and I head over to my new classroom. I clench my fists as I start to remember last year's catastrophic events and then try to calm down before opening the door. I open it slowly and then look around to see a couple students leaning up against desks and talking amongst themselves in small groups. I head over to where Shinra is sitting and tap him on the shoulder. He turns his head and pats my shoulder happily.

"Great timing, Shizuo!" Shinra says cheerfully as he looks at me with a smile that leads me to believe that he's got something planned. "Remember that friend I was talking to you about?" Here it comes…after this I'm gonna be completely alone. I'm gonna be left out like some old forgotten toy. This is getting me even madder than before I even got here. I clench my hands, holding onto the straps of my backpack more tightly. Shinra presents to me the kid he was talking to before I had gotten his attention. I'm surprised to see a small, black haired boy standing with a mischievous smile. This is the kid who's gonna take my only (annoying) friend? He's wimpy looking and has this sort of annoying air to him, but a different kind of annoying air than Shinra's.

Shinra brings me out of my thoughts when he elbows me slightly, indicating that I should say hello and introduce myself.

I sigh before mustering out a small "hello" and then hold out my hand. "My name's Shizuo Heiwajima." This boy just looks at me with the same ominous smile before quickly taking my hand and shaking it.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Izaya Orihara." The boy says as he continues to smile at me. "Is it alright if I call you Shizu-chan?"

"Wha-?" I say as I try to wrap my head around his sudden desire to become so close as to give me a nickname which I completely hate.

"I'll take that as a yes!" Izaya says giddily as he suddenly clings to my side. "I just know we're going to be really good friends, Shizu-chan."

Was my mother actually right about getting a new friend?

A/N: Shizuo's all mad. His mother is always gonna be right! Maybe...Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Sorry if you didn't. I really don't know what I'm completely doing yet. I will sooner or later...before the end of the world hopefully (NO I don't believe in 2012 just saying whenever the end of the world is gonna be XD)