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The next morning we all walked to school together but Izaya walked by Kasuka instead of by me. Kasuka had noticed the bruise on Izaya's cheek earlier this morning and asked him about it and surprisingly he said some lame excuse instead of blaming me. Shinra gave him an icepack to make him feel better, but there's nothing to give me to make feel better…To think we just made up yesterday and now we're not speaking to each other again. What's wrong with me? Why am I so bothered by this? Didn't I want Izaya to stay away from me? Didn't I always want to punch him so he could get the idea to leave me alone?

All those thoughts kind of went away when I actually went through with it. Now…now I just want him to talk to me.

When we finally got to school Izaya still didn't speak to me. In fact he stayed far away from me just like yesterday, but this time this wasn't a little plan of his. I could see by the expression on his face that he hadn't thought that I'd actually punch him. This was real. He was hurt.

Throughout the day Izaya avoided me. He hung around Shinra or Kasuka whenever he could, but he'd sometimes go off by himself, which wasn't the best idea. Izaya being the mischievous little snake that he was didn't just get me in trouble, but he also got other kids in trouble, mostly the older kids such as the fifth and sixth graders. I hadn't known this at the time since Izaya always seemed to be hanging around me and he didn't seem to have an interest in getting other kids in trouble, but Shinra told me before lunch that Izaya's secret weapon wasn't his actions, it was his words. For words travelled around and didn't need the person to actually be around to cause trouble.

This is what made Izaya the target for bullying. But those kids never tried anything before until now…

"Hi Izaya-kun." One of the older kids says as he pushes Izaya. "What happened? You're little boyfriend isn't around to save you?" Is…is that why he was around me? I was his bodyguard? Now that I think about it, even the fifth and sixth graders kept their distance from me. Now it all makes sense.

"Leave me alone…" Izaya pleads as he tries to get away. He's pushed again but this time Izaya falls to the floor. The gang of kids laugh and start to kick Izaya.

"This is what you deserve for getting us in trouble!"

"Yeah, we even got grounded for a month!" One of the kids says angrily. I clench my fists and then jump on one of the kids. "What the heck!" I push the kid down and then when one of the other one's tries to grab me I slide my foot under him and make him trip. The other one pokes his friends and tries to wake them up. I suddenly find my grip on the slide, my strength pulling the playground toy from the ground and making it hover over my head.

"Get away from Izaya!" I say as I toss the slide, though not straight at them. They run off, crying their eyes out before finally getting inside the school. I try to calm myself and steady my heartbeat as I walk over to Izaya. I look at him and then hold out my hand for him to grab it.

"Shizu…chan…" Izaya says as he starts to cry.

"W-what…why are you crying…?" I say as I feel surprised. "I just saved you!"

"I know, that's why I'm crying…" Izaya says as he smiles and wipes his eyes. Izaya gets up without my help and hugs me tightly. Without thinking I wrap my arms around him and pat his head. He continues crying all the while though.

"Come on…flea…everyone's looking at us…" I say as I try to bury my face on his shoulder. "Flea…?" I pull away from the hug and look at him. He smiles up at me and nods.


"Heh, that's the first time you've ever said sorry to me and I'm not sure why you're saying it in the first place." I say with a laugh.

"Shizu-chan is my hero…" Izaya says as he buries his face in my jacket. "Ne, can…can…you take me to the nurse…?"

"Yeah, sure…stupid flea…" I say as I walk with him in the direction of the nurse's office. As we walk to the nurse's office, without thinking I take Izaya's hand, but look away because I know he's wearing that stupid smirk…that I'm already used to seeing…

Is this what all the bigger kids call…love…? I smile as I feel Izaya's grip tighten on my hand. I felt warm inside as we walked together in silence. Sure he's been clinging onto me for a couple of months now and I had always complained about it, but right now I feel happy that he's beside me. Maybe that's where he belongs? Stupid flea…only he would make me feel this way…

By the end of the year Izaya and I were on fairly good terms. His wounds healed up from that nasty experience and those punks never messed with him again because he and I were always by each other's sides. Sure there was teasing, but we were already used to it. I beat the crap out of the jerks while Izaya just played along with their little games and always won.

Even when we got into middle school there were still rumors hanging around, but even then we'd brush it off as if it were nothing but dust.

"Izaya-kun and Shizuo-kun sure are friendly with each other." One of the girl's in our class said one day in class. I sat by the window like always while Izaya sat behind me. Izaya just smiled and put his arms around my neck.

"That's because me and Shizu-chan and I are lovers~" Izaya answers happily. My eye twitches and I throw Izaya's off of me and glare at him as I turn around.

"We are not, flea!"

"Aw, Shizu-chan is making me sad again~" Izaya says as he smirks. "Don't deny the truth, protozoan."

"I'm not denying the truth; anything that comes out of your mouth is a damn lie!" I say angrily. Izaya just laughs a little and smiles at me. He then grabs a hold of my sleeve and looks at me with sincere eyes. I suddenly find myself imagining the younger Izaya. His hand always grasped my sleeve or hand, whichever it was it never failed to capture me so I couldn't leave without him.

"You know old habits die hard right?" Izaya asks me with a smile. He knows that I understand what he's talking about.

"Yeah…I know…" I know…I just hope that he also remembers that he still owes me that week off because I had won that staring contest all those years ago.

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