What if Bella & Edward stumbled across a way to have more kids? And what if after their fifth child they get kidnapped by the Volturi? 100 years later they escape captivity. What will they come home to? What will the future hold?

Although I may own this story Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight and all of it's characters.

Chapter 1


Knock Knock Knock!

"Ugghhh," I groaned pushing myself away from my wife. I got up to put some pants on while Bella pulled her dark blue gown over her head. I groaned again and squeezed my eyes tightly together to get rid of the image of her wearing that barely there piece of fabric.

Shaking my head I walked towards my bedroom door to open it. I was immediately assaulted with the scent of freesias, strawberries, lilacs and honey.

"DADDY," screamed my three year old daughter who look around the age of seven. Even though she had my hair color and some of my facial features, she still looked so much like her mother.


"Good morning Princess," I said as she jump up to hug me, rapping her arms around my neck. I hugged her back, careful not to squeeze her to tightly.

"Well hello to you too," came the sweet honey like voice of my wife. Nessie pulled away from me to look at her mother. Jumping out of my arms she ran over towards the bed, and onto Bella.

"Oh, Mom I was just giving Dad his Father's Day hug."

"Is that so," I asked.

"Yes," came my reply.

"Well, I have something to give you too then."

"Ooh, what?" she asked batting eyelashes and smiling a bit to sweetly.

"This," I replied before attacking her sides, tickling her. She kicked and screamed with all her might, all the while laughing, trying to break free of my hands.

She was squirming so hard that she accidentally bit me. And it hurt, almost as much as it does when a vampire bits you. I ignored it and continued to tickle her.

"Ouch," Bella yelled a few minutes later.

"What's wrong, love?" I asked concerned.

"Nothing, Renesmee just accidentally bit me."She said while looking at her arm where she was bitten.

Huh, so it wasn't just me. I thought.

"Oh I'm so sorry. Are you alright Mom." Crap, I didn't mean to. I hope she's okay.

"Yes, sweetie I'm fine." Edward I think we should go see Carlisle, my arm is tingling where she bit me.

Now that I think about it my arm is tingling too. I looked a Bella and she gasped.

"What's wrong?" I asked alarmed.

"Your eyes," Nessie answered, her voice sounding as startled as her mother looked.

"They're green."