What if Bella & Edward stumbled across a way to have more kids? And what if after their fifth child they get kidnapped by the Volturi? 100 years later they escape captivity. What will they come home to? What will the future hold?

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of it's characters, Stephanie Meyers does.

Chapter 3

For Future References.


OK I know that I haven't updated in months but I have to write this because if I don't I will forget. This isn't really a chapter, but it will explain a lot of things that will go on in later chapters, and I think this chapter will answer a lot of future questions 'cause without it some may be confused.

Like the summary said Edward and Bella will have more kids, four more to be exact. This Chapter is going to tell you there names and gifts.

(A/N: One more thing. I promised my cousin that he could name them what ever he wanted... so don't laugh. I'll make sure that they won't have to be called that all throughout the story. In all seriousness I only have a problem with one of the name... You'll see why.)

1st Child: You already know Renesmee and her gift. (It's same as in the book.)

Full Name- Renesmee Carlie Cullen

Nick Name- Nessie/Ness

One of her gifts is to show others her memories or what she's thinking. Her other gift is he immunity of shields.

2nd Child:

Full Name- Elizabeth Ilene Cullen

Nick Name- Lizzie/Liz

Her gift is like a mix of Nessie's, Aro's, and Edward's. Lizzie has the power transfer memories. Like Aro she can hear any thought or memory a person has ever had, human or vampire. Like Nessie she can show any one she wants a memory or thought, whether it be her's or someone passing by. Like Edward she doesn't need touch to be able to use her gifts. She's also immune to shields.

3rd Child: One of a triplet.

Full Name- Edward Anthony Masen Cullen Jr.

Nick Names- EJ/Junior

EJ's gift is exactly like his fathers. I know the book said that no two vampires have the same power, but in my story they do. He and Edward Sr. will take the meaning ' Like Father, Like Son.' to a whole new level. He also is immune to shields.

4th Child: One of a triplet. (Whose name I don't like.)

Full Name- Alisper Jacob Cullen

Nick Name- AJ/Al

AJ's gift is somewhat like Edward's the only difference is that he can choose if he wants to read someone's mind or not. The only time he doesn't have a choice is when some calls his name in their thoughts. His mind automatically opens up, but if he decides he doesn't want or need to listen he can close his mind back up. He is also immune to shields.

5th Child: One of a triplet.

Full Name- Emalie Marie Cullen

Nick Name- Li Li/Emma

Emalie has the gift to erase memories. If you were to ask her to erase a bad memory you would remember that you had erased, you just won't remember what memory that is. If she was to do it without you knowing then you wouldn't know that you lost a memory. If she wants, she can also give you back a memory she had erased. She can also give you any memory she wants. All she have to do is think of a memory and put it in your head. Like everyone else she's also immune to shields.

OK one last thing Bella has more than one power in my story and it's so dangerous powerful she didn't tell anyone she has it. She's afraid that if the Volturi was to come back that Aro would be able to hear it in someone's thoughts and use her family's safety against her.

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