Aqua girl 007: This is the first time I've ever done a collaboration story with another person, or even wrote in third person, so this is pretty new to me. Still, I hope this is a good story despite that.

Youngbountygirl: Hey guys! I'm coewriting with Aqua Girl for this particular fan fiction. You see, it all started when we were watching this video kinda reviewing one of the worst Puppyshipping fan fictions in history. We were talking about how stupid it was and I was pointing out how it was a vampire story and every vampire story I notice on this site pretty much takes the idea of Twilight and ruins it like the third movie that came out. You see, I LOVE Twilight and I hate it when I read vampire love stories that ruin it! Not like Vampire Sucks, that one was a comedy. I'm talking about people that try to make a vampire love story and just turn it into... the stuff that comes out of your large intestines while it's still in its liquid form. We decided to do a Twilight based Yu-Gi-Oh that's not a love story. I repeat NOT A LOVE STORY! This also is an attempt to take the idea of vampires from Twilight, not including the stupid idea of sparkly vampires (sees the I LOVE SPARKLY VAMPIRES T-Shirt in her closet)... SHUT UP! MY MOM GAVE IT TO ME! Okay, so we're taking the idea and bringing out a new idea that's not cliche and doesn't spew out of your behind. Without farther ado! Enjoy this story!

With the windows rolled down, two brothers were driving down the highway in a truck to Domino City. Though, they were twins, there was something peculiarly different about them. One had big round violet eyes and wore a gray hoody and baggy jeans. Another one wore a tan, button collared shirt with some tighter jeans and brown boots. He also had skin that was slightly paler than the other boy, along with a more serious expression. Their names were Yami and Yugi Moto.

Yami was always the more smarter and braver twin, while Yugi was the more fun-loving and optimistic one, or at least used to be. Now, Yugi just seemed lost in his own world. There were many things playing in the boy's mind and Yami could sense this by noticing how Yugi stared at the window at the moving trees.

Yami remembered convincing Yugi to move to another town or city. Yugi was afraid of moving, because he knew no one who lived there. Everything was unfamiliar to him. Yugi didn't want to put his brother into anymore danger or be a burden on him. As if he was enough burden to Yami as it was!

"Yugi is there something wrong?" Yami asked his brother in concern with those worried ruby-red eyes.

Yugi let out a sigh before his gaze shifted towards his brother. "It's just I'm not sure about this whole thing. I mean, we don't know anyone there. What if—" Yugi started, but his brother cut him off when he took one hand off the steering wheel and placed it gently on his own.

"Yugi, everything is going to be fine. I promise." Yami turned to his brother with a grin, but showing his twin razor tangs in his mouth. "Besides, I've been looking forward to having a new hunting ground for awhile now anyways."

Yugi couldn't help to smile at this. Maybe his brother is right. Maybe this isn't going to be as bad as he thought. His brother did need a place to hunt, since he was a new vampire being hidden from most of society, especially the other vampires. He decided he was probably just overreacting.

"You know, I think we'll love Domino City. They have a huge forest nearby filled with game! I can also catch a few squirrels as a snack," Yami smirked, trying to cheer his brother up. Yugi was pretty used to his brother talking about drinking blood.

"I suppose," Yugi shrugged, still staring out the window. He then turned to Yami. "You think we'll meet any new friends?"

"I hope so. I'd hate for you to be all alone in this city with nobody to hang out with, besides a bloodthirsty vampire."

"Speaking of which. I think your eyes seem a bit more... darker?"

Yami stared at Yugi with widened eyes, then checked in the rear view mirror. He remembered the first time he changed, his eyes were bloody red. Now, they seemed to have darkened. His eyebrows narrowed slightly before focusing back on his driving.

"Huh, I guess they have," Yami said.

"I wonder if that's just a vampire thing," Yugi wondered.

"I don't know, but at least it makes me seem more human. I'd prefer to walk in public with normal looking eyes and not ones that make me look albino.

Yugi snorted and rolled his eyes. Yami was thankful that his brother was cheering up a little despite all the drama happening. Yami knew if he was to enrole himself and Yugi to a new school, he'd have to lie that he was albino or something. The only issue was that albinos usually have whitish or blond hair while Yami's hair stayed in its dark color. Still, he was going to be the freak of the world. He decided he could always lie about dying his hair.

Yami was a new vampire who was bitten only several months ago after attacked by other vampires. Yugi, on the other hand, was human and the only family member Yami had in his life. The rest were dead. He kept Yugi safe as long as he could from any harm that could happen to him. Many of the vampires obsessed with blood, but Yami found Yugi's life and heartbeat more precious than blood to keep him alive. Because of this, just the thought of tasting Yugi's blood made his tongue bitter.

Yugi turned his gaze back to the window. The sky was pitch black with only the moon to light the way. He could see the sky line of a city in the distance. He knew this was their new home. It seemed like an interesting place to live... at least from the outside anyways.

After an hour, they finally drove through the city. Business and corporation buildings towered above streets. Vivid green trees grew beside the sidewalk, welcoming everyone to Japan. People were going about their business; walking into the airport to go to another destination, going to work, enjoying the parks, or simply hanging about. This was their new home.

Once they reached their destination which was a small apartment building, Yami parked the truck in front of the building. Tiredly, Yami turned off the vehicle before he opened the door and jumped out of the truck. It was nice to get out of the car for awhile and stretch his legs, especially since he was stuck in their almost eight hours.

The breeze caused his bangs to toss up in the wind, but he couldn't feel a thing. He came to expect that sort thing since he was dead... or half dead. Yugi never saw Yami as being dead. Yami found this different, since he was no longer considered a human being and no longer living by a heartbeat. So, because he was a vampire, his blood was cold and only lived by his undead soul.

Yami turned his head as his younger brother slowly got out of the vehicle. The brothers each picked up a duffel bag, which held the only belongings they had with them. Yami wanted his brother to have a comfortable place to sleep, despite lack of beds. They entered the building and walked up to the third floor were their new home was.

After rummaging around in his pocket for a few moments, trying to find the key, he opened the door and walked into the room. The walls to the whole apartment were creamy white. There wasn't any furniture. However, once Yami looked around some more he noticed an old refrigerator, a dishwasher, a mini laundry room with a washer and dryer, and a sink in the kitchen. It didn't seem like much, but it was home.

Yugi let out a tried yawn. Yami pulled out his cell from his pocket and glanced down at it. The display said it was past midnight. "Yugi, you should go to sleep, it's getting late."

"Who died and made you mother?" Yugi teased his brother with half lid eyes.

Yami rolled his eyes and cracked a smile. "Yugi, technically I am dead."

"No, you're not," Yugi said, rolling his eyes, then yawning again. "Still, where should I sleep?"

"The floor probably," Yami smirked playfully. He dropped his duffel bag to the floor. "Besides, is there really any other option? We don't exactly have a bed here and we sold all our furniture and junk."

Yugi gave him a tired smile, still trying to keep his eyes open. "Good point."

Yugi laid down on the floor and closed his eyes. The room was extremely hot for his liking. Yugi figured it was because the air conditioning wasn't working. He heard a bag unzipping; he figured his brother was grabbing the blanket they packed.

Soon, he felt cold arms around him. He figured it was Yami. His brother's skin was always extremely cold ever since the change. He also felt a warm blanket over top his body. Yugi felt warm and safe in Yami's arms. They said their goodnight's before Yugi slowly drifted off to sleep.