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Wrong time right place by myrealitygirl

Morgan rapped once on the door and got no reply, frowning he juggled the wicker picnic basket in his hand and pulled out his key from his jeans pocket.

"Damn things are to tight – stop thinking about Garcia" he mumbled to himself as he slotted the key in to place and turned it sharply.

Opening the door on Garcia's apartment was like walking in to an explosion of colour and fun, like the lady herself, he mused as he glanced around – frowning again as she was nowhere in sight.

"Baby girl where are you?" he called out, wandering in to the bedroom he heard the shower stop running and held his breath.

"Oh damn" he whispered as she stepped from the bathroom wearing nothing but a smile – which froze in place as she saw him.

"What the hell are you doing here Derek?" she screeched, trying in vain to cover the necessary body parts she wanted to keep hidden from his wide eyes, one hand over her breasts the other trying to cover the lower half – all she succeed in doing was making her self look more edible than ever.

"Um picnic ? Am I early?" he stumbled over his words as his eyes traveled slowly over her full and wet body, her pale creamy skin, her face flushed in embarrassment and anger, her hair wet and curling around her beautiful face.

"The picnic is tomorrow! Today was lazy, pampering Garcia day remember?" she snapped, looking around for something – anything to cover herself with – at that moment Morgan flashed his wide naughty smile.

"I could pamper you princess" his voice husky as his eyes promised so much more, tilting his head to one side as he considered his options.

Penelope laughed, the noise sounding a little off and strained to Derek's well trained ears, he watched her closely as she rolled her eyes at him.

"You think me making love to you all day long would be funny Angel?" Derek asked, his eyes never leaving hers, he saw the shock then the disbelief register in her gaze before they shuttered and he caught a brief flash of pain as she looked away from him.

"Er no, not funny, unrealistic but not funny, just let me put some clothes on and we can go on that picnic now" she told him, her eyes begging him to leave so she could cover herself at last.

"I like you with no clothes on" his voice low as he put the picnic basket on the end of the bed and walked slowly towards her – she lifted a hand in a stopping motion and then realised what she had done – slapping her hand back in place.

"Stop right there and no more teasing, please" her voice came out in a rush, her face getting pinker as he stepped closer to her.

Running a finger down her smooth cheek Derek smiled at her sexily "Baby girl I haven't even started teasing you yet"

Garcia shook her head at him "And your not going to get the chance, back off and leave" she snapped, her nerves stretched to breaking point.

"Why? I thought you liked it when I teased you" he asked innocently, he saw her watching him closely and it suddenly hit him – she thought he was playing – really teasing – she had no idea what she was doing to him just by standing there, blushing and not having any idea just how lush and sexy she was.

"Please Derek" she whispered, her face now scarlet as tears pricked at her eyes.

Derek lent close to her, his eyes never leaving hers as he said in a whisper.

"Penelope I am serious"

The colour drained from her face as she watched him take a step closer – his hand touching hers as he lifted it away from her body, he could feel the slight tremor of nerves as he did so. He trailed his hand slowly over her waist, tugging her closer,her skin flushed with goose bumps at the contact.

"Cold?" he whispered in her ear,she shook her head dumbly, shock evident on her face, he kissed her palm as he lifted her other hand and placed them around his neck, pulling her now naked body flush with his own – Penelope looked up at him.

"Um Derek I am not sure I am understanding what is going on here"

Derek pulled her closer, and leaned down, taking her mouth in a deep and dangerous kiss, a groan tore from his throat as her teeth nipped at his lower lip, her hands curled in to his neck, pulling him closer as he took her deeper in the dark fever with him.

Derek slid his large hands over her back, down until he gripped her full butt cheeks and pulled her snugly in to the junction of his thighs, he heard her gasp at the contact and then the slow sigh as she wriggled closer when she felt his bodies response to her own.

"Understanding now" he whispered against her throat, he felt her nod in reply, her head bumping his chin as he lifted her easily on to the bed, stripping his own clothes quickly as she lay looking at him , her eyes moving over his sculptured body, firm thighs and smooth skin.

Hearing a clink as his jeans hit the floor Garcia raised an eyebrow and peered over the side of the bed – a small and naughty smile covering her full lips.

Morgan fished the handcuffs from his jeans pocket and smiled sheepishly "Guess I forgot to leave these at home huh?"

Garcia knelt up on the bed and swiped the handcuffs from his hands, smiling up at him as he knelt down on the bed beside her.

"So you wanna play angel?" he whispered, Garcia nodded, her face blushing slightly at the turn of events but loving every second of them.

Moving back on to the bed he lay back and watched for her next move, loving how shy she had become but his body was raring to go.

Garcia moved slowly up the bed, taking first one hand and clicking the handcuff in place threading the other through the bars on her bedstead as she clamped his other wrist shut.

"Feel okay" she asked him, he wriggled his wrist and nodded then smiled at her " I would feel a lot better if you was touching me though angel"

Moving closer she placed her lips against his, her breasts just skimming his chest as she touched her tongue to his, he tried to raise himself higher to keep the contact, wanting to touch her so badly he realised that handcuffs was not the best idea – for him .

Moving tantalising closer, deepening the kiss, as Morgan moaned in to her mouth she sucked lightly on the tip of his tongue, she felt his body shudder at the motion and smiled impishly.

"You are not the only one that can tease baby" she whispered as she began trailing kisses down his body, her small white teeth nibbling on his flat nipples as she moved over him, straddling his body as she did so, she heard his sharp intake of breath and raised her eyes to watch him – he was watching her, his eyes devouring her body as she moved.

As she moved lower down the bed her foot came in to contact with the picnic basket and her eyes took on a gleam that Morgan had never seen before.

"What's in here?" she asked, as she opened the lid, Morgan knew only to well what the basket contained and closed his eyes in frustration.

Pulling out a large tub of ripe strawberries and a tub of cream and another of chocolate sauce – opening the lids she moved back up Morgan's chest and smiled down in to his face.

"Hungry"? She whispered

"Woman don't do this to me" he pleaded, his voice catching as he felt something cold and sticky drip on to his chest.

"Oops I appear to have made a mess" she giggled, looking at the chocolate sauce that she had drizzled across his chest.

"Garcia" he warned tightly as she lent forward and began licking his chest slowly, long wet drags across his chest, nipping at his flat nipples, her nails trailing lazy circles over his thighs as she moved – she heard his breathing step up and the metallic chink of the cuffs as he struggled for freedom.

She shook her head at him as she picked up a strawberry and held it between her teeth, leaning towards his mouth he took a bite to, chewing once before she brought her mouth down to his, the sensation of the sweet ripe fruit and his baby girl in his mouth had his hands twisting in frustration.

"Undo these things Baby girl" he growled, she raised her head and looked at him, tilting her head in the same way he had earlier.

"And just why should I do that Special Agent Morgan" she asked.

"Because I want to eat you up"his voice low and husky as he told her, his eyes flashing as she blushed at his words, caught between wonder and teasing she faltered for a moment.

Nodding slowly she moved up his body, her breasts level with his mouth as she fumbled the key he had placed on the pillow earlier, Garcia squeaked in surprise as she felt his lips close over her nipple and began to suckle and nibble at her flesh.

She went to move away but he growled deep in his throat "don't move cupcake".

She was straddling his chest, her hands fumbled once more with the key before the links popped free, unwinding them from his skin she held on to the bed head for dear life as his hands were now free to roam over her.

They cupped and tweaked at her full breasts, his hands traveling up and down her body, making her feel limp with need as he crushed her closer to him.

"Morgan I thought I was meant to be teasing you" her voice sounded drugged to her own ears as her words fell from her lips, at that Morgan flipped her under him and devoured her mouth and lips with his own.

"You have been teasing me for seven long years Baby girl" he told her, moving back and looking in to her confused face, she shook her head no once and he nodded at her.

"You must know how I feel about you, everyone else does"

"We're friends, best friends, everyone knows that" she told him, her voice hitching as she felt his hand slip between their bodies to dip inside her wet pussy, his thumb brushing her clit in small circles.

"I think I have proved to you your not just my best friend baby, I love you, I want you and right now? I am going to have you"

Garcia's mind was whirling from so many thoughts and feelings that she couldn't make sense of anything – this was Morgan, studly edible Morgan, her hero, her Saviour, her angel fish. How could she not have known, not have realised he wanted her as badly as she wanted him.

Because you think, scratch that, thought you wasn't good enough and oh good grief that feels good

she thought – her back arching as he pushed two long fingers deep inside her, angling them in just the right way to make her squirm and whisper his name.

Derek watched her in awe, he had no thoughts this morning that this is what his afternoon was going to bring, he expected a leisurely lunch in the park with a woman who drove him crazy and who had no idea about it.

Now he was going to show her just what they had been missing out on for so long, he pumped his fingers slowly, moving down her body , watching her writhe and moan as he did so.

She was a wonder to watch and he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Smiling slightly he knew he couldn't keep his mouth off of her either, dipping his dark head between her creaming pale thighs he took his first taste of her and moaned as she did at the contact, so sweet , so Garcia, he had often imagined himself doing this as she sat at her desk at work, hiding under her computers as he pleasured her beyond measure, he bit back a laugh as he thought that would be a good idea for Monday morning.

Moving his tongue up her slit, pushing in just a little at a time, feeling her hands clutching at his skin, one moment trying to push him away because it felt to good and then drag him closer because it felt SO good, he pushed his long tongue between the folds and was gifted with hearing his name fall from her lips on a long sigh.

Hooking his uppers arms under her thighs he opened her wider, keeping her from wriggling away as he bent his head again and again to lap and tease her pink lips, he could hear her little sighs and moans of delight and pleasure, but he wanted to hear her scream his name and be under no illusion who she was with now, the only one she would ever be with again.

He had never been the possessive sort until he met her, and he knew now no other woman would even factor in an idle daydream.

Sipping and lapping at her lazily, feeling her thigh muscle tighten as her body shook, her back arching of the bed at the feelings he was pushing through her, he heard her sob his name once, and looked up, her eyes were closed and her her head was moving wildly from side to side, not letting herself go, trying to clamp the orgasm down, he gritted his teeth and almost snarled as male pride rushed through him.

Sliding up to her face, making sure his body hovered and teased her own as he did so, her eyes popped open as she realised he had moved, she was struggling for composure, and that just made him want to make her fly all the more.

Leaning up on his elbow next to her, feigning relaxation, he began to draw lazy pictures on her stomach with his fingertip, she swatted his hands away and tried to cover her full curves from his sight, it was then that he realised why she wouldn't let herself go, why she was holding back, her stupid body issues were still there.

"Do you know what I love about you the most Angel" he told her, his fingers moving over her skin on her fleshy breasts, leaning in to flick his tongue against one of her erect and pebbled nipples.

She watched him and shrugged her shoulders "My eyes?" she joked lamely, confused and still turned on and wound tight like a string.

"Your curves, your flesh, your skin" he told her , kissing along her upper arm, nibbling on her ear as she squirmed away.

"Oh yeah because this is just so attractive" she laughed half heartedly.

"You are all woman Penelope, not bony and angular like some I have dated, when we go out to a restaurant you actually eat a meal instead of ordering one and leaving most of it,you have the most gorgeous breasts, curves that make me want to weep and baby your but? Mmm and that is why I love you,you look like a woman should and this is what I want, this is why I am going to make love to you very soon" he told her, her eyes were still full of suspicion, her body tense.

"I'm too fat" she stated flatly.

"Baby your too everything and I damn well love it" he laughed and watched as her lips twitched and broke into a fit of giggles.

Laughing she didn't see his hand slip between her thighs, her breath caught as three thick fingers pushed inside her, his thumb putting pressure on her clit, his voice whispering dark and naughty promises in her ear, she moaned long and loud, wrapped her arms around him and clung as he began to pump her faster, her hips meeting his hand as she moved them in time, her mouth going crazy under his, he began to nibble and lave around her ears, feeling her shudder and tremble.

"Come for me Baby girl, I wanna hear you scream" he begged, increasing the pressure and in turn the pleasure he felt her jerk then break apart around him, her inner muscles clutching at his fingers,bathing them with her cum, trying to swallow him up,moving quickly he forced her still shuddering thighs apart and sank his weeping hard cock deep inside her.

Penelope's eyes shot open at the feeling, moaning and bucking under him, her body on a loop of sensations as he sent her flying again, the orgasm crashing through her as she clawed at his back, her hips thrusting up to meet his home, his name tore from her throat on a scream as he moved over her.

Driving himself faster and deeper, his eyes on hers as she saw the possessiveness cover his face, he was hers and no ones else's and she felt the thrill of that feeling fall through her, she nodded at his silent demand and he closed his eyes as he grabbed the bed stead for more leverage.

Penelope was in wonder of the surging of feelings ripping through her, she felt completely owned and yet completely in control as he slammed in to her time and again, branding himself deep inside her, she raised a slightly trembling hand to his jaw and he looked down at her, his creamy goddess laying below him in all her glory, her body closing around him like a velvet vice as she came again, his own need spilling out of him on a roar, his body shook and jerked as he finally came down to settle over her, his forehead resting in her collar bone as he fought to control his breathing.

Rolling on to his side he took her with him, not breaking the contact of their bodies, still feeling the little after shocks pulsing through her womb.

He ran a hand over her hair, kissing the top of her head lightly, Garcia looked up at him and shook her head in wonder.

"Wow" she laughed and poked him in the ribs when a huge gloating smile crossed his gorgeous face, she poked him in the ribs and he laughed and squirmed away.

"So picnic in the woods tomorrow?" he asked, she frowned slightly then blushed as he whispered throatily in her ear "I know some very isolated and deserted woods baby"

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