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The next morning Morgan crept silently in to the bedroom,sipping his coffee before placing the two mugs on the bed side table. Leaning over the sleeping blonde in the bed he ran his tongue around the shell of her ear, watching her wiggle and frown at the contact, her hand moving as if to swat a fly away.

He chuckled softly, then his eyes became serious as he recalled the previous days events, him losing track of their picnic date had led the way to them finally getting together, in bed anyway, he knew she had parted from Lynch a few months before – good – but they wasn't dating, he felt they had to much history for that, he liked to think they could step straight in to a relationship, but now he had to convince his baby girl of that, and she was one hard headed lady.

Tickling her again he smiled as she grumbled in her sleep,liking the game Morgan slipped back between the cool sheets, curling his arm around her as he pulled her closer, her body curving in to his as if it had been made to lay there. She became aware of the body lying beside her and turned, snuggling against his solid chest, her eyes fluttering open against the harsh morning light.

Derek smiled at her as he saw the memories of the previous night slot in to her memory, the slightly widened eyes, the pink flush that deepened to a fiery red as she ducked her head and whispered.

"Good morning angel fish"

"I'll show you a good morning" he quipped.

"I think you already showed me a pretty good night don't you?" she chuckled as she raised her head to finally look at him, he smiled slowly and closed the distance between them, taking her lips in a slow and drugging kiss, his tongue slipping between her lips as she gasped in surprise, his slow and through exploration proved to Penelope that the previous night had been no fluke.

He tasted of coffee, and promises and so many things that she had dreamed about that she sighed in pleasure and made a soft moaning noise as he pulled away, his chuckle had her eyes opening again as she considered him thoroughly .

"That wasn't how I expected my pamper day to be you know" she laughed, watching his face as it broke in to a huge smile.

"Wasn't planned baby girl but I am damned glad it happened, are you?" his voice was nervous and Penelope was surprised how unsure he sounded, this was not the Derek Morgan she knew and lusted after.

"I am both amazed and happy it happened, I am wondering what happens now though, are we friends?, lovers?, bed buddies what?." she queried quietly.

"I think we are all those things and and more don't you baby girl? I know I have wanted that to happen for a long time." He replied, sliding his hard muscled thigh over hers, watching as her eyes darkened at the contact and she wriggled a little closer.

"Me to" she told him honestly, lifting her face to look at him, smiling as he leaned closer and placed a soft kiss against her lips, she sighed at the contact and tentatively slipped her tongue out to taste his lips, she felt him go still at the movement and almost pulled away.

"Don't" he whispered, taking her tongue in to his mouth he leaned back against the pillows, bringing her with him, her full breasts crushed against his chest, her hair falling around them like a blonde tousled curtain between them and the world, he was surrounded by her scent and it was driving him crazy.

Penelope pulled away slightly, looking down in to Derek's handsome face and just watched him for a few moments, smiling slightly as he frowned at her.

"What's that look for Baby? He asked, tugging gently on a lock of her hair.

"I am just thinking I must be dreaming – OW" she cried as Morgan slapped her sharply on her arse cheek.

"Your not dreaming but your making he horny baby girl, I liked doing that" he chuckled as she poked her tongue out at him.

"Well seeing as we are now officially dating I guess you think you can spank me for real huh?"

Morgan nodded and gently patted the area he had just spanked, his hand moving in circles across her flesh, feeling her squirm a little at the contact, suddenly he sat up, dragging her up with him and cleared his throat.

"As much as I am tempted to stay in this bed all day with you, I promised you a picnic in the woods and that is just what you are getting" he told her, his voice dipping to a growl as he finished his statement.

Garcia flushed at the implied words.

"I thought you as kidding about that last night, Derek we can't do that!" she laughed as he pulled her from the bed and pushed her towards the bathroom.

"Oh yes we can and we are baby, I have had way to many fantasy's about me and you, and today we are going to start living through a few I think."

"I have had fantasies to you know" she whispered, moving closer, their naked bodies touching and heating, drawing a single fingernail don't his chest she looked up in to his lust filled gaze and smiled.

"Okay here's the deal, first picnic in the woods and then when we come back its your turn, you thought about me to huh"? He asked softly.

"Oh only about every night since we met cute stuff." She giggled as she ran in to the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

"Hey! No fair I was going to share the shower!" he called after her.

"I know! But if I want to get my hands on you with my fantasy baby we need to go have our picnic first" she called back.

Morgan smiled and shook his head at her silliness, grabbing the discarded picnic hamper he went to dump the contents out and search through her fridge to see what he could replenish it with.

A short time later Penelope walked in to the kitchen wearing a simple white and pink dress, cinched in at the waist and low cut to show off her ample cleavage, it was fairly 50's in design so her short white socks and pumps set off the look nicely.

"I'm ready" she called, striking a sexy pose against the counter as Derek turned, his eyes heated as they traveled over her, pausing over her exposed cleavage he dragged his eyes back to her face and smiled.

"Wow now that is a beautiful lady" he told her, walking past her he gave her deep and through kiss, calling over shoulder he would only be five minuets getting ready.

Penelope sagged against the counter and tried to catch her breath, she still could not believe that this was happening ,but if this was a dream or some kind of alternate reality? She hoped it stuck around forever!

An hour or so later Morgan stopped his truck in the middle of nowhere, or so it seemed to Garcia.

"Morgan? Where the heck are we sweetie?." She asked as he walked around and opened her door for her, helping her to jump to the ground beside him, snagging the picnic basket from the seat he just smiled and motioned for her to follow.

Taking her hand they walked in silence for a while, just breathing in the clean air and listening to the bird calls and silence, Garcia lent her head against Derek's arm as they walked, she had never felt so calm and loved in her life – at least not since her parents died.

"How about here?." He asked, shaking the blanket he had brought with him on to the ground, Garcia just smiled and nodded, he was always caring but this new twist in their relationship she was liking more and more as he tugged her down on to the blanket with him.

Rolling her beneath him he began to kiss her slowly, his lips dragging and nipping her own, tracing her lips with the tip of his tongue, his hands sliding down her waist, his large hands treating her so gently.

Garcia ached for him to go faster, his kisses drugging her in to heady heights, the feel of his hands sliding so slowly across her body she wanted him in the worst best way.

"I have always wanted to see you naked in the sunlight baby girl." he whispered against her throat, his teeth scrapping over her skin with just enough friction to make her moan softly.

Tugging at his shirt she pulled it over his head and tossed it away, her pink nails digging in to firm flesh, he growled in her ear when she did that so she increased the pressure and giggled as he pulled back to look down at her, his eyes flashing fire and lust as he began to ease the away from her skin, Garcia smiled and playfully slapped his hands away.

"I can do that." she told him, pushing him off she stood and looked down at Morgan laying on his back, his chest bare, making her almost drool ,his jeans looking a little more than snug at his obvious arousal.

Peeling the dress slowly from her body she was delighted when she saw his mouth drop open when he realised she wore nothing underneath, sitting up sharply he took her hand and helped to sit between his thighs.

"Damn woman if I had known what you wasn't wearing we would not have made it out of your apartment." he grinned, he watched as she moved forward and ran a fingertip over the ridge on his jeans, his head falling back at the subtle contact.

"Baby if you keep doing that I am not going to be responsible for my actions" he moaned as he felt her fingers unzip his jeans very slowly and pull then down his body, he shifted to help her and laughed as she whipped his boxers away to.

"Nice move..." but the words died in his throat as she licked the tip of his cock, falling back on to the blanket he moaned.

Garcia looked up at him and smiled, he wasn't the only one who liked to play she thought, trailing her hands over his thighs, hearing him catch his breath she lent forward and took him in to her mouth again, moving closer her breasts skimmed over his skin as she moved her mouth lower over him, taking him deeper in to her throat, her teeth dragging softly as she drew up.

Morgan shuddered at the contact, his hands fisting in the blanket so he didn't drag her up his body and take her there and then, she was driving him crazy and he was loving every moment of it.

Garcia felt his fingers tangle in her hair, trying to make her go faster deeper but she set the pace and loved to feel him squirm in pleasure, her nails dragging over his heavy balls, the chocked back moans as she surprised him with nibbles licks and deep throated sucks.

She could hear him moaning her name, could feel his body tense as he fought himself from cuming, she smiled around his cock and looked up at him, he was watching her intently, she winked at him and that was when she knew he had tipped over the edge – he growled fiercely and dragged her up his body.

Sitting up he held her hips and pulled her wet pussy over him, they both moaned and Garcia tipped her head back as he began sucking and nibbling on her breasts, using his teeth against her nipples as she lent back and placed her hands behind her on his knees.

Using the motion to pump her hips over him, her eyes rolled back as she felt him slip a finger between her folds and seek out her clit, she whimpered as he flicked at it. Removing his hands his gripped her hips and moved her faster, her own hand slipping between her thighs to continue his job.

"So damn hot baby" he ground out as he watched her, he could feel himself slipping over the edge and as he came he felt her shudder of release, her cry of ecstasy as her pussy throbbed and fisted around him, the muscles milking every drop from him.

Morgan moved his hands to her back, giving her support as she leaned heavily against him trying to catch her breath, she pulled back and kissed him deeply, her body aching in the most incredible ways.

"I think I need to go to the gym more to keep up with you." She joked, then frowned as Morgan shook his head.

"Please do not change one bit of your sexy body baby girl and tonight I want to take you on a real date" he told her seriously – he needed to let her know this was not just sex between them, it was real and he was going to feel so proud with his baby on his arm tonight.

Garcia blushed and nodded shyly "I like the sound of that, but only if you promise to stay with me tonight" she whispered.

Derek nodded, he was planning on spending every night with her from now on, it had taken them to damn long to get together to waste another moment being apart.

They spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and flirting like always, eating the picnic that Morgan had put together, he had grumbled when she slipped her dress on again and made her giggle at his sour expression, things were how they always were between them , but now they didn't have to hold back from the kissing and touching that had been craving to do for six long years.

Pulling Garcia to her feet as they packed up to leave Morgan kissed her gently and whispered "I can't wait until our date tonight, every guy is going to envy me so much" he chuckled.

Garcia laughed at him and swatted him gently as they walked back to the car.

"Yeah and every girl there is going to want to scratch my eyes out."

A frisson ran through her as she thought of the evening and night to come - a date with Derek Morgan - oh my.