Chapter One.
Cato's POV.

I heard Clove screaming and immediately I know she's in danger!

I peeked and then I saw Thresh holding Clove like a rag doll in one hand and a stone the size of a loaf in another. I hear Thresh shout and then 12 jumps out cause of fright.

"What you do to that little girl? You kill her?" Thresh' voice was loud, fierce and full of anger.

I can see Clove scrambling. I knew she was scared.

"No! No, it wasn't me!" Clove said.

After hearing Clove's answer, he asked "You said her name. I heard you. You kill her?" Thresh looks angrier.

"You cut her up like you were gonna cut this girl here?"

"No! No, I - " Her sentence was cut off cause she saw the size of the rock Thresh was holding.

Then she loses it and screams "Cato! Cato!" she screamed my name. And I immediately stood up as if that was my cue and shouted "Clove!"

I tightened my grip on my sword and ran towards their direction. I slashed Thresh' right arm and his attention quickly shifts from Clove to Me. I was too dumbfounded to say anything, so I stepped backwards, gasping. I know he'll come after me and leave Clove alone, so I continue to go back. Then Thresh quickly drops Clove on the ground and comes towards me.

I see Clove on her knees and coughing. I half-smiled cause there was no real damage done.

She coughed. Then looked at me, still holding her neck. " Cato, " She mumbles. I barely heard her. I just read her lips.

And I quickly shifted my attention back to Thresh. Then I see.. the field! Without thinking, I quickly ran towards it and saw Thresh right behind me. Now we're far for Clove and Fire Girl from 12 and Clove's safe.

" Well. Let's get this over with! " I scream. I'll never forgive him. I know this makes me evil, I know. But NEVER! he almost killed Clove! CLOVE! The one person in my life That I KNOW I CARE ABOUT. Well.. Except for my family.

I know Clove can handle pathetic little fire girl. I stopped running and faced Thresh. "Now, It gets serious" I mumble. " You ALMOST killed Clove! " I tell him. " If you managed to kill her - " The thought made my throat dry, " I would kill you! A sow, painful death that you deserve! " I'm so mad at him! I don't know what I'd do if.. if.. if.. I didn't make it in time.. to.. save her. I'd never forgive myself! NEVER. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" I charge towards Thresh. Now, I'm fucking serious!

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