Chapter Sixteen Clove's POV.

Breakfast was weird. Enobaria was giving us death glares and Brutus was well, not really helping. Cato is really quiet too. I just try to eat normally. After breakfast, our prep team collected us and now, I'm reading for fixing. Since it was just a day since the Interviews, they decided that they should just shave me. I feel so naked when they're waxing me or shaving me. It's like they're peeling off my skin. They fix my hair, which is now tied and has curly ends. They give me a short dress, it has a huge ribbon at the back, a skirt that's knee-length, it had ruffles at the edge, It had thin straps. It was color orange, like the sunset. My heels were high. Matching color. My prep team looked so excited. They were telling each other that they did a great job. I stared at myself, well. I look different, that's for sure.

Brutus came inside the room to pick me up. "We'll be home in 20 minutes." He said, then gave me smile. He patted mt shoulder and started to walk away. I just stood there and looked at him walking away. Then, he was gone. I blinked hard and took a deep breath. I nodded at my prep team and said. "Thanks." Smiled, and walked away.

I went to the main train car and saw no one there. I must be early, I thought to myself. I just stared outside the window and muttered to myself, Finally! I'm going home! I can finally be with Cato! We can finally be together! I sighed. "Calm down,Clove" I muttered, "Calm down." Then someone was patting my back, I turned around and I saw Cato.

"Are you alright?" he asked,

"Yes." I said, so low, it was a whisper. "Just nervous."

He grinned, "Well, My are you nervous? We're victors!" Cato exclaimed.

"Yes, but-"

"Well are you ready?" Brutus asks, entering the room, Enobaria was right behind him, not looking at us.

"You better be." She said, not even bithering to look at us.

"We are." Cato answered, I stood up and said, "We sure are."

"Well, that's good, Now, put smiles back on those faces cause we're here!" Brutus snapped. Our train stopped and we took deep breaths. Cato held my hand and I glanced at him, he gave me a gentle smile. I looked forward and smiled too. The door opened and Cato started walking forward. I follow him, of course. Brutus and Enobaria were right behind us.

Ah, the smell of District Two! I missed it so much. At first, the sunlight was blinding. And it was so hot! The people of District 2 were gathered around the Plaza, Sweaty and Loud. Of course, They are proud of us. Our Mayor, Mayor Hayes, Cato's Uncle, stood up and asked everybody to shhh.

"Alright everyone, Please, Settle down." They did, Wow, in an Instant. HAHA.

So anyways, Our Mayor spoke again, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very pleased to present, The Victors of the 74th Hunger Games, Our very own Clove Barett and Cato Hayes!"

The people cheered clapped for us. We just kept smiling and waving, until the Peacekeepers motioned us to go inside the Justice Building.

"Well, welcome to your new life" Brutus said, "The life of a victor."

We just laughed, "What a tiring life it will be" Cato said, Enobaria still avoiding us, why is she so angry anyway? What did we do? I mean, yeah sure, Cato slept in my room and they found out that we broke the Training Centre's Rules, Big time but- Why is she so pissed?

"Now, You two go home and pack your bags, you'll be moving to the Victor's Village!

Okay, Our house was nice. It was big and spacious. We were not that rich, My parents have nice jobs that's why I was sent to the Training centre. Cause we can afford it. My Parents are nice, especially my mom. My dad was a bit strict. But not abusive strict. He just had soem rules. Well, They both like Cato.

That's one thing. And they both know Cato is the only friend I have, true. But my father always had issues about my "friendship" with Cato. One time, he was telling me that I might be distracted cause of Cato.

But I always assured him I was 125% focused on training. He trusted me off course. Daddy's Girl? Yeah, I little Bit. But I am so not spoiled!

So anyway, when I got home, My Parents were there. My father walked up to me and said, "Welcome Back, Princess." See? HAHA, Then he hugged me and I hugged him back, "oh, Dad. I missed you!" I exclaimed, tears falling, "I'm so proud of you, Clove." He continued, again more tears, he pulled away and wiped my tears away, My mother was crying too. Well, I wonder where my brothers are? Oh well, Mom cooked alooooooooot of stuff. I eat alooot. Oh, I missedmy mother's cooking. So, my dad and mom just look at me.

I stopped for a while and said, "Uhm, Mother, Father, Are you gonna move with me? You know- On Victor's Village?" My dad smiled at me and looked at my mom. "Why, Of course not, Clove." My dad exclaimed. WHAT? Did my dad just say NO? "What was that, Father?" I asked, "You're not moving-with-me?" I asked again, why? "Yes, we're not." Then he smiled at me.

"But-why?" I asked, I still can't believe this, Why?

"Well, Clovey, it's your house, And besides, we like it here. And you can visit us anytime!" He exclaimed,

"Oh," I said.

"Now sweetheart, you need to pack your things!" My mother said, standing up from her seat and rushing me. So i went upstairs, to my room and looked at my old room. My bed, the window right next to it, ah, my closets and my knives. Oh, I'll miss this. Well, I guess I'm always welcome here anyway. So I just grabbed my knives, a few personal stuff - which is mostly from my dad and Cato - and dumped it inside my bag. A few clothes and my pajamas, cause I'll just gather the rest tomorrow, and changed into comfy shirt and shorts. Then i went down. My parents were talking to someone, I continued to go down and looked who it was - Cato! My heart suddenly jumpped and I can hear it beat so fast.

Cato was acting normal, well. How does he do that? He knows my father as well as I do. But he seems so relaxed? I took a deep breath and walked towards them.

Cato sees me and says, "oh, there she is!, Hi Baby." Cato said, reaching for me. I stand next to him and he grabs my waist and kisses me.

I was surprised so I pulled away, "Cato, what are you doing here?" I ask,

"picking you up." He answered, I looked at my dad, he said, "Well, Cato, remember our agreement." He smiled and nodded and said, "Yes, sir." I was confused and so I asked, "What agreement?" Cato laughed and said, "That's Nothing."

"WELL, You two should be going." My mother said, "Oh mom, I'm gonna get my other clothes tomorrow," I aid, "Okay dear, now, off you go!" She said, And we were pushed out of the door.

Cato continues laughing, "What?" I hiss, he tried to stop, but he can't. "WHAT?" I snap, then he stopped,

"You're Parents like me." I roll my eyes at him,

"Nothing new about that." I say, "Yeah, I know." He answered. We started walking towards The Victor's Village. It was very hot outside and we're sweaty! Cato's arm was still holding my waist. Like me, he was just carrying one bag. I guess he was just carrying important stuff.

Oh well, "Cato?"


"What's the 'agreement?' " I ask him, doing that quote thing with my fingers.

He just shrugged, and said, "Basically, your Dad warned me that if I ever hurt you or do anything that will hurt you - he will kill me."

I let out a sudden burst of laughter at what he said,

He gave me a confused glare and asked, "What?"

I really can't stop laughing, but I tried to, so I asked him, "And? What-did-you-say?" The pauses were laughs. Just so you know.

He shrugged some more, "I said, I would never do that to you." Again I burst into laughter, but then I looked at him and saw he was serious.

"Aww, Cato. That's so sweet." I faced him and Said, "i love you so much, Cato." Then I leaned forward and kissed him and I pulled away. "I love you too, Clove." He said, and he held my hand and we continued to walk forward.

Cato's POV.

"What is taking CLove so long?" I ask, pacing back and forth. Err! I can't take it anymore! I'm going to their house. SO, I'm walking over to their house and then I knocked. Well, her dad opened the door. "Oh, hey, Mr. Barett. is, ugh, Clove ready?" I asked. He was scanning me from head to toe.

"She's upstairs, fixing her stuff." He stated.

"Cato? Is that you?" Clove's Mom, Cecilia, Asked.

"Uhm, Yes, Mrs. Barett, it's me." I answer,

"Well, what are you doing outside, Come in dear!" She exclaimed, "Nicolas, Let Cato in." She said,

Clove's Dad scowled, "Alright, Come in." He turned around and walked in. I followed him inside. I've been here alot of times, but of course, this is different. Surely they know what happened during the Games.

"Come! Sit down Cato." Clove's mom said. I sat down, and she offered me some food. "No thank you. I'm still full Mrs. Barett." I say and I smiled at her. She's really nice to me, eversince. Then, silence. Weird silence. It was like, really weird. Finally, Clove's mom broke the weird silence.

"Well, I always knew you were the one for her!" She exclaimed, okay, this caught me off guard, waaaaaaaaaay of guard. Clove's Dad just snorted, so I just smiled. "I mean, ever since then, you were a part of this family." She continued, "Especially now, Don't you agree, dear?" She turned to Clove's dad, who was just staring at me. Wait, glaring at me.

"Well," He stood up, "He always was special to Clove." He stated, walking toward me, Okay, I'm scared, Clove's dad is one of those men who train Peacekeepers, Can you imagine now? But I acted like myself ofcourse, but - "If you do i anything /i to hurt Clove, I am gonna hunt you, tear you up to pieces then burn you. Got it?" He asked,

I stood up, faced him and smiled and said, "Got it sir!" I said, "And I would never do anything to hurt your daughter. I love her so much." I said, He looked shocked at what I said, and well, "Well then, I approve." What? Is he serious? He Actually Apporoves of our relationship? Like - whoa! That's - Something huge! He patted my back and then I saw Clove walking toward our direction.

I looked at her and said, "Oh, there she is!, Hi baby." I reached for her, grabbed her waist and I kissed her but she pulled away immediately. Probably because her parent were infront of us.

"Cato, what are you doing here?" Clove asked, looking so confused. I smiled at her and said, "Picking you up."
She looked at her dad, and he said, "Well, Cato, remember our agreement." I smiled at him and I nodded and I said, "Yes, sir." Clove was staring at us and asked, "What agreement?" I laughed and said, "That's Nothing."

"WELL, You two should be going." Clove's mother said, "Oh mom, I'm gonna get my other clothes tomorrow," Clove said, "Okay dear, now, off you go!" She replies, And we were pushed out of the Barett's residence.

While we were on the way, I couldn't stop laughing, Clove stops and she hisses, "What?". I tried to stop, but I can't, everything was just so funny. "WHAT?" she asks again, snapping at me, then I stopped, "You're Parents like me." I say, she just rolled her eyes at me and said, "Nothing new about that." "Yeah, I know." I say. We continued walking towards The Victor's Village. Why is it so hot outside? Urgh! When we reach the Victor's Village I surely will take an Ice cold Bath!

"Cato?" Clove asked, bringing me back to reality,


"What's 'the agreement?' " She asked, making quotation thingys. I shrugged and told her how her dad warned me about what will happen to me if I hurt her, blah blah.

She bursts out laughing, and Why was she laughing? "What?" I ask, but she continues laughing. "And? What-did-you-say?" She asked, I can tell she was trying not to laugh. So I just shrugged some more, "I said, I would never do that to you." Again, she burst laughing. What's so funny about that? I WAS SERIOUS! She looked at me and said, "Aww, Cato. That's so sweet." She faced me and she followed, "I love you so much, Cato." Then she leaned forward and kissed me and pulled away immediately after. "I love you too, Clove." I say, and I held her hand and we continued to walk.

After about 20 minutes, we finally reached the Victor's Village! "Finally!" I say, a little bit too loud. Brutus welcomed us and motioned us to follow him and we did. There are already a lot of occupied houses at the Village, so District 2 never lacks mentors. Brutus stopped at the almost end of the Village. "So, this are your houses." Brutus said, Pointing at the Blue and Yellow House that were facing each other.

"You could repaint them if you ask, I mean, You could do everything you want with just a snap." He said. "So Cato, You get the Blue House and Clove, You get the Yellow House, Go - do whatever you want to, I'm out of here." Brutus said, and he was gone, But his house wasn't so far from us. So.. yeah.

"Well, we must unpack" Clove said,

"I'll meet you later then?" I ask, not wanting to let go of her hand, "Yes, Cato." She said, Smiling. "Okay then." i let go of her hand and she started walking towards her house,- new house-

"Clove!" I say, She stops and turns around, facing me,


"I- I love you." I say. She smiled at me and said, "Okay, I love you too Cato." Then she opened the door and stepped inside. I turned around and went inside my house. It was big, yes. Not much different from my old house. It had nice furnitures, figurines and stuff. I should go hire an help or something since, I can't fix this house on my own. I climbed up the stairs and looked at my room. There were alot of room, but I picked the biggest of course. I unpacked my bag, placed my clothes inside my huge closet, ehich already had clothes- "My stylist." I mutter, ugh, still. Then I drop myself on my bed. It was so soft. But it was so hot! I stood up, opened my windows, and dropped myself on my bed.

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