Chapter 1: Sleepover at Raika's

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"Please! Please! Pleeeease my daughter! Can we sleep over your mansion tonight?"

Raika Kurosaki massaged her temples from the headache she was getting because Tamaki kept bothering her the last hour about a sleepover. At the moment, she was sitting at a table with her cross-dressing cousin, trying to calm herself down from having the urge to pummel a certain person.

She glared at him in annoyance for the hundredth time already, which was a normal thing when it came to Tamaki, "For the last time, NO! Go have it at yours or someone else's!" The sixteen-year-old then tucked some of her dark, black hair behind her ear before taking a sip of her tea.

"Senpai, if she doesn't want to, don't force her," Haruhi advised the sophomore on his knees who was continuously begging Raika.

The prince-type host of the club paid no mind to the brunette as he pouted to Raika, "But we've already had sleepovers at everyone's place except yours or Haruhi's! Besides, you know as well as I do that we can't have it at your dear sister's place! Ranka won't allow us!"

"That's very true senpai. Now, if you don't mind, can you leave so my cousin and I can finish our conversation?"

In the blink of an eye, Tamaki went to his gloomy corner, poking his imaginary mushrooms, "Haruhi… you're so cruel."

The two women sighed at his behavior before Haruhi decided to apologize, "I didn't mean it like that Tamaki-senpai… so please stop being depressed."

He came back in a flash and hugged the short host, "I could never stay mad at you Haruhi!" Raika shook her head.

"Senpai put me down! You have your own ladies to tend to, don't you?"

Tamaki gasped and released her, becoming all dramatic, "You're absolutely right! What kind of host am I to abandon such lovely females! You're truly a host now Haruhi!"

Raika face-palmed, "We're so glad of your revelation. Now don't keep them waiting."

"Of course my daughter! Does this mean that you'll let us sleepover?" he asked with sparkles in his eyes.


His head fell down as a stream of tears fell down his cheeks while Haruhi adjusted her uniform before sitting back on her chair.

"Oi boss, what's going on here?"

"Yeah, you're causing a commotion."

"Tamaki… you have several clients waiting. What are you doing over here?"

The blonde jolted his head up and immediately ran to the other hosts. He began to whine in front of the vice president and the twins who were each at his side, "Mommy! Our oldest daughter is being difficult! Please tell her that we have to sleepover her mansion tonight!"

Kyouya adjusted his glasses before sighing, "Tamaki… she's my cousin, not my daughter. Besides, we can just stay over at my place like last time."

Tamaki shook his head frantically, "No! No! No! It has to be at hers! Do something about this Mommy!"

"I still can't believe that Raika, heiress to the Kurosaki Company, is related to both Haruhi and Kyouya," Hikaru mentioned as he and his twin strided behind the chairs of Haruhi and Raika, "After all, they both come from very different social backgrounds."

"Yeah, small world for such a coincidence… hey, doesn't that make Haruhi and Kyouya related too?" Kaoru asked while the four of them watched the club president complaining to his second-in-command.

Haruhi shook her head, "No… I'm her cousin from her mother's side while Kyouya-senpai is her cousin from her father's side."

Raika nodded, "Exactly as Haruhi said it." Arms suddenly engulfed her frame and Raika felt something pressing down on her head which she figured was a certain person's chin.

She then heard a chuckle, "It doesn't matter since you're both our toys."

Raika become annoyed once again, recognizing the person's voice, "Hikaru, please let go of me."

"How can you be so sure I'm Hikaru? I could be Kaoru for all you know."

She flinched at the mention of the other twin's name, but the one above her didn't seem to notice before Raika composed herself quickly, "I just know. Hikaru's the only one who gets all touchy with me, right Haruhi?"

Haruhi nodded, "Yup, but if it were Kaoru, he wouldn't be as invasive on privacy."

"Hey, I do not!" the twin behind Raika realized what he said and cursed in his breath.

Kaoru shook his head and smirked, "You let them get to you brother."

"Oh shut up," Hikaru replied before tightening his hold on Raika, "She's as cuddly as a pillow."

She began to squirm in his arms, "Hikaru! Let go of me already before people get the wrong idea!"

"Why not! We're friends aren't we? You're supposed to be there for me when I need it…" he said while continuing to squeeze her.

"You make it sound like we're friends with benefits…" Raika frowned while Kaoru snickered and Haruhi giggled.

"Hmm…" Hikaru hummed, giving a thought to what she said before a grin started to form on his face.

Noticing his expression, Raika rolled her eyes and jabbed her elbow into his chest, "Don't even think about it."

"Ow, that really hurt," Hikaru complained, rubbing his sore chest while he still held on to her.

"Good, that was the point," she said, not regretting what she did.

"Troublemaker twin! Release your hands off my darling child before you corrupt her innocence!" Tamaki shouted when he realized what was going on behind his back.

Hikaru shook his head before finally releasing Raika. He then walked over to Tamaki and dragged him several feet away from the group, placing an arm around the fuming sophomore, "Hey boss, if you stop being annoying, I'll convince Raika to let us sleepover her place."

Tamaki's eyes began to twinkle now, "Really? And how are you going to do that?"

The older Hitachiin twin grinned and pointed a thumb at himself, "With my charm, of course."

Tamaki wasn't convinced, "I couldn't even do it! How can we be so sure yours will even work on her?"

"You were basically begging her, not charming her."

"Why I ought a-!"

"Do you want to sleepover her place or not?" Hikaru angrily whispered.

Tamaki sniffled before responding with a nod.

Hikaru patted the blonde's back before whirling around. He headed towards Raika until he was in front of her.

She raised her eyebrow, "What are you up to now, Hikaru?"

While her cousins and his brother watched curiously, Hikaru gently took her hand between both of his and looked down at her sincerely, "Dearest Raika, would you honor us with a sleepover in your abode."

Raika chuckled, "You're cute and all, but that's not going to work on me-," she was saying before her body was suddenly pulled off from her chair, getting dragged a few feet away just like Tamaki.

Before she knew it, she found herself dipped and her crimson eyes were now staring up at Hikaru's golden ones. A smirk was flashed at her, making her cheeks turn red before he lowly spoke, "Will this convince you?"

She saw something shiny in his hand. Her eyes widened to see a limited edition of the new soundtrack of Yui, her favorite singer, before she whispered, "Hikaru, where the hell did you get that? I wasn't even able to find it."

He chuckled, "Let's just say my mother designs her clothes sometimes and she was able to get her hands on this baby. So what do you say? Sleepover at your place?"

Raika sighed in defeat, "Fine…"

"Great," he smiled, putting the CD cover back in his jacket, "I'll give this to you later so pretend that you agreed because I'm awesome." She rolled her eyes at him.

Hikaru finally brought her back up and released her, allowing her to fix her absurd excuse of a uniform. When she was done, Raika turned towards the awaiting crowd and shrugged, "Looks like we're having a sleepover at my place after all. Hikaru has changed my mind."

Tamaki's jaw dropped before he became all happy and tackled Raika to the floor, "This is the happiest day of my life!"

"Tamaki you pervert! Get off me or else I'm cancelling the sleepover!" The rest of them just shook their heads at their leader's childish behavior.

"What's this? We're having a sleepover at Raika's place? That's awesome! Right Mori?" exclaimed Hunny who was walking besides his tall cousin.

"That's great."

"I guess we are, Hunny-senpai," Kyouya replied to the junior.

"Yay! I'll bring some of my favorite desserts! Strawberry cake! Chocolate cake! Vanilla cake!" he then kept on naming other pastries before the bell rang, signaling that it was time to go back to class.

The vice-president sighed disappointedly, looking down at his ipad, "Because of Tamaki, the money we could have earned today will probably be less."

"Well, we did tell him that he had his duties to get to," Haruhi told him.

"Good thing we finished with our clients already," the twins replied at the same time.

Raika was finally able to get Tamaki off her and dusted her dress once more, "Finally, now if you excuse me," she said before grabbing Haruhi, "We've got to get to class. I'll see the rest of you later."

Before any of the boys knew it, Raika and Haruhi were already gone before they could say anything.


Raika just got out of her steaming bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body and hair when a knock was heard at her door.

"Miss, your guests have all arrived," replied the voice of the maid.

"All right, just direct them to the rooms they're staying at. Tell Kyouya that he and Tamaki will be sharing his usual room and inform Haruhi to come to mine," she ordered while drying her hair, "Also, tell them to meet in the movie room once they've changed."

"Understood, Miss Kurosaki." Footsteps moved soon after and faded away.

After changing into her red tank top and black pajama pants, she sat in front of her mirror, brushing her now dried hair.

Knock. Knock.

"If that's you Haruhi, then just come in."

In the mirror, Raika saw the door open, revealing Haruhi with casual clothing on.

Raika turned to face her, "Hello cousin, haven't seen you in a while," she joked.

Haruhi rolled her eyes before shutting the door, "Yeah, like a few hours is a long time."

She laughed, "I always miss your company. How'd you get here, by the way?"

"Tamaki offered to pick me up and I accepted it since he was bothering my neighbors," Haruhi groaned.

Raika shook her head, "I told you to just go straight home with me."

"I know, I know, but I had to make sure things were okay at home first. Anyway, I'm going to go get changed. You can head down already," she said before going to the drawer she kept her clothes for sleepovers. Once she picked what she was going to wear, Haruhi went to the bathroom.

Raika put on her white sleeveless hoodie before leaving her room, taking her cell phone with her.

As soon as she was walking down the halls, she heard her ringtone and groaned before answering her phone.

"Hello? Uh huh… Can't you do it? I'm busy right now… All right, all right I'll do it right now," she finished, closing her phone and shoving it in her pocket.

Raika mumbled as she continued down and headed into her office, 'This better not take too long…'

Fifteen minutes later…

Haruhi entered the movie room, wearing a white, elbow-sleeved nightgown. She looked around the room to find everyone already in their pajamas.

Once Tamaki saw her, his face turned all red. He ran and embraced her, "Haruhi! You look so cute! Daddy approves!"

"Can you stop doing that for once!" she demanded before realizing that the host of the sleepover was missing, "Umm, where's Raika? She should have come down by now…"

Hikaru and Kaoru shrugged their shoulders simultaneously, "We haven't seen her yet." With a bowl of chips on Hikaru's lap, they continued to munch on the goodies like they were doing before Haruhi came in.

Tamaki started to panic, placing his hands on her shoulders, "My daughter, your sister has probably been kidnapped without our knowledge! Come, let's go find her!"

"Senpai! She's probably just around the house somewhere!"

"Well, wherever she is, I'm almost done eating the strawberry cake so she can have some of the chocolate or vanilla one," Hunny mentioned, stuffing cake in his mouth as Mori wiped some frosting off his cousin's face.

"Hmm," Kyouya hummed, adjusting his glasses, "I might know where she is… and you should too Haruhi."

"Huh?" She wasn't sure what he meant until it clicked in her mind, causing her to sigh, "Oh…"


"Okay Kei, it's done. Are you satisfied now?" Raika declared from behind her desk, leaning back on her chair afterwards. She stretched her arms from the typing she did on her laptop.

"Yes, thank you Rai."

"You're welcome… now is there anything else you needed before I go?"

"No, that's it."

"Well then, I should be goin-," she was then cut off by an annoying voice, "DAUGHTER! WE'VE FOUND YOU!"

"What the-?" Raika said in confusion before getting tackled off her chair and to the floor for the millionth time, "Oof! Tamaki get off me!"

"RAIKA!" shouted the twins who ran in and started hugging her too.

"Guys! Stop it! I'm serious!"

"Umm Rai? Is everything all right there?"

"Don't worry about her Kei. She'll be fine," Kyouya assured him as he entered the office with Haruhi.

"She's just a little busy at the moment," Haruhi added.

"Oh Kyouya, Haruhi, you're over at Raika's. How's it been?"

"Doing well."

"Same here."

"That's good. I've been busy over here thanks to your cousin."

"Make sure you're taking care of yourself Kei," Haruhi advised him.

"And you should probably go now because there are a bunch of idiots in the room at the moment."

"Hey!" shouted the twins. They released poor Raika who was still being hugged by Tamaki.

"Ha ha ok then. Say bye to Rai for me."

"Will do. Bye Kei," replied Kyouya.

"It was nice hearing from you again, Kei. We should hang out again like in the old days," Haruhi warmly said.

"Bye Kyouya and it was nice hearing you too Haruhi. If my boss allows me to, then we should see each other again. Farewell."

A click was heard, indicating that he was gone already.

"You didn't have to call us idiots, you know…" Kaoru frowned.

"Yeah, who was that anyway?" Hikaru asked, with a hint of jealousy.

"That was Kei, an old friend of ours who works under Raika," Haruhi answered him.


"Ohh…" the ginger-heads slowly uttered as they watched Tamaki continue to smother Raika.

"Raika! Please don't scare me like that again! I was worried!"

"What the hell Tamaki! I'm about to get a restraining order on you if you keep this up!"

"That sounds like a pretty good idea to me. He's ruining the sleepover," Haruhi stated, causing Tamaki to go into a gloomy corner.

The twins laughed at him while Kyouya chuckled as he helped up the irritated Raika.

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