Chapter 3: Revelation

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Raika was finishing up some homework in her office when she heard a knock at her door.

"Come in," she replied, looking up from work.

The door opened, revealing the maid, "Miss Kurosaki… you have unexpected guests at this hour."

She raised an eyebrow, "Really now? Who are they?"

"The same guests that stayed over a few nights ago. All of them, actually…"

Raika sighed and ran a hand through her hair. Knowing the host club, she should have expected at least a few of them to stop by after what happened that afternoon, "Fine… send them in here."

The maid nodded and left the room, leaving Raika to finish the last question of her algebra homework before working on something in her computer. A few minutes later, another knock was heard.

"Come in."

Not looking away from her computer, she heard the door open and a bunch of footsteps walk in.

Raika took a glance up and saw all the host club members there with three of them avoiding her gaze. The rest of them either greeted her with a nod or smile as they walked in. She looked back down, "Give me a minute while I do some work quickly. Look around if you want."

She quickly finished, she saved her work and shut down her laptop before closing it. Resting her elbows on her desk, she placed her chin on top of her hands and made eye contact with everyone, "So, why are you all here?"

She suddenly looked concerned when noticing Tamaki's his visibly bruised cheek, "And what happened to you?"

Rubbing his cheek, Tamaki muttered, "My dare… and I almost got away with it too."

She chuckled, remembering the details of his dare, "Looks like you got caught."

"He certainly did!" Hunny grinned with an evil aura around him. Everyone else took a step away from him, scared to be near Hunny at the moment except for Mori.

Haruhi cleared her throat and crossed her arms, "Let's get this over with… so half of us were dragged here because of what some certain people did."

"So they better do what they came here for or else," Kyouya added with a hint of irritation in his tone. The guilty party gulped, not knowing what to expect.

Raika sighed, "All right then… would the three people I'm pissed off at please step forward."

Tamaki, Hikaru and Kaoru stood in a line in front of her desk, looking as nervous as hell.

"What do you three have to say for yourselves?"

"We're sorry for what we did," they apologized in unison.

"And what was that?"

"Trying to find out your name…"

She shook her head before smiling, "I forgive you guys, just don't do it again. Anyway, it's late and you all might as well sleepover here again."

They looked relieved and happy again, all except for Hikaru.

"Yay, another sleepover! Good thing we always keep spare clothes with us!" Tamaki exclaimed before he, Kaoru, Hunny and Mori left the room to get changed with her cousins trailing behind them.

Hikaru remained behind, who continued to appear tense even though Raika had already forgiven them.

"You all right there, Hika?" she asked, wondering why he was still there.

Hesitantly, he started rubbing the back of his neck while looking down, "Well, actually, I want to personally apologize because what happened earlier wouldn't have happened at all if it weren't for me."

"And why is that?" she inquired, not liking where this was going.

"I sort of… eavesdropped on your conversation with Kyouya, but it was only because I was the last one to leave the movie room and mine was on the other side of your rooms. Still, I took advantage of the information and so this afternoon was the result. I'm really sorry, Rai," he sincerely told her, feeling bad for the whole mess.

She let out a forced laugh as anger started to boil within her, "I thought it was a mere coincidence that you guys decided to loudly say the names of the clients today just so that you can find out my name, but now I know the reason for the whole fiasco, I'm truly furious." Raika then spun her chair around so that she didn't have to see his face, "I suggest you leave before I start to blow up."

Hikaru felt like he was just punched in the gut as the pain of utter guilt filled inside his stomach at the moment. He opened his mouth, about to say something, but closed it immediately.

Grinding his teeth, he turned around and dejectedly walked out of the room.


Not too long after, they all went in the enormous game room, just doing their separate things. Hunny, Mori and Tamaki were playing video games with Mori in the middle since Tamaki was still scared of the small boy. Raika and Haruhi were reading on a couch with Hikaru in front of Raika, trying to apologize. Kaoru was at a table, waiting for Hikaru since they were playing checkers and Kyouya was just at another table working on his ipad.

"Rai… can you please talk to me now?" Hikaru pleaded to her.

She didn't say anything, just continuing to read with her earphones on while Haruhi sat right next to her.

"Just leave her be for now, Hikaru. You're probably not going to get anything out of her right now," Haruhi told him.

Clenching his fists, he complied and trudged himself back to his seat, gloomily making his move, "She's still mad at me. It's your turn, by the way."

"Cheer up Hikaru. She'll be fine in the morning," Kaoru tried to assure him while moving one of his pieces, claiming some of Hikaru's checker pieces.


"Well, it looks like I won. Is there anything else you want to play?"

"I don't know…"

"How about we use the ps3 since the others are using the xbox?"

"Why don't you go play while I just sit here?"

Kaoru was now pissed off, "Just because you're mad doesn't mean you have to take it out on me," he retorted before standing up and walking, intending to leave the room.

Hikaru mentally kicked himself at his stupidity once again, "Kaoru…" he tried to call him, but his twin ignored him.

"Kaoru…" he tried again, but the other ginger-head continued on.

"Come on Kaoru!"

Just as his brother was about to exit, Hikaru decided to give it one more go and screamed, "KAORU!"


Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at the one who shouted back. They weren't looking at Kaoru, for he turned around himself since he was the most perplexed at what just happened. Instead, everyone was looking at Raika, surprisingly.

Realizing what she just did, she smacked her hand over her mouth and cursed, "Damn it."

Kyouya chuckled, "You finally broke… Kaoru."

"And you were so good at keeping it a secret until now," Haruhi shook her head at her cousin.

Raika sighed and ran a hand through hair. She removed her earphones and took a good look at everyone, "It's true. My name used to be Kaoru before I changed it when I was eleven."

"Wow, you have the same name as Kao-chan?" Hunny exclaimed as he, Mori and Tamaki started heading towards the couch where she and Haruhi were at.

She shrugged her shoulders, "Yeah… at least I did."

"So Kaoru had a girl's name the whole time? What about Hikaru?" Tamaki questioned with confusion.

The twins glared at him while everyone else in the room fell anime style except Kyouya who just shook his head, chuckling, "No Tamaki… both of their names are actually for either males or females. I'm surprised that none of you guys considered the thought."

Hikaru, still sitting where he was, smacked his forehead, "Damn it. Why didn't we think of that?"

"I see…" Tamaki said, rubbing his chin in thought at the revelation.

Kaoru walked over and plopped himself next to Raika. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulled her to him before gently rubbing the top of her head with his fist, "What are you doing have the same name as me, huh?"

"It's not like I knew what my parents were going to name me!" Raika argued, trying to get him off her.

He grinned afterwards, hugging her this time, "Just kidding, it's cool! Our name is popular after all! Isn't this awesome, Hikaru?" Kaoru turned to look at his brother, no longer mad at him anymore.

"Yeah… cool," Hikaru stated, still shocked by what they found out.

"Well, now you all know the thing that you were dying to find out all day… are you happy now?" Raika asked, looking at Kaoru then Tamaki and finally at Hikaru.

"I am," Kaoru smiled.

Tamaki had a slightly annoyed face, "I don't like how you have the same name as one of the devil twins, but it's relieving to know."

"Yeah, until you find something else that you want to figure out," Haruhi said out loud.

Tamaki went straight to a corner, all hunched down and depressed. Everyone just laughed.


Raika walked down the hallways with her Yui CD in hand, finally heading to her room.

When everyone started leaving for their own rooms, she remembered she had left it in her office. Wanting to listen to it while going to sleep, she departed from the rest of them to retrieve her compact disc.

While tapping the case against her palm, she turned a corner to the final hallway. She immediately stopped where she was after noticing Hikaru waiting at the door to her room. He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and eyes looking down at the floor, appearing to be lost in thought.

"Hikaru," she called out, trying to get his attention. Her action worked – Hikaru came back to reality and turned his gaze at her with a soft, nervous smile forming on his face, "Hey Rai… or should I say Kaoru." He smirked lightly before pushing himself off the wall and facing her properly.

She chuckled, walking up to him until they were inches apart, "Raika's just fine. So… is there something you need… or say?"

The ginger-head let out a sigh, "Look, I'm really sorry about what happened today. I should have just kept the information to myself and left it alone without getting curious about the subject. It was wrong of me to do that and get Kaoru and Tamaki involved in most of the scheme."

Raika just looked at him for a few seconds before wrapping her arms around his neck, hiding her face into his chest. He was stunned with her approach, but he quickly got over it and embraced her.

"I forgive you. I should have known you wouldn't have left well enough alone anyway."

Hikaru smiled, resting his chin on top of her head, "Thank you."

After pulling away from each other, Hikaru put his hands in his pockets. Raika, on the other hand, kept on tapping her CD case against her hand, with both of them just staring at each other, not knowing what else to say.

"So… how's the CD?" he asked her, finally noticing the object in her hand.

She grinned, "I really love it. I've actually been listening to the songs all day which got me to calm down after the incident earlier."

Hikaru laughed fretfully, rubbing the back of his neck, "I'm glad… the encounter in your office could have been a lot worse like I was expecting it too."

"Yeah, it probably was a good thing," Raika agreed.

"Soo… how'd you hear me shouting anyway?" Hikaru inquired curiously, distinctively remembering that she had earphones on the whole time.

Recalling what he was talking about, she avoided his eyes and cleared her throat before answering him, "Actually, I wasn't listening to anything… I had my earphones unplugged the whole time and hid the end in my pocket to make it look like I was." Soon after, her cheeks suddenly turned red in embarrassment.

He blinked a few times before shaking his head in amusement, "I see… so you were ignoring me then."

"Yeah… pretty much. Sorry about that," she apologized with a nervy grin, "But I wasdeeply thinking about things, especially about how I wanted to beat you up so bad."

Hikaru sweat dropped, "Wow… I'm having a bad, yet good, day."

"Yeah, your luck wasn't too bad after all," she giggled after seeing his reaction.

Seeing her happy again, he smiled before chuckling, "You know… it's kind of weird that you and Kaoru had the same name before, but cool also." He then gave her a questioning look, "Why would you want to change it though?"

Her giggling fit gone now, Raika slowly let out a breath. She then crossed her arms and looked down in thought, "To tell you the truth, after my parents died, I thought that I needed to change myself somehow… to make myself stronger… so I changed my name." Her doubtful eyes looked back into his, "Do you think that makes any sense? Or if I even did the right thing for myself?"

Not saying anything, he stepped closer to her and tilted her chin up, with a genuine smile on his face, "It doesn't matter to me if your name is Raika, Kaoru, or even Hikaru, although that would be even cooler."

They both laughed before he continued what he was saying, "Whatever name you have, though, just know that I'll love you just the same, for who you are."

Raika blushed at his confession, "You mean it?"

After brushing some of her hair to the side, Hikaru leaned down and pressed his lips against hers into a kiss, which she responded to. He pulled back soon after, staring deeply into her eyes, "Absolutely."

She smiled and enclosed her arms around his neck, "I love you too." They then shared another kiss before staying in an embrace.

Hikaru started to laugh, "Now I have two Kaorus!"

While resting her head against his shoulder, Raika just rolled her eyes before smiling.

They heard a crash and turned in the direction to see everyone peeking through their doors. The two were startled to see Kyouya smirking at them since his room was right across from hers, meaning that he was basically watching them close-up and they didn't notice him. Tamaki, who was the one that made the crashing noise, was flat-faced in the middle of the hallway from falling out of the door to Kaoru and Hikaru's room with Kaoru face-palming. Finally, a smiling Hunny was sitting on top of Mori's shoulders. The only one not seen was Haruhi, who was in Raika's room.

Hikaru just sighed and shook his head from catching them.

Raika, on the other hand, blushed and covered her face in embarrassment, "You guys…"

"Sorry Raika, we couldn't help it," Kaoru laughed.

"Yay! Hika-chan and Rai-chan are together now!" Hunny exclaimed happily.

"Congrats," Mori stated.

"Your relationship might affect the club… probably in a good way from my calculations," Kyouya declared while looking at his ipad as usual.

"Seriously Kyouya?" Hikaru said in astonishment as Raika finally composed herself. The two then changed positions so that they were now standing next to each other – Hikaru had an arm wrapped around her waist while both of hers were around his torso. She also had her head on his shoulder.

Tamaki finally came to and sat up with tears in his eyes, "Raika, my daughter! I will not let you date this troublemaker who probably brainwashed you! There are better fish in the sea than this one so please consider the decision made by your father!"

"Tamaki… shut up please."

The blonde felt like his heart ripped in two before he sprung up and tackled her out of Hikaru's arms. They were both now on the floor, with Tamaki shouting at her, "Don't start being rebellious now! Daddy doesn't like it when you act against me!"

"TAMAKI!" Raika screamed from under him. She was discouraged with his actions yet again, especially since she lost her grip on her CD case which flew onto the ground a few feet from them.

Raika's door suddenly slammed open and Haruhi found all the chaos occurring. She looked concerned from the two figures on the floor, "Do I want to know what is going on this time?"

"It appears Hikaru and Raika are now together," Kyouya answered her.

"Well finally," Haruhi said in relief.

"Hey, get off my girlfriend!" Hikaru demanded while trying to pry him off her.

Fire was now in Tamaki's eyes as he jolted up and pointed an accusing finger at Hikaru, "You will not refer her as your "girlfriend," you swine!" he ridiculed before the blonde began chasing him down the hall with Hikaru proving to be the faster out of the two.

"Boss! You seriously have issues!"

"I'm just a protective father looking out for his children!"

"Would you quit it with this father act of yours already? It's really disturbing now!"

Everyone else just stared at the two running around the halls.

Hunny laughed, "Poor Hika… Tamaki's probably going to bother him from now on."

Kaoru shook his head at the sight. He walked up to Raika and placed an arm around her shoulders, "Well, Kaoru number two, looks like we have a lot to deal with from now on."

Raika chuckled before sighing, "We sure do, Kaoru number one, we sure do."

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