"Raphael? Son of a bitch ... let go of me "shouted Jeffrey, the archangel started laughing and with a wave of his hand he threw the knife at Klaus.
"Ho Honey ... I will not leave, not until your brothers come to you or to your boyfriend Castiel appears and give his life for yours ... then Niklaus come with me" stated Raphael and Niklaus came with the winery.
"Your brother, Elijah was in the Salvatore house ... with the team of fools, he follow us"
"I should know ... I'll take care of my brother"
"Do it or I'll kill you with the" warned the archangel, Klaus frowned before running the place.

- O -

"Answer me Elijah What do you want Klaus with my baby brother? '" Asked Sam annoying, Elijah nodded.
"900 years ago, my brother had a son ... the first child born hybrid of the two species of vampire and werewolf, his powers were so great that ... the baby ended up dying, but not power ... My brother knows that the small Jeffrey has the powers, he thinks Jeff is his son "Elijah explained, all went blank.
"That's nonsense, my brother lost those powers ... the long lost" said Sam, Elijah began to laugh.
"No ... he lost that power remains on, and if they want to save him asleep ... will need take back" assure Elijah.
"We could never do that to ... well how could we do?" Sam asked who in the depths of his being, was considering the idea ... Elijah put his hands in his pockets and pulled out a paper.
"This ... is a spell, if Bonnie can do ... Jeff live, is their only chance Sam" Elijah said very seriously, Sam took out his cell fast and called Dean to tell him everything that plan.

- O -

"No way, Sam, we can not do that," said Dean annoying from the other side of the phone, Damon stayed like crazy to hear the idea.
"Of course we are not going to do that, he is a child ... not -"
"Listen, it's the only way he's going to live and can kill Klaus is the only one with enough power to do that" shout Elijah from the other side of the phone, looked at Damon and Dean because they had no choice.
"Make the spell ... we'll kill Raphael" Dean said hanging.

- O -

"Can you do it Bonnie?"
"If Sam, even that distance will be a little difficult ... we will," said Bonnie, at that moment the door of the house Salvatore Klaus broke and entered the place.
"Niklaus" whispered her brother.
"Hello Elijah ... I must admit I'm surprised to see you here, with all these losers" Klaus said, grinning, Sam stepped forward path and shot him, of course he did nothing.
"So you're the bastard Klaus ... bastard who kidnapped my brother"
"Well ... let me guess, by your height, dirty hair must be ... Sam, the devil boy ... I heard about you child and believe me you are not competitive" Klaus said Sam ran to bite, yet achievement meddling Stefan and Klaus to launch ground.
"Elena, Ric ... help Bonnie with the spell, going up ... fast ... fast "Stefan screamed, the boys ran down the stairs, leaving the battle between Klaus, Elijah, Stefan and Sam will be held.

- O -

"Ready?" Dean asked Damon as he stood at the door of the cellar of the city, where Jeff was ... Damon nodded and kicked the door .
"We will go by Raphael, Jeremy seeks Jeff and him out of here" Dean ordered, all nodded and not long to hit Raphael appeared to Castiel.
"The waiting" said the person, then Damon and Dean began to shoot, not even that clear to any harm.
Jeremy cumin stealthily through the winery, then found Jeffrey strapped to a table, naked and bleeding from various parts.
"You'll be fine friend ... you'll be fine" Jeremy said as he broke the ties with the knife he had given Dean, Jeff was free just look for your clothing and despite the pain of his wounds, dressed quickly and started walking.

Raphael had toppled onto Dean Damon and was about to kill Castiel, then Jeff saw the sword of the angel shot, ran to pick it up and Raphael stabbed in the back.

"You bastard, rot in hell," said the boy white light before announcing the death of Raphael.,., The angel fell dead and Jeff weak to ground, and Dean ran over in his arms.

"Are you okay baby?" Dean asked with concern, Jeff nodded Damon then approached him and stroked his hair, Jeff cried for the pain of his wounds and dropped his head on the chest of his older brother.

- O -
"You're not so brave now or not brother?" Asked Klaus to Elijah who was wounded on the ground, the vampire got up and hit him again.
"Not a little brother" Elijah said, then continued fighting together, while on the second floor was doing the spell Bonnie and formed a circle with Ric and Elena, his life force needed.
For when Bonnie began the spell, the circle began to weaken but it worked, a white light surrounded the Impala with Dean (who was telling the story of Klaus Jeff) for a few seconds, when the light disappeared Jeff was completely cured from his wounds.
"The powers returned" muttered Jeff-
"Are you okay dwarf? Do you feel different? "Dean asked, the boy turned to look at him and frown.
"I am different ... Accelerates "the boy told his older brother, he felt strong and had great desire to kill. Dean was shocked but the car accelerated.

When came home Jeff under the car running with a top speed of even the vampires, Klaus saw about to kill Sam, so Jeff ran and stopped Klaus arm.

"Hi Daddy" Jeff said wryly before hitting the vampire's face and throw against one of the walls, Klaus got up laughing.

"I see you have told the story ... well if I am your father ... and I want you by my side Jeffrey, now you have the powers back ... we can rule the world, to create a winner" said Jeff Klaus walked while forth, pretending that he thought.
"Sounds tempting ... but forgot something"
"That my father was John Winchester, tough and strict but it taught me to be responsible and to be on the right side" said Jeff before taking one of the stakes of the ground and stab Klaus.
"This comes with the powers, I can kill originals" Jeff said, Klaus's face began to drop tears for his plan foiled, lego began to burn to be ashes.

It took a few minutes for everyone to regroup in the room, Caroline and Tyler also came because they had misled the wolves and arrived just in time for the victory party.
"Hey why dwarf that face? You should be happy we won "Dean asked who saw his younger brother very sad in a corner.
"I know, but at what price? I'ma weirdo again "muttered Jeff, Dean put his arm around her shoulders and pressed her head against his knees.
"Look ... you have powers or not, does not change you're my babybrother, rarely talk much ... I love you little" said Dean, Jeff laughed all the time.
Within minutes Damon pulled out some bottles of brandy to celebrate, everyone was happy to have finished with their enemies.

"Thanks for coming guys," Damon said to Sam and Dean,
"O well you know we are always available to save damsels in distress ... besides we like this people are already thinking of buying a home here is not Sammy?" Dean asked, everyone laughed again. Thinking about how great it would be to have the best hunters living in a town of vampires, witches, wolves, ghosts, perfect fit.

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