Chapter One: Supernatural

When Sam wakes up, it's Tuesday.

Dean has just thrown a pillow at him. "Up and at it, Sammy," He says cheerfully. It seems to be one of those rare days where Dean's managed to drag himself out of bed before noon without anyone's help.

Sam groans and rolls over to check the bedside digital clock.

Six-thirty. What the hell?

Dean is obviously unsatisfied with the rate Sam is moving at because he throws a second pillow at Sam's head. "C'mon, we've got a case."

"What is it?" Sam asks groggily, kicking back his sheets and sitting up.

"Perdition, Kansas, two hours away. Four men vanished into thin air in the past five weeks. No bodies; just gone."

"Dean," Sam complains, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "That's nothing."

"We've gone on less." Dean says, and Sam believes that he's actually being quoted there.

"Fine." He agrees, standing up. "If it is something; what's your guess?"

"Maybe a witch." Dean shrugs. Not appreciating the still dubious expression on his brother's face, he adds, "Just because the apocalypse is on menopause, doesn't mean we go on vacation, alright? We still have work to do."

"Yeah, but at six-thirty in the morning?" Sam sighs, heading across the room to the bathroom.

"There might be a psycho-bitch on the loose, Sammy –no time for sleeping in!" Dean calls as Sam shuts the door.

It's hard to tell if he's being serious or not.

When Sam exits the bathroom (wide awake after a nice, long shower), he finds Dean and Cas sitting at the small round table of the motel room. They're having one of those staring contests that Dean is convinced he will win some day.

Sam's pretty sure this game is just some sort of excuse for Dean to stare into the angel's eyes… some more, obviously; they already spend half of the time having eye-sex anyway.

"Hey Cas," Sam says.

"Hello Sam." Cas replies in the same mild but gruff tone he usually has. He doesn't look away from Dean, whom he is beginning to regard with slight concern.

Dean stares, watery-eyed, back at Castiel.

Sam just rolls his eyes and begins to pack up their things –mainly his laptop and research books.

Like Dean said: the apocalypse is currently on menopause. No one's heard anything on Lucifer (the Lucifer) or his minions since that day Same woke up and suddenly found himself back on Earth –no longer in Hell –and perfectly healthy.

No one's sure if Lucifer is still in the Cage or not, but it is the common belief that he is not. Where ever he is, the Devil is laying low. Of course, this probably means he's cooking up some terrible plan that involves either world-domination or world-destructing, but Sam's kind of relieved. It's almost as if it never really happened –like the end of the world was never a real threat. Almost. There arethings that keep Sam reminded about what happened.

Dean's certainly living up to one of his many (sometimes useless, sometimes strange) mottos in life: move on, don't think about it; didn't happen.

On the other hand, Castiel's faith is fully renewed. He's 100% sure that it was God's hand that brought Sam back and really, what other explanation is there? The question, though, is why.

Well, that's the question for Sam, anyway. Cas's question is more along the lines of where.

For the past six months since Sam's return, Cas has been scouring both Heaven and Earth for signs of his Father.

That being said, Sam's kind of surprised to see Castiel. This isn't exactly a huge case they're taking on today, and Cas isn't one to just visit just because (Not that Sam's complaining about this unexpected drop-in. the lack of Cas makes Dean all butt-hurt and whiny. It's really annoying).

Finally, Dean blinks, effectively ending the staring contest. He scowls, mutters "one day…" and turns to Sam, who is all packed and ready to go.

"Ready? Good." Dean says, fishing the keys to his beloved Impala out of his pocket and heading toward the door. "Let's go."

They stop by a diner for some pancakes before hitting the road and heading to Perdition. ("Hey," Dean laughs, "We're on the Road to Perdition."

"Not funny." Sam says flatly.

Cas doesn't understand that reference.)

As they near Perdition, Dean fills Sam on more details of the case. "The last man disappeared yesterday evening. Name of Dennis Lively. All of the men were last seen in the same area."

"And where's that?"

"Mimi's Bouquet Shop and Garden." Dean replies with a small snort of amusement.

Mimi's is a small shop tucked away in a corner of Perdition. This time of year, the large garden behind the shop is pretty dead.

The owner's name is Amelia Croth. She's a sweet old lady who has owned the place for thirty years. All she's able to tell them is that the last she saw of the men was when they went out back. They had all been to the shop to buy flowers for loved ones.

"There's a small stream farther down through the garden and the woods," Croth offers. It is the only explanation she could think of. "The might've wanted to see it."

"Thank you ma'am."

Sam and Dean exit the shop and meet up with Castiel, who is standing still outside. There's a concentrated expression on his face that he usually wears when he's using his Angel mojo to sense something.

"Hey Cas, what's up?" Dean asks.

Castiel sighs and blinks, seeming returning to the present. "There's a great deal of magic covering the area." He says, "It's strange. I can't pinpoint exactly what…" he trails off and his eyes glaze over once more.

Dean leans over, waves a hand in front of Castiel's face and then turns to Sam. "Okay then. Weird magic. What did I say, Sammy? We've got a case."

"Whatever, Dean. Let's just check out the garden. And don't call me that." Sam adds on afterthought.

Castiel follows, scanning the surroundings thoroughly with sharp blue eyes.

The 'garden' is a bunch of empty flower pots on wooden tables and on painted tiled ground, shrubs, and chipped stone statues.

"So how's the search for God?" Sam makes small talk as they wander about the area, unsure about what they're looking for, but looking nevertheless.

"I have not succeeded." Castiel replies, "But that is obvious." He opens his mouth to add more when Dean chuckles a little bit away.

"Look," He says, "Angels." He points to a pair of generically positioned statues on the edge of the garden. They're both supposed to be females, Sam figures, and they're kind of ugly, actually.

"These are not angels." Cas says, staring at them critically. "They are barely twenty years old. And they are made of stone." He gives the 'angels' an offended look.

"Do we even know what the thing is?" Sam sighs, and he's not talking about the angels, who have already been well-identified as rocks.

Dean shrugs. "We can search the woods." He says.

"Not a good idea," Comes a sing-song voice from behind them.

No one but Sam notices anything, and he know exactly who the voice belongs to without turning around. He was kind of hoping Lucifer wouldn't show up today. It was going so well.

"This isn't a case you should be taking…" Lucifer says. He's leaning casually against a statue of a young woman jumping rope as he observes his fingernails. He glances over to Sam. "Trust me –not your type of thing."

Sam clenches his teeth together and turns away without answering. "Dean?" He calls out.

It looks like while Lucifer was distracting him, Dean and Cas headed down to the stream.

"Ah ah ah…" Lucifer says, as if chiding a child for doing wrong. "Sam." He warns.

Sam turns around just as a hand clamps onto his shoulder. It's too heavy to be Lucifer's, even if he wasn't just a hallucination.

Sam's barely able to register that he's staring at an angry looking angel –a statue of an angel –before everything goes black.