Hello guys. I'm Cresellia. This is my first Pokemon fan fiction. I have dedicated it to all Eevee fans. The story includes all eeveelutions in it.

Just so you know, the story is more like a modern human life. There is a high school, and pokemon attend it. They have different classes such as fire class for fire pokemon and water class for water ones. The story may not sound like as if pokemon live in forests and are away from humans and living in much the same ways as real animals. It more like they live in the human world, in much as the same way as humans.

The story does not have any human cast in it!

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon or any songs I might mention.

Here is a short description of what the story is about:

Eevee was normal pokemon who lived in a den in the forest. She went to a school called blastoise's pokemon academy. The school was a huge building with many classes. They had a lava pit where fire pokemon attended classes, a huge lake for water pokemon classes, a peaceful garden for physics classes and so on for other types. Eevee had two best friends called Ralts and Luxio. They were her closest friends but she didn't have many friends because she was not popular. She had a crush on Umbereon, a popular soccer player on the team but he had someone else in mind.

Chapter one!

Eevee was getting ready for her school. She was in her den, stuffing up her homework in her baby pink colored bag round her neck. "It's another day, Eevee! Let's make a great new day", she told herself. She was as cheerful as she was every day. She tried to be cheerful, hoping it was gonna be the best day ever. Eevee put on her red bow on right ear and took a bite of the Oran berry she ran on her table. After finishing the berry, she quickly got out of the den and hurriedly ran to her school

Eevee got to the school. She entered the grounds where lots of pokemon were walking, playing or just talking. She had entered the school and was walking past the trees in its lawn when the whole school hushed. Everyone's eyes swept on to the main door.

Who do you think was entering? The most popular pokemon of the school was entering. "She looks as gorgeous as ever", a pokemon whispered to another. "Why shouldn't she? She is the most popular and the most beautiful pokemon of all", replied another pokemon. This was a very beautiful Espeon. She had purple-pink fur and a bright red gem on her forehead. Her eyes were as shinning with beauty and she had a ruby necklace round her neck. She walked gracefully into the school, her eyes closed as all the guy pokemon looked at her as if they wished she would walk up to them and say, "Would they like to go on a date?" But this wasn't always so. She was popular and always aimed for the cool pokemon. She had no feelings for non-popular pokemon.

Eevee was frustrated to see this. Why? Not because Espeon was popular and would completely ignore her like she did to other pokemon of her status, but because Espeon was one of the evolutions that she could have turned into. Only, she didn't had luxury or comfort in her life. And it only happen if she evolved during the day with lots of love and ease in life. This was pretty much difficult.

Another reason was that her crush, Umbereon also had a crush on Espeon. Umbereon was popular pokemon too. He was the captain of the academy's soccer team. Espeon always ignored him. This was only to show him she was more popular than him although he was just as popular among male pokemon as much as she was in the female.

This was the first chapter. Legendary pokemon will be appearing and other evolutions are also a part of it. Hope you like it and if its popular enough, I'll write more of this.