Spirit: stallion of the Lakota

Chapter one: My Girl.

A few nights after Spirit and Rain return from the Lakota village when foaling season began. I was nervous though Rain told me hundreds of times that she wasn't pregnant, I wasn't sure. It's not that I didn't believe Rain but we had argued 100 times the reasons why I would not let her give birth to our foal yet. Her and her friends were staring over at me. Was my expression strange, a few of them fancied me I knew that. I replied with a flirtingly smile which made Rain roll her eyes and a few of the others turn round and giggle which made me laugh too. I ran over to them and I heard them whisper "He's coming, now nobody say a word about what we have discussed" and I arrived.

"Hello ladies," I said with a smile on the end which gained me a few giggles. Rain wasn't taking it though.

"Spirit, you always come down here at this time. Why?" Rain said which a smirking smile on the end, she knew why but I wasn't going to tell them why. It's because at this time they usually talk about me and me being curious I was intrigued.

"Because you always look beautiful at this time of the day and I like coming down to remind you and all the other stallions that your mine." I said smiling at her as I went round.

"That's sweet," Esperanza, my mother said as she neared us. Immediately I got embarrassed and tried to hide behind Rain but she stepped to the side, she wasn't finished with revenge just yet. I blew on my bottom lip making a funny sighing sound which made everybody else laugh. "Come on you two, the herd are ready for the night." My mother said as she walked away to the spot where she slept. I looked at Rain.

"Ready to check the herd," as usual she walked to my side and we checked the herd together. Every night the twin colts were our biggest problem, they would not sleep but eventually when they did, Rain and I walked up the hill to the podium as it was nicknamed. Rain lay down first as normal while I looked over the herd again before lying down and placing my head protectively over rain shoulders.

The next morning I was woken by a mare that was quite close to us who collapsed, she woke Rain up too. She was giving birth. After 10 minutes of what seemed like pain though I am just guessing from the ragged breaths I heard, a young chocolately-brown filly was born. Rain smiled at me but I could see where this was going and so could she.

"Rain, are you sure that you aren't expecting?" I asked, curious, confused by the way that she was smiled.

"Spirit I am telling you the truth. Is that not enough though I wouldn't mind if I was," Rain said laughing but adding a smile at the end.

"Eventually you're going to win this argument, that's why you look so smug when we talk about this" She looked at me smiling shaking her head up and down.

"Eventually you're going to want an heir to the Cimarron herd and I will make that happen." And then she just started to walk away but before sweeping her tail slowly, caressingly across my face.

"Whoa, wait a minute," I ran down to stand in front of her. I stared into those gorgeous hazel eyes with the eye lids entrancing me to look longer to see them again.

"Spirit, are you okay?" Rain asked bringing me back to the real world.

"Yeah sure, why wouldn't I be!" though I answered a bit too quick for her. "You're eyes, they're beautiful." I added at the end not looking into the eyes that hypnotized me to believe that when I looked into them that only me and her mattered. The herd mattered. The Lakota village mattered even though we didn't live there anymore. But she and I did matter to each other, to Little Creek, to my mother.

"Is that all it is." Rain replied looking at me. "Do you remember the Lakota village?" I was a question I wanted to rephrase and ask her though I wanted to ask her if she missed Little Creek, if she missed Cloud, If she missed the village, if she missed it.

"Yeah, of course I do Rain, I met you there." I was about to say more when I saw Esperanza gallop up to us. My mother looked nothing like me though I knew not of my father. To me he died a few days before I was born, I didn't know him, I didn't hear about him even though I must look like him. Strider. That's his name.

"4 more foals born, a set of twins – two fillies and two singles a filly and a colt." She said smiling at us and we smiled back. "Spirit, there is someone that I would like you to meet." I looked confused and could sense Rain looking at me. I started to walk with my mother. "Are you coming Rain." Esperanza called back. Those familiar hoof beats on the ground were coming. Rain was coming. I was happy.

"I thought that it was only you and Spirit that were meant to go." Rain said cheerfully before nuzzling into my neck. I looked down at her before rolling my eyes. She smiled. After walking for a while I stopped suddenly at the three figures that stood before me. One was a very tall stallion, midnight black skin with a jet black mane and tail that swayed gently like mine in the wind, a smaller stallion but still taller than me stood on the right to him this one had Esperanza's skin but the taller stallion's hair and mane. And finally a mare the same size as the second stallion had exactly Esperanza's markings with the light biscuit coloured skin and a white tail and mane. Rain looked at me before looking at them.

"I can explain." My mother said drawing my attention to her. Her expression saddened by the figures that looked over us. She tried to hide her face but the wind wisped through her mane showing her worried and concerned eyes.

"Spirit?" The black stallion knew my name I looked up though confused as I am concealed it inside me and looked up blankly. He stared at me before circling me. Esperanza walked away a bit to stand with two other strangers. Rain and I looked into each other's eyes seeing only what we thought inside. She walked away to stand with my mother. I watched her walk over not lifting my eyes off her. The black stallion was stilling circling me until he looked in my eyes, I cleared them, I blanked them. "You've did a great job Esperanza, if I was here I couldn't have done a better job." He said smiling. He walked towards Rain and my mother. Rain stepped back and he placed his head over Esperanza's shoulder, protectively, like I did to Rain when she was upset.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" I was getting to the point, I didn't like strangers in my herd especially those that make either my mother or Rain sad.

"He's like me then isn't he?" The stallion replied still looking at Esperanza. She smiled at him, happy.

"You still have not answered my questions" I said angrier. He turned to face me.

"Getting angry does not solve anything Spirit." He smiled, smirking. It was one thing to come in as a stranger to the herd but then to mock me. He was not going to get away with it.

"You still have not answered my questions" I said again, repeating myself but this time with more anger.

"Okay stallion I'll tell you." This guy was getting on my nerves, my mum looked happier though that was something. "Who am I? I am Strider. How do I know your name? Quite simply because I am your father." Shock formed in my mouth like saliva I was unable to speak. He laughed.

"You're not my father, my father died before I was born." I said firmly through the clot in my throat though my point still came through. I looked down and couldn't believe this guy. He was heading for it and I couldn't wait to see his face when that time came.

"I am Spirit. I am" Was this guy for real, pleading with me. I was going to say something but I wanted to see what he was going to say. "I was captured from the creatures that are known as humans-" He started, Rain's eyes grew wider before filling with hatred. I looked at her my eyes saying I know don't believe him, Little Creek is different but some are creatures. She understood. "They threw ropes around my neck and dragged me downhill but they kept throwing ropes over me until I had to do what they said. They told me to a cavalry base. I was a horse there, I tried to get to you to tell you but they caught me until I escaped a few weeks ago then I found your brother and sister and we came to finally meet you." Strider met my eyes, his saying sorry, mine still with anger. I outstared him.

"Rain, are you coming?" She looked up at me shocked for me to mention her though she still came forward and walked beside me. I could see my mother's face cloud and she began to cry so I ran up to her. "Don't blame yourself for what has happened today. You brought me up well I can't think of it going any other way." I smiled before cuddling her. I pulled away and her smile was back "I'll see you later." She understood and turned to look at Strider. I also looked at him looking my glaze before turning back to Rain. "You ready." She nodded her head happily, content with life. I raised an eyebrow at her. Rain's confused look was funny so I started laughing at her because galloping away. She soon followed. We took to the podium and watched the herd. Rain nuzzled me so I nuzzled her back. Her friends were looking at us with expressions of your a cute couple.

"Is it okay if I go down to them." She said looking down at them before turning to me. Confused I looked at her, she smiled.

"You don't have to ask unless the herd are in danger and even then I would let you." I said playing with her hair. She snorted at me which made me stop. She ran down to them. I watched her until a snort came from behind me. Strider stood there. I glared at him, he moved closer, too close. He was standing beside me.

"So how long have you watched over the herd." He did not know what to say to me, I knew he didn't want me to run away. This guy wanted to know me.

"Since I've been old enough." I said still staring out over them but especially at the young twin colts. He smiled which made me politely smile back.

"You know that I just want to protect you-"He was looking at me and I suddenly turned to him

"Don't start the I care about you mushy father talk right, I hate that and cannot stand it what so ever. Just one thing that you should know about me." I said though he was amusing what am I saying I feel this strange feeling. Warm, fuzzy, who am I kidding I hardly know this guy.

"So what are their names." I asked. The wind felt strange like it knew that this was something different, it read me like a book.

"Who?" Strider asked rather confused by my question. I rolled my eyes.

"My brother and sister." Strider looked happy but I wanted to ruin it, I didn't know them that well but there was no other way to put it. "Before you get too happy I couldn't put it any other way." But his face didn't fall.

"Thunder and Tawny." He said. "Well it's night." I looked up and smiled back at him. "Goodnight" He said before quickly turning and walking away down to my family who I never knew existed. I was staring into the sky when Rain came up to me disturbing my staring.

"Everybody's fine and checked for." I looked at her, smiling. She lay down and I looked out over them but looked at my family. "Spirit."

"Yeah." I looked at her and lay down beside her "Thanks." I said quietly into her ear but she had already fallen asleep. I looked at her for a while; I was lucky, a little too lucky. I lay my head over her shoulders and soon fell asleep too.

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