Spirit: Stallion of the Lakota

We stood there smiling at each other until Rain jerked. I looked at the foals; they were getting their fill of milk. They turned to look at me before walking unsteadily forward.

"Are you going to check their gender?" Rain asks me which causes me to look up. I thought that she had done that already. "Please." She was looking at me, her eyes pleading with me even though it was a simple task but a rather awkward. After 5 minutes I stood up and looked at her.

"Both fillies." I say proudly to show her that I wasn't looking for a colt. Even though fillies would be a bit awkward for me but oh well.

"What should we name them?" Rain asked, I thought and thought. I was always given the difficult task even though she was to verify them first

"How about." I started; she looked at me, waiting for me to continue. "Kachina for the one that looks mostly like me and Kayi for the one that looks like you." I smiled at her.

"Nice, Native American names to fit in with the Lakota tribe but I know what they mean but do you?" Rain asked smugly, she thought I didn't know.

"Kachina means spirited, sacred dancer and Kayi means elder sister." I reply. She smiles back and starts to sweep her tail across my face.

"I'm impressed." She says smiling rather flirty. She sweeps the reminder of her tail across before walking towards the fillies. She looks at the one that looks like me.

"Kachina," Kachina smiles at Rain before turning to smile at me, we smile back. Rain then turns to the one that looks exactly like her. "Kayi," Kayi then copies her sister. Rain leads the way out into the field to graze, I wait for our children to go by. Kayi goes by quite confidently and strongly using her legs, she smiles at me her eyes saying look what I can do dad. Kachina has a more of a problem though she was finding it hard to walk without falling over. I encourage her a little and then just like that she can walk. I walk with her, Rain watches us as we walk out. Little Creek sees me and runs over, shock, astonishment and happiness wash over his face as he comes down to see the fillies.

"What are they called?" He asks us. Rain looks at me.

"Spell it out for him." She says. I point to Kayi and start spelling out a k with my body

"K…" Little creek starts. Rain nods. Then I try to spell a. "Ka…" he looks at Rain who nods again. Y was easy. "Kay." Rain nods again. I spell out the letter I. "Kayi, is that her full name Kayi." Rain nods "that's beautiful." He adds at the end. Little Creek points to Kachina and I spell out her name. "Kachina that's another beautiful name and you both are just are beautiful as your mother." He adds. Kayi blushes but Kachina smiles and runs and head butts Little Creek's arm. Rain, Kayi, Little Creek and I all laugh at her making Kachina laugh too. "Well let's see how well you can walk." Little Creek says looking at me and Rain's children. Kayi walked first, confidently. "Impressive," Kayi's smile was cute which make us laugh. He turned to Kachina. "What about you?" Kachina walks over to him but he tries to pet her and she runs for me, for protection.

"Rain." It was Cloud; he came running over the hills and looked shocked at the sight of two fillies running with us. He ran down to talk to rain. Little Creek waved bye and ran back to his tribe. "Whose fillies are you watching? Your sister's?"

"I don't have a sister, they are mine and Spirits." I didn't like this, I was being dragged into this, and Cloud looked like he was going to explode.

"Did he hurt you?" Cloud's question hurt me but Rain laughed at him.

"You don't get it do you? I'm not your girl, I'm Spirit's girl and I was the one who asked for children." It seemed pretty awkward to me talking about the fact that you wanted the kids that you have with your boyfriend to a friend. I didn't like Cloud and now I know why.

"Kayi, Kachina come on we'll leave your mum to talk to Cloud." I said Cloud with emphasis to make them remember his name but Cloud didn't take it that way.

"What are you trying to do?" Cloud seemed angry I didn't know why.

"The kids only remember important things if you emphasis them. Bye" I walked away the kids following behind me. I didn't know what Cloud was saying to Rain but I hoped with all my heart that he wouldn't upset her if he did I would not be held responsible for my actions. It seemed like a century had gone by before she stormed past us.

"Maybe you do belong with him you you idiot." Cloud called after Rain, and it wasn't like she was anybody's Rain she was my Rain. I walked up to her.

"What did he say to you." I looked into her eyes, mine searching though I don't know what they were searching for, maybe for something that would reassure me that I could help her or that she was okay. Her eyes showed nothing but pain. I stood there watching her, a tear slid its way down her cheek, I licked it away and she looked at me, like I was the enemy.

"Leave me alone." She shouted at me before storming away, past me, past our fillies, past Cloud and into the woods. I was shocked, what had I done? I tried a smile and turned round to Kayi and Kachina, Kachina laughed but Kayi looked serious.

"Dad?" she said, I was shocked; Kayi just said her first word. "Are you okay, can I help?" I continued to look at her.

"You can talk?" I was waiting for the answer.

"Yes, I picked it up when you, mum, Cloud and Little Creek were talking." Kayi says proudly.

"So…" I look at them before starting to walk; they walked quite strongly to my left. "What do you want to do?" I asked, I was used to having to be gentle with anyone, not even with Rain, her name make pain appear in my heart. I would deal with her later, I tried to give her attention but she didn't want it so I'm giving it to our children.

"Meet the other foals." Kayi said but Kachina shook her head at her sister.

"Okay Kachina how about me and you take your sister to the other foals and you and me can play nearby." Kayi and Kachina both smiled and nodded at me. I was getting pretty good at being a father. We walked before another 10 minutes before we saw them, Kayi's face lit up. "Well go on down." I say and just like that she racing down to them. She meets a few of them and goes around with them. I turn my attention to Kachina. I start running back and forth, Kachina's face lights up as she copies me. "You're getting really good at staying on your own legs." I compliment her which makes her smile. I stop so does she, I look inside her face and she looks into mine, our manes flying in the wind. An eagle flies over us disturbing our bonding. I look at her again before chasing the eagle I hear the hoof beats of my daughter and then I see her. I neighed happily at her before running faster than the eagle, to my surprize she is just behind me. After another 10 minutes we come up to a cliff so we stop. I lie down and she lies down beside me snuggling into me. We fall asleep; at midnight when the sky was pitch black we woke up "Use my tail to stay with me." I say and she obeys, about twenty minutes later we reach camp and find Kayi still playing with her friends. "Kayi, come on." I shout down to her reluctantly she says goodbye and runs back up to us.

"It was great dad, I make 4 new friends." Kayi excitedly tells me before stopping to lie down next to Kachina and me.

"Goodnight." I say softly to them but they are already asleep and soon I am copying them. Kayi wakes me up.

"Dad I'm going to go and play with my new friends." She says happily.

"Take your sister with you and she can make friends, maybe different friends to you." I reply but Kayi quite happily takes her sister down with her. I stand up and say bye to them. When I can't see them anymore, I worry but I head off to find Rain. First on my checklist, where Little Creek is. I run round the corner to see him. Rain isn't there. I head all over the camp but I don't see her or even Cloud. Final place, the woods. I head over to them and hear her. She is talking to Cloud, I listen in quietly.

"I love Spirit, I don't love you." Rain starts.

"Then why did you run away from him." Cloud challenges her.

"Looking after kids is more stressful than you think."

"Is it? I have raised loads of foals, I don't have any problem."

"Yeah but stallions don't get hit as bad as mares." "Besides Spirit wouldn't understand if I told him." I was shocked, she sighed.

"How not?"

"He would say to me that I wanted them and challenge me with that stuff."

"So you don't love him anymore."

"I do I don't know what to say to him though." I braced myself tears formed under my eyelids but I held them back. "I can't take it anymore. I don't know what to do, I'm a mess." Cloud smiles at her.

"You wouldn't have to change for me."

"No Cloud I can't do this. I am not doing this to him." She says furiously back at him but storming away into the camp. I gallop as fast as I can to the grass. I make it and start grazing as she appears at the edge. I look up to see her but blank my face from what I just heard. Cloud appears and I force one of my eyebrows up. Kayi and Kachina appear over the hill but disappear as they see who it is there. I saw them but Rain didn't. I push it now ass I continue to walk away grazing. She walks up to me, I looked up at her. She hesitates before continuing. She was crying, the daggers appeared piercing my heart again. She reaches me and nuzzles into my chest; I put my head onto the back of her neck. It was us, she was back, she was my girl once more. I glanced over at Cloud, he was furious, Kayi, Kachina, Rain and I looked up as he galloped as fast as he could towards me. He was going to fight with me.