Title: Together

Author: 3rdgal

Pairing: House/Wilson friendship although slash goggles will work well, too

Rating: PG-13 just to be safe

Spoilers/Warnings: BIG TIME for "The C Word" and small one for "Perils of Paranoia"

Words: ~430

Summary: Wilson finally understands.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own them.

A/N: Not only was "The C Word" the best House episode ever, I think it was my favorite episode of any TV show I have ever watched. There were so many wonderful moments and I can't wait to see the flood (I hope) of fics that come out now. Huge thanks to srsly_yes for the quick and awesome beta!

"I knew you had a gun."

"Congratulations," House panted back as he tried not to stagger under the weight of his debilitated friend. "You've made it through chemo and graduated from adult diapers but I can see where gloating about being right would rank high on your list right now."

"But why would you have it out in the open?" Wilson queried around a weak cough.

"Less talk, more walk or we're going to finally be sleeping together in a heap on the floor."

House could feel Wilson studying him all the way back to the couch. When House slumped down next to him but refused to make eye contact, he seemed to have a revelation. "You were planning on using it."

"Well, if your whining had gotten any worse, I think I would have been justified."

"I'm serious, House. What were you planning to do?"

House remained silent, shrugging as he studied a spot on the floor. He could practically hear the wheels turning in his friend's head and knew he was about to be busted.

"I said something about your probation officer and you said it wasn't going to be an issue. Were you… were you going to kill yourself?"

House finally looked up and studied Wilson's pale, drawn face. "I meant what I told you, that you have everything you need right here." He took a deep breath, dragging his gaze away from his friend's corpse-like features. "We both do."

"So what you're saying… My beating this disease has two lives riding on it?"


Wilson paused for a minute before solemnly nodding. "Okay."

"Okay?" House repeated incredulously. "No lecture about how I'll be fine without you? How I should valiantly go on because there are more lives out there for me to save?"

"No," Wilson smiled faintly as he shook his head. "If there's one thing I've realized during this nightmare, it's that I couldn't have done it alone. And that there's only one person that I wanted here, and thankfully he was willing to abide by my wishes, no matter how suicidal or crazy they may have seemed." Wilson reached out his hand, gently brushing it along the damaged thigh. "I understand now, House."

Despite the fact that his best friend was still facing an uncertain and potentially brief future, House felt a smile creep onto his face and the first stirrings of genuine happiness in his heart. "So we have a deal? Together until the end?"

"Together until the end."