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There will be het in this chapter.

Chapter 4

Sam sighed and rolled onto his back to stare up at his ceiling, unable to sleep. He felt restless and warm and it was driving him nuts. What was wrong with him for the last week? Sighing again he got out of bed and redressed before leaving his room and wandering the halls. He hesitated when he noticed his Father's door was cracked open and a light was on. He moved closer and then knocked quietly, chewing his lip nervously. He had very little to do with the angel outside of Court duties and wasn't sure of his welcome.

"Come in Samael." Lucifer called and Samael started slightly before opening the door and walking in, looking around curiously. He watched his son, wondering what had brought him to his rooms for the first time ever. It was strange that the child's wings were out although held against his back. Sam shifted nervously, looking lost and he took a really good look at his son before realising what the problem was. He hadn't even thought about it, Samael had looked physically mature for over a century after all, he had never stopped to consider that perhaps he wasn't totally. And now the poor child was finally maturing fully and had no clue what was happening to him. Lucifer sighed, perhaps he had not been as attentive a father as he should have been. "Sit Samael, we have much to discuss."

Sam kept his eyes averted from any female, be they demon, fallen angel or human soul being tortured. Why, why had his Father told him all that? He didn't want to know about how his parents had made him! Sure it explained the weird thing he had been feeling lately but he'd almost rather still be in the dark.

"My Prince?" Ruby called and Sam looked over at her before flushing and she blinked before smiling. "I was wondering when this would happen, it is only natural Samael." She assured him gently. She had begun to wonder if his mixed heritage meant he would never mature as a healthy young human male would.


"It is only natural and you will learn to deal with it."

"It's driving me crazy! Every time I see a female…"

"Even me?" She teased and he went red. "I'm flattered my Prince after all you are a very attractive young man."

"Ruby…" He practically whined and she kissed his cheek.

"What? It is true. Seriously, find a female and experiment. You don't have to marry her after all." She suggested and then chuckled when he took off. Someone would corner him sooner or later. He needed to learn, couldn't afford to have him distracted by a pretty Angel one the battlefield after all.

Meg smirked as she cornered the young Prince, pressing herself against him even as he stared at her with wide eyes. Her Father would reward her greatly for getting close to him and the idea of one day being Queen…well what girl didn't dream of that. She smiled as she felt his body react to hers, his wings fluttering slightly. "Please my Lord." She purred and Samael hesitantly touched her hip. She pressed even closer if that was possible, leaning up to press her lips to his. There was no reaction for a second and then he was responding to her actions on instinct. She gasped when they vanished and reappeared in the most luxurious room she had ever seen. She pulled him over to the massive bed and gently pushed him down onto it, ready to teach him everything he would ever need to know about sex.

Samael sat in the sand, soaking up the heat and thinking things over. He had to admit that what he and Meg did together was fun, very fun. But…he just didn't like her much outside the bedroom and he could tell she was pushing for more than that. Guess this was what his Father and Ruby had warned him about, woman using him for his position and power. But how to break things off? Her Father was a powerful and influential General after all. He groaned and buried his head in his hands. Why did life have to be so complicated?