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Hi everyone! This is my first fanfic so I'm not too sure if rating it as T was appropriate. As you can see from the summary, this takes place during StrikerS with some changes. They may be too big to be considered still in the Nanoha-verse so if you feel thats the case just let me know and I will add the "alternate universe" tag to it. Hope you enjoy it.

For those of you new to OC, it means original character.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to MGLN StrikerS, whether it is the anime, manga or sound stages.

"Kiran, please put on your jacket. I wouldn't want you to catch a cold en route to our vacation," said Nagato as he handed it to Kiran. It had black sleeves, with the exception of white patches where the elbows were. Covering the sides of the torso were also white, with blue colouring the rest of the cloth. It was also the one of the first things Nagato bought for Kiran when he adopted him. The other was a light blue watch with a knob each on the four corners which Kiran loved to wear.

"Fine Dad, but you aren't wearing a jacket either!" he responded playfully as he pretended to sulk. He then proceeded to slip it on.

"My body can handle this. Remember that I'm a highly ranked knight in the TSAB. You're still only twelve years old, next year I'll consider letting you take it off in the airport. I'm glad that they approved one week of leave for me so that I can finally spend some time with you."

"Yeah! You're the strongest knight there! Say, could you also upgrade my watch to an Intelligent Device next year as well? I don't need it to be a combat device, but I get kind of lonely at night when you have to work overtime."

Nagato was taken aback as Kiran finished the first two sentences. "Kiran, you know that there are a lot of knights there. Although it's not as easy for us knights to rank up like mages, there are a bunch of them who are stronger than me. I know that, and I'm sorry. Tell you what. Once we get back I'll take your watch to the device headquarters and try to get them to work on it."

"Yay! Thanks Dad!"

"Hmm, we still have ten minutes to get to the boarding gate. Kiran, wait here as I go to the toilet."


"Uno, Ichi here. I might have found a suitable scapegoat to get the relic quietly. I need you to get me information on Nagato Aora."

"Seems like your new name identifier is working perfectly. Give me a moment to consolidate it." Ichi's device, a rectangular crystal just below her neck, blinked seconds later.

"AA knight, part of the elite threat response team. Specialises in unarmed combat. Adopted Kiran at the age of four after a house fire took the boy's parents. Even Uno's information has no surname for that kid? Seems his parents were not from Mid-Childan then. No matter, I'm wasting time over analysing this. His status should allow direct access to the relic." Ichi smirked as she darted towards the bathroom, waiting for Nagato to reappear.

"Dad! You're out! Let's go to the gate before it closes!" Kiran was tugging at Nagato's shirt as he talked but Nagato didn't budge.

"Kiran. I have something else to do. Leave me alone for now."

"What are you talking about? The gate going to close in five minutes!"

'Irritating brat. I didn't expect him to be such a nuisance. I'll smack him to get him off while the ignorant civilians will just think it's a parenting issue.' Ichi raised her hand and Nagato complied, completely in her control while she was combined with his linker core. This was her inherent skill, combining her entire body with somebody's linker core.

"Protection." An energy shield appeared between Kiran and Nagato which blocked Nagato's hand as Kiran's eyes widened.

"Young master, my master is not himself. I sense another presence within him. Run while I alert the guards," Nagato's device, Goyoth, alerted as he sent a distress signal.

'Blasted device! His device was not actually connected to his linker core? Damn it! Uno, convert operations have failed. Send in the others to get the relic by force.' The guards were surrounding Nagato as Ichi separated partially before going back in to avoid their shots.

"Negative, you are not suited for battle if you do not have control over his device. I'll send Ni to get you out of there."

"Whoever is inside that person's body, come out with your hands up and device off. You are under arrest for unintended control and dangerous intentions." Kiran was still in a state of shock as Nagato glared at the guards. He was too petrified to move or think.

"Hey TSAB idiots!" A few guards shot their heads towards to voice and saw a floating figure with energy bursting out of her arms and legs. "I suggest you let that person go safely or I will have to do it by force."

"What the… I don't know who you think you are but if you keep this up we will arrest you for interfering with the duties of officers!"

"You people talk too much." With that, she released her energy and engaged all of them at once. Ichi saw the opportunity and separated. Nagato tried to regain his bearings and saw the guards fighting a losing battle against Ni.

"Goyoth, set up!"

"Yes master." His barrier jacket materialized and he engaged Ni, trading blow for blow. Kiran was too stunned by the sudden heated battle. He fell to his knees and started to cry.

With Nagato taking care of Ni, the guards were pinning Ichi quickly. 'Damn! What do I do? There are too many of them for me to evade and taking control of one of them does not reduce their power by a lot.' She then spotted Kiran and quickly formulated the escape plan. She increased her speed by loading two cartridges and Kiran felt a knife next to his throat. The guards halted and Nagato saw this from the corner of his eye.

"Full drive." Nagato smashed though Ni's barrier and sent her into a wall as he sped back to Kiran. Ichi saw this and drove the knife towards Kiran.

"Active protection energy re-routed to boosters." Nagato then vanished and caught the knife with his palm.

"Kiran, run…" Nagato begged as he felt the full drive taking its toll. Kiran started to crawl away slowly but his eyes were kept on Nagato the whole time. Nagato then raised his other fist and drove it towards Ichi. In a moment of panic, Ichi activated her last defensive mechanism.

"Protective explosion." The whole of Ichi's body exploded, engulfing Nagato and her in a wall of flame. The shockwave pushed Kiran into a guard which toppled as he caught the body. The others were rushing in, attempting to save Nagato and although not as important, Ichi. They managed to put out the flames and pulled Nagato's body out. As they were about to grab Ichi, a flash of light appeared and took her away.

"Uno, this is Tre. I have recovered Ni and Ichi from the site."

"Understood. The doctor is getting ready their regeneration cells."

As Kiran awoke, his eyes darted around. His injuries from the shockwave were not severe but he fainted from the sight of Nagato's body. Most of the flesh was blown off and his bones were burned black. Even the brain was scorched. The doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival. Goyoth's frame was smashed and most of the wiring were seared. Tears welled up in Kiran's eyes as he cried for the last time.

"I was weak. I was so useless that Dad had to do everything and died for that. I lost him because of my inability."

Author's notes

That's the end of the prologue, I hope it was fine. Leave constructive criticism if you want to, if I agree with it I may change my draft. That's right, the first draft for the whole series is done but I want to see if it's fine to leave it as it is. I'm also editing it all the time, (this prologue was edited just today as I uploaded it!) the first spark started in early march and I've just finished it. Thank you and see you next time.