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Darkhalo: Welcome all of you to the extra part of this story. I have received four questions from all of you so I will be answering them now. There will also be two outtakes to show how Kiran's character and the plot have changed.

Kiran: Oh yes! Finally it's over. You people have no idea how hard it is to act for this guy. Aside from the major changes he kept doing overnight, the script could change on the day of shooting itself!

Darkhalo: Gah! How are you talking? And what is wrong with you? I didn't ask for any acting, I just put the whole text on the site.

Kiran: Why can't I? I've materialised from your imaginations and come to make this omake less boring!

Darkhalo: Ok… Then explain why you were talking about acting when I didn't do a video.

Kiran: Yes you did! There were so many special effects people and *rambles on*.

Darkhalo: You are messed up… I'm going to ignore that part and head to the questions.

Kiran: Fine, ignore me then. However, I'm surprised that nobody asked what happened to Watch when I formed an ice sword.

Darkhalo: I guess they know that he transforms along with your hand.

Kiran: Wha? Are they psychic? While I screw my mind over that, we have three questions from MegaRaziel. Firstly, Kiran is something more like an esper?

Darkhalo: A what?

Kiran: Oh, you don't know what an esper is. Let me ask him what it is. (I PMed him)

His given definition is like the people who have eaten the devil fruit in One Piece, with some strain on the body most of the time but have greater and stronger moves.

Darkhalo: While I don't know what a devil fruit does, I can answer with regards to the second part. Taking into account overdrive, cartridge and breaker drain, I guess you could say he is. Some of you may have noticed he has only activated stage one of his overdrive so far. The first outtake will show the effects of stages two and three.

Kiran: Fair enough, here's the next question. How good is he in a hand to hand fight, without powers?

Darkhalo: I guess I forgot to mention that his artificial gravity training is done without relying on his powers. He mentions that 5.5 times gravity is still his limit although the limiter on his elemental core has been released in chapter 8. Although, his limit is what he can withstand for an hour, as stated in chapter 2. His technique will not be the best since he does not have a sparring partner. If I were to rank him according to this with normal gravity, I would say he's about three times faster and stronger than the average fighter if he was conserving his stamina.

Kiran: That's quite a bit of calculations…

Darkhalo: Remember that your powers were halved at the start so to make up for it your physical status would have to be twice as strong. If I'm confusing anybody by placing all these facts into a fanfic I apologise.

Kiran: *Shakes head* Long story short, he's three times better than a normal martial artist. Next question, please don't spew out all your jargon for this one. About the prequel/sequels you're planning, will it still concentrate on Kiran and will it be completely original plot?

Darkhalo: Your personality is completely different from the one in the story… The prequel won't come out anymore, the explanation is at the bottom. For the sequel, Kiran will still be in it but I'll try to focus on some of the canon characters as well.

For the plot, the timeline is set for after StrikerS and before SSX. Since there's no canon material regarding the characters involved it will be completely original (I hope nobody has done a similar story).

Kiran: Moving on, we have one from an anonymous person. Why didn't you upload the chapters as soon as you were done instead of finishing everything and then uploading?

Darkhalo: I've seen many good fanfics completely stop in the middle of the plot and leave the readers hanging. The author then doesn't say when he/she will continue it or moves on and completely forgets about it. Since I detest this behaviour I will complete the whole story before letting anybody read. This way if I get bored of it I can just upload everything in one shot, allowing me to move on and satisfy the readers.

Kiran: Now that we've done the question and answer section, here are the outtakes.

Darkhalo: That's right. Originally I planned for Kiran to be "emotionally normal". That means that the there are some twists to the events in the epilogue and Kiran had not unlocked stage three yet.

Kiran: Nove and Wendi fans may want to look away…

'She's fleeing? I don't know where she's going but I don't like it.' Watch loaded a cartridge and Kiran managed to form an ice sword while still retaining his water jets. Ni was starting to gain altitude and soon would be out of his reach. Rebounding off a wall, he managed to get to the same level as her and took a swipe. As he just missed her, she turned around and swung back, impacting his guard and put some distance between them. She then took off again while Kiran tried to follow her.

Ni saw that Kiran was actually gaining on her and released half of her Burst Ignition. She tried to lose him by flying over a river but he managed to cross it, albeit barely. She couldn't go any higher or it would be hard to breathe. Growling in frustration, she put in a burst of speed, hoping that raw speed would do the trick.

She finally reached the underground site and saw Subaru going berserk and clashing with Nove. Kiran arrived a few seconds later and witnessed Ginga bloodied up in the case and Subaru being sent into a wall. Something within him snapped and streaks of blue appeared in his eyes, followed by a howl of agony. "Elemental core mode 2, overdrive, stage two. Output at 200%."

All of his limbs were coated in ice now and he rushed towards Wendi, only to be blocked by Ni. She unleashed her Burst Ignition as well and managed to halt his advance. "Don't get in my way!.!" could be heard from two sides. Kiran's device started to short itself out, too much energy was flooding his veins. Now his whole eye except for his pupil had changed colour. "Overdrive, stage 3. Output at 1000%."

Kiran's entire body was encased in ice now and he barely knew what was going on. His anger had taken over and only one thought rang in his mind, 'Knock them out, for good.' He swung his sword at Ni who jumped backwards. Her eyes widened when an arc of water burst from the afterimage of the blade.

Ni brought up her Phoenix burst to shield against it but the pressure was too great and it tore her into two as well as leaving a deep gash in the wall behind. "Ginga!" he shouted as he chased Nove and Wendi. Nove turned around and tried to come at him with a left hook but he vanished and appeared at Wendi's side.

"So you think it's funny to beat up someone?.!" Her mind barely registered the statement when his knees slammed into her spine and ribcage, sped up with steam jets bursting all over his leg. Her bones were shattered upon impact. She would have screamed in pain but Kiran pulverised her brain by striking her head with two ice cannons.

"Wendi!.!" cried Nove as she saw a blur, followed with a decapitated Wendi. "You'll pay for that!.!" she screamed while she dashed forward with her left fist posed to strike.

"Don't you learn?.!" he yelled as he gripped her fist with his left hand, pulled her in, stomped her foot with his right foot and used his left knee to crash into her armpit. The impact ripped her arm out of its socket and nearly tore it off entirely. He then released his grip and she fell towards the ground. That is, until his left hand formed an ice sword and stabbed her right through the heart.

He was about to deform the blade and let her drop to the ground when he heard Subaru's cry of despair. His berserker rage suddenly vanished and he could see what he had just done clearly. His eyes widened at what had happened to the two combat cyborgs. He wasn't sure about Wendi, but he definitely had something to do with Nove. Pushing down the images with great difficulty, he cut off the chains holding the case Ginga was in and flew back to Subaru.

"Subaru!" exclaimed Teana when Nanoha brought her in. She was still crying into the distance and her blood had created a pool on the floor. Nanoha placed Teana down as she worriedly ran to her partner. Hearing some shuttering in the distance, she held Raising Heart up and prepared thirty two Axel Shooters. Suddenly the noise was replaced by an explosion and a body flew towards her.

She barely had enough time to identify who it was and put up a Holding Net instead of firing all the Axel Shooters. In the net was Kiran, back to his human appearance. The flesh on his legs were nearly gone and his left arm had seen better days but he maintained a tight grip on the case. He had used them so much in stage three that the backlash caused a denotation from the bone itself. Barely conscious, he lifted up the case and mumbled, "Captain Takamachi… I'm glad that… you're here to protect them now…" Following that, he passed out, dropping the case onto the floor.

Kiran: Wait… I don't remember some parts of this scene…

Darkhalo: I revised it for this section but the plot is unchanged.

Kiran: Then it's not really an outtake, is it?

Darkhalo: The purpose of this was to show that you were not dead inside when I first planned this.

Kiran: Fine, let's show the next one which is the very first one you did. Why is it so close to the end?

Darkhalo: I don't know… The idea for the sequel also started with the end.

Kiran: You are one weird author.

Darkhalo: And you're my creation.

Kiran: …

'I don't care what happens to me. I need to protect them!' He then shoved the breaker into his device and let the power surge within him. He felt wings sprouting from his back and took off. With his legs free to attack, he formed them into blades, mimicking those that were his arms. When he was sure that the backlash from the beams would not impact those on the ground, he brought the four swords together and formed a cannon with a diamond shaped hole.

The power struggle was on, Kiran vs the Saint's Cradle.

Kiran: Huh? That's it?.?

Darkhalo: That was a far as I thought until I watched the following episodes, which then revealed that I would stray too much from the original events if I continued. I did not revise this at all as I disliked this scene once I changed your character.

Kiran: Fine… Now about your many script changes and my acting…

Darkhalo: Would you stop that about the acting? I still don't get how I'm even conversing with you.

Kiran: *Evil laugh* I'll never tell you!

Darkhalo: Fine, then I'll cut you off by force. *Refuses to type 'Kiran' anymore*

Ok, why isn't the prequel coming out? This is because I decided not to do the whole thing anymore. I don't think it can be called fanfiction if none of the canon characters are inside or none of the canon theories take place so I've abandoned it. However, I will summarise it as the prologue in the sequel.

Well, now that that's out of the way, I thank you all for giving your valuable attention to me. I'll post updates on the sequel at around December. If I actually finish it by then, I'll see how many chapters there are and upload accordingly. Until then, this is farewell. I had fun doing this as a whole and I hope you had fun reading.