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"Let me introduce them formally this time. We will be having three people temporarily working with us." Nanoha extended her hand to Ginga and Kiran while saying, "Master Sergeants Nakajima and Aora from the 108th Battalion. Based on their individual skills they will be Stars 5 and Lightning 5 respectively." She then turned to Mariel, "and Mariel Atenza, the head of engineering, part of the main branch's engineering division."

Ginga and Kiran saluted to the forwards, both saying, "Nice to be working with you."

"Nice to work with you too," came their response.

"I will be performing maintenance on your devices, so feel free to see me any time regarding them, ok?" said Mariel with a thin smile.


Vita then stepped forward and said in her strict tone, "Since introductions are over, shall we begin this morning's practice?"


"Amazing… you guys do this every morning?"

"A battle with the captains may be a bit special but…"

"It's mostly something like this."

"They need to push us right to our limits so that we'll be ok if we're deployed."

"It's rather tough."

"And, after practicing, we eat a lot, rest up, and then we're completely restored."

"I see."

"Ginga, Kiran, are you able to keep going?" asked Nanoha.

"Uhh, I rather not spar with you again…" Ginga replied, half laughing.

"Hehe, sorry to give you nightmares but it's not me. I realized that the forwards still do not know Kiran's battle style so I was wondering if you could spar with him one on one. The two of you are on par so the observation should be worth it."

"Oh… I'm fine if Kiran is."

"I'm good."

Ginga dashed forward, slamming a storm tooth into the air as Kiran used his water jets to burst backwards. She kept up the attack as he continued to jet around the field. She then loaded a cartridge, which increased her speed enough to get in front of Kiran while he was in mid-air.

"You can't dodge this now!" she yelled as she pushed down her knuckle bunker.

"Fine, I won't." Watch beeped as the ice on his feet disappeared and appeared on his arm. The ice cannon formed on his left hand as he slammed into the knuckle bunker. It resulted in an explosion which pushed the two back. Ginga rode her wing road to stop while Kiran formed the water jets again as he fired them against the ground.

"How? The last time we clashed my knuckle bunker was stronger than your ice cannon."

"I learnt a new trick called conversion. Notice that my arm had more shards that time because instead of pumping the liquid into both arms I pumped it to one only. It increases my attack by a little but I lose versatility since I only have one weapon."

"That won't stop me!" Ginga cried as she charged again. Kiran decided to go on the offensive and created his twin ice swords, parrying her attacks while trying to get one in.

"Those two really are on par…" Subaru said as the tenth minute passed without any hits. Her stomach growled and her face turned red.

"I guess it's really time for lunch then. Ginga, Kiran, stop for now."

"Yes Captain Takamachi!"

"I said stop, which means you can call me Nanoha now…"

"Sorry Nanoha!" The two walked back to the railing as Subaru formed a telepathic connection with Ginga.

"Gin-nee, how long did your last mock battle with Kiran last?"

"I forgot, but I know that it ended in a similar fashion to this."

Teana entered the conversation, starting with, "speaking of which, I didn't see him use any protective spells. Which means he's like Erio?"

"I guess you could say that he fulfills the position of a wing back…"

"His partner is also a female… Gin-nee! Are you going out with him?.!"

"Subaru! He barely talks to me outside of work. I don't even know if he considers me a friend…"

"He's just like Tea when we started. I'm sure he'll warm up."

"Don't drag me into this!"

"What are you going to do?" asked Erio as he saw Caro hover her carrot over his drink.

"I'll eat it," she replied with a sigh of defeat. The others at the table laughed as Kiran pushed in his chair and left the table.

Teana noticed the missing person and asked, "Eh, where did Kiran go?"

"Oh, he must have left already. He was never one to chat with anybody…" Ginga said as she exhaled deeply.

While Kiran was walking down the hallways he sped up the digestion of food by using the elemental liquid. He then entered his new room at Riot Force Six. He didn't see anybody around so he decided to get started. "Watch, activate code 155." Watch lit up the specified code as the gravity around him increased to 5.5 times of the norm.

"Watch, is it time for your maintenance? You're not processing the data as fast."

"Sorry master, I will pick up the pace."

"If you're tired just say so. I know that I'm pushing you every night and since you don't have an internal skill like me you need maintenance at least five times a year."

"I'm not. I will cope just – just fine."

"Ok, you're going," Kiran said as he undid the strap and went to Mariel. As he approached her he saw Ginga and Subaru leaving with her.

"Hello Kiran," greeted Mariel as she exited the door. "Is anything the matter?"

"Umm, I see you're busy with Ginga and Subaru. I'll come back later."

"No, not at all. I've read about your device and it seems that it requires quite a bit of maintenance. Are you sure you don't want to upgrade it?"

'If your new AI didn't take up so much freaking space that it would require a totally new frame I would,' Was the thought but Kiran just replied, "No, thank you. I especially like this device. It was a present from somebody special."

"Alright, you can have him back at eleven."

"Thank you very much."

Kiran walked into his room after his shower. As he opened the door he saw a red-haired boy on the lower bunk.

"Erio? Is this your room as well?"

"Yes, Kiran. I'm so thrilled that I finally have a roommate!"

"Uhh, yeah…"

"Which bunk would you like? I'm fine with either."

"So am I. You make the decision." Kiran put down his bag and went to the door. "I'll be out for a while." With that, he left the room and thought to himself, 'Great, if I train until I collapse now Erio will probably freak out and they'll stop me from doing it.' He went to the stimulation area and saw Teana there, practicing her marksmanship.

"Oh hello Kiran," she said as she wiped her sweat off. "Here for some extra training as well?"

"Yes but I'll be at the other end. I wouldn't want to disturb you."

"Wait, you don't have your device! How do you plan on practicing without it?"

"I guess Master Sergeant Rein didn't tell you. I barely use magic at all. All my builds are from my internal core which stores the elemental liquid. When Watch is back I'll send you the information to make it clearer."

"Ahh, there's no need." With that, Kiran walked to the other side.

At five minutes after eleven, a knock was heard on Mariel's door.

"Come in!"

"Sorry for being late Mariel."

"Oh it's you Kiran. No matter, I know that Watch also serves as a normal watch so it's a bit hard for you to tell them without him. He's in the camber on the far left." Kiran walked to him and strapped Watch on.

"Thank you again." Before Mariel could respond, the door was closed.

"Kiran, you're back," Erio said as he continued to sit on the floor with a puzzled look on his face.

"Oh hello Erio," he greeted back. "I thought you would be asleep by now."

"I was talking to Caro a few minutes earlier, but now I can't decide which bed to sleep on…"

"What?.! Just pick any, I'm fine with either."

"I'm also ok with any…"

"Fine, I'll take the top bed then," Kiran said as he climbed into it and slept. Erio did as well on the lower bed.

"Numbers! Tomorrow we will retrieve the Saint King and begin our domination with the Saint's Cradle!" Jail Scaglietti's voice and crackle resounded throughout the whole laboratory as the numbers stood in front of him and readied their weapons.

The doctor then began to brief the numbers individually on their parts. When he came to Cinque, Nove and Wendi, he told them to wait as he got their newest member to join them. The regeneration camber opened and Ni stepped out.

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