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When Kaito woke up he didn't open his eyes, he only smiled drowsy and moved his arm around, trying to find a warm body to latch on to, but the bed was surprisingly empty. As he opened his eyes and sat up he wondered where his Shinichi had gone, seeing as the time was only eight. The teenager yawned and got up from the bed, feeling a bit sore, but only smiled at it while he changed to his clothes without the customary smoke bomb.

He found the detective sitting in the library, reading a book on the settee, and Kaito smirked.
"Good morning, handsome," he grinned and made the book vanish as he straddled the detective's lap. Shinichi looked up and blushed before he stammered a greeting. Kaito yawned as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and laid his head on the welcoming shoulder.
"Nichi, the bed was empty. What are you doing up?"
"I couldn't sleep very well. I kept waking up, so I got up," Shinichi confessed and then grinned, "you're adorable when you sleep."
"I'm always adorable," the magician answered with a chuckle.
"You suck the tip of your thumb," Shinichi snickered and Kaito tensed.
"You suck your thumb," Shinichi smirked and sneaked his hands underneath the fabric to touch the thief's back, "so adorable." Kaito laughed and grazed the detective's neck with his teeth, making him shiver.

"I've heard that morning-sex is good for you," the thief murmured suggestively and dug his fingers into Shinichi's hair, massaging his scalp.
'It's true,' Pandora chuckled, 'people who have morning-sex gets a good dose of oxytocin, their immune system becomes stronger and their looks healthier, but apparently three times a week is the absolute best, but I say screw that, let's have sex always!'
"Pandora, you pervert," Shinichi muttered to the voice in his head, hearing the gem laugh at his retort, "not interested in anything else but sex."
'Of course I am! But I usually don't have to coax you to read, break codes or do puzzles. Now tie him down and ravage him!'
'Still a pervert,'
'Do you know what you need to do?' Pandora asked him seriously.
'Embrace your inner pervert!' the jewel laughed wildly and made Shinichi chuckle.
'What? Does Pan-chan want a hug?'

"What's Pandora saying?" Kaito wondered and inhaled the detective's scent while feeling his eyelids grow heavy.
"Basically that he likes reading, puzzles and sex," Shinichi chuckled and heard Kaito's hum, "he thinks morning-sex is great, and that we should indulge in it."
"I agree with Pandora," Kaito smirked and moved his hands so that he could push up Shinichi's shirt, but as he did his stomach growled and he realised how hungry he was.

"Let's make you some breakfast first," Shinichi chuckled, "and maybe you should brush your teeth."

Kaito smirked as he watched the detective make him breakfast, observing his movements and enjoying the view of his back, happy that Shinichi was wearing a somewhat tight shirt that showed off his beautiful body.
"Nichi, you're gorgeous," he mumbled and saw a small blush on his lover's face as he sent a glance back.
"Thank you," Shinichi smiled and got back to pouring the pancake batter into the frying pan, but as he waited for it to be done he thought of a mischievous idea that he liked.

"Kai," Shinichi said without turning to the thief and slowly grabbed into his behind with one hand, "do you like my butt?" Kaito enjoyed hearing that playful, naughty tone from Shinichi and watched how the detective's hand took a firmer grip, only to relax and stroke the area.
"Oh, yes," the magician answered, "I love your butt."
"You don't-," Shinichi said with false shyness as he caressed himself, "you don't want to touch it?" As he finished the sentence Kaito was already standing behind him with one arm around his waist and a hand caressing the other side.
"I'd love to," Kaito murmured into his ear and Shinichi couldn't help but to laugh when the magician's stomach growled, "I'm so hungry I'd like to eat you!" Kaito snickered and started to nibble on the detective's neck.

Shinichi moaned as Kaito's hands wandered up his shirt and wantonly explored the skin, all the while the thief pushed his body flat against his. Even though Shinichi found those infernal hands and devastatingly pleasurable body extremely distracting he still managed to make a few pancakes that he placed on a plate and covered with a bit of syrup, or maybe it was a lot, but instead of giving the dish to the thief Shinichi sat down in his lap and started to feed Kaito, who happily ate and let his hands run free over the detective's body.

A small amount of syrup missed the magician's mouth and began travelling down his chin, but Shinichi quickly captured it and licked it up. As he was about to give Kaito another bite he realised that his hand was empty and that the thief was holding a piece of pancake towards his mouth.
"Shinichi, you seem to be hungry," Kaito cooed with a smirk and watched how Shinichi opened his mouth, but as he placed the pancake inside Shinichi grabbed into his hand and closed his eyes, seemingly sucking on the fork before he let it go with a small lick. The detective smiled at the blush that made its way to Kaito's cheeks when he did it a second time, but with his eyes half-lidded and locked to Kaito's.

"I'd love to see you eat like that in a restaurant," the thief grinned and allowed the detective to take back the fork and start feeding him again.
"Maybe I will," Shinichi chuckled and enticingly licked along the tines before he continued with the fun task of feeding his thief.

Shinichi's hand sneaked into Kaito's pants as he brushed his teeth while the other made its way to a nipple, and the thief groaned as he grabbed into the sink, making Shinichi smirk amused.
"You should brush your teeth, Kai-chan," the detective chuckled and took the opportunity to take the earlobe into his mouth while he caressed the growing erection.

"Not that easy," Kaito muttered after he spat out the toothpaste and bent town to wash his mouth, suddenly feeling Shinichi grind up against him. Kaito moaned when his boyfriend took a grip into his pulsing member and he spat out the water.
"Shinichi," Kaito smirked as he turned around and faced the detective, "you're going to get punished." Shinichi returned he smirk in full, eager to see what the thief had in mind.

I order to let Shinichi feel comfortable Kaito dragged the detective into his room and then pushed him into the bed, seeing Shinichi fall back with a small bounce before he sat up and then watched Kaito close the door. The thief smirked and walked up to his boyfriend, straddled his lap and kissed him.

It quickly got heated and Shinichi moaned as he allowed his hands to stoke the magician's sides, pushing up his shirt until Kaito was forced to take it off, immediately pulling off Shinichi's as a response. They pressed their bodies together as they kissed, but Shinichi broke it and used the difference in height to take a nipple into his mouth. Kaito smirked and pushed Shinichi down to the bed; he would not allow the detective to drive him mad with lust with that unbelievably skilled tongue. Kaito had decided that he was going to be on top, and he would refuse to change.
"Shinichi," the thief whispered with eyes full of hunger and held his love down, "I'm going to make you scream."

"Really? That could be fun to hear," the detective grinned expectantly and loved the way Kaito was in control, realising that as long as he was looking as him with those kind of eyes he didn't care.

Kaito sat between his lover's legs and watched his hands move over Shinichi's naked chest in both concern and happiness, feeling his insides burn from the heated lust. Shinichi attentively looked back, seeing the thief's eyes move from scar to scar and his hands move accordingly.
"Shinichi," he whimpered and bent down to lick on Pandora's scar, "don't get hurt anymore. I don't want to see you hurt."
"Kai," the detective gasped as the thief's hand moved down to stroke the bulge in his pants, "you know that I can't promise that."
"I don't care, promise me anyway," Kaito demanded and moved his mouth to suck on a nipple.
"I can't," Shinichi gasped and nestled a hand into his boyfriend's hair, "but I'll try."
"I guess that's better than nothing," he hummed and pulled away to stare down at the flushed detective with hungry, half-lidded eyes and night-old hickeys over his neck. Kaito smiled at the sight and snapped his fingers, removing all of their clothes in a puff of smoke.

With an excited grin he made the detective gasp by inserting a lubricated finger and then slowly started to pump it. Shinichi got used to the feeling of something moving inside him by the time Kaito inserted another and moved around until he found the spot. The detective moaned and threw his head back as the thief relentlessly continued to strike it with glee.
"Kai!" Shinichi called out, far too gone to even keep a coherent thought as he screamed from the burning pleasure.

Kaito carefully slipped in a third finger, stretching the detective until he was happy with the result and then pulled out, making Shinichi mewl and stare at him with dark eyes, dilated from the intense pleasure while Kaito positioned himself better. After applying the lube to his own pulsing member he sent a glance to Shinichi before he watched himself enter his lover, gasping as he felt the tightness engulf him. The detective took a breath as he slowly became filled by his boyfriend, feeling how the teenager pushed deeper and deeper inside him. He panted with his mouth open, trembling from the lust that made him yearn for more. Everything stopped as Kaito entered him completely and waited for him to get used to his size.

"Kaito," Shinichi called out in frustration and bucked his hips, making the magician answer with a loud cry of delight before he started moving while holding his lover's hips steady.
"Shinichi," Kaito moaned as he trusted inside in a fast pace while looking down on the young man gripping into the sheet below him with closed eyes. He watched the detective throw his head with hair in worse disarray than Kaito had ever seen and listened to the myriad of sounds coming in his lust filled voice as he eagerly struck the sensitive spot, feeling the pressure build inside him.

Shinichi's pleas reached a new intensity as he arched his back and let his lover know that he was close. Kaito began pumping his boyfriend's hard member until he came with a loud cry and in turn made the thief's eyesight vanish in white as he too come and then collapsed on top of his boyfriend after he'd pulled out.

"Ah, Kaito," Shinichi gasped and wrapped his arms around the magician that placed his forehead against his, while staring into his eyes with a small frown.
"Is something wrong?" the detective asked as Kaito pulled away with the same frown.

"You tell me," he smirked while he breathed heavily, "are you Pandora or Shinichi right now?"
"Your eyes are red," he remarked and the detective raised his eyebrows.
"What? They can't be. I'm Shinichi," the detective stated while Kaito stared into his eyes.
"But they are. Not as red as when I saw them in the maze, but it's like red electricity is moving inside your iris," the thief explained. "It's quite beautiful actually... And..." he continued slowly, "it seems to grow weaker."
"Neither Pandora nor I knows what you're talking about, but Pandora suggested that it has something to do with us, Pandora and I, when you-," Shinichi blushed and cleared his throat before he continued with a grin, "fucked me. He said that we probably are getting closer to each other whenever we're feeling something that strongly."
"Ooh, that's interesting. Then we have to try it again," Kaito smirked eagerly and made the detective laugh as Pandora responded with the same kind of excitement.

The thief smiled as he rubbed up against his boyfriend, seeing his blush retake some of its strength before he began sucking on the detective's neck and felt hands caress his back. Shinichi sighed as Kaito moved from his neck to his shoulders and then down his chest, leaving a trail of marks. Once the thief got to his navel he was half-erected again and panting from want. The detective let out a startled cry as Kaito went from his lower stomach and began sucking on the shaft. He looked down and blushed as Kaito locked his gaze with his, gleefully watching his boyfriend tremble as he was pleasured. The thief caressed the detective's body until he was hard and then proudly watched the fully erected member stand on its own. Giving the head a lick he placed his left arm over the detective's stomach for support before he continued in a slower pace, not wanting the detective to come before he wanted him to, and moved his right hand to caress his own growing erection.

Kaito felt himself become hard as he listened to his lover's moans and then held down his hips with both hands, before he took him in completely.
"Fuck! Magician!" Shinichi called out in awe and sent a glance down, seeing Kaito pull away to laugh.

"Ooh, yea," the thief grinned and stared up at the flushed detective, "want me to do that again?" Shinichi didn't answer even if his eyes showed the eagerness he felt for it to happen again, but Kaito still saw it and slowly made the member vanish, causing the detective to throw his head back and try to buck, but Kaito still held him down and then pulled away to breathe.

"Ooh, I've been dreaming about doing that to you!" Kaito laughed a bit breathlessly.
"Really? Deep-throating me?" Shinichi questioned with flushed cheeks and raised eyebrows while he watched the thief pour lube over his fingers again.
"I have a lot of dreams of you, Nichi," Kaito murmured darkly and smiled hungrily, a smile that would've made the detective blush if it wasn't for the fact that his cheeks were already burning, "and I can't wait to make each and every one of them very real." The sentence got Shinichi smiling expectantly; he, too, had many dreams he wanted to make real.
"I can't wait," the teenager answered with a smile, and then realised who he was dealing with, "but no place where we can be discovered. Not the police station for one, and never ever at a heist."

Kaito looked considering and invaded the detective with one finger, quickly followed by another, ignoring the lovely gasp that escaped Shinichi's lips as he wasn't prepared even though he'd felt the magician's fingers circle his entrance. The magician hummed quietly and twisted his fingers, slipping in a third.
"I can consent to the heists, but we will do it at the police station," Kaito grinned dazed as he thought of it, "and I will bend you over a desk and ravage you, or maybe up against a wall at the police station... Dressed as Kaitou KID... Just imagine the scandal..." The magician trailed off and felt that the detective didn't actually need to be stretched, so he pulled out his fingers and placed a rich amount of lube on himself again.

"Now," Kaito began as he positioned himself so that he was leaning on his elbows beside the detective's head while Shinichi wrapped his legs around his waist, "just keep looking into my eyes." The detective smiled and felt gentle lips touch his in a loving kiss, making him throw his arms around the thief's neck, deepening it and played with the tongue that entered his mouth. Kaito shifted and then entered the detective slowly, making him moan longingly, a moan that made his boyfriend shiver in delight as he swallowed it. Kaito broke the kiss and placed his forehead against Shinichi's, beginning to move quicker as he gazed into his lover's half-lidded, and intensely blue eyes, almost completely covered by his pupils.

For a time Shinichi was able to keep looking into Kaito's eyes, but occasionally he was unable to keep himself from closing them for a longer period, but the magician simply slowed down his lovemaking when that happened, causing the teenager's eyes fling open to continue to stare into his lover's eyes a bit embarrassed, but as he became overwhelmed by pleasure that embarrassment turned to affection and uncontrolled love. They shared fond kisses, drawing out on the session, until Shinichi's begging made Kaito unable to hold back.

Starring into his lover's eyes and keeping himself from throwing his head back, Kaito watched the detective fight against his instincts, but sometimes threw his head back with a loud cry before he looked back, panting with eyes shimmering in red.
"Kai," Shinichi forced out through his moans, gripping hard into the sheets, and kept eye-contact as his breath came out in erratic pants. Kaito's own breathing was just as uneven as his lover's and he trembled as he held back, but the detective's pleading gaze made him grip into the member that poked him in his stomach and at the same time caused Shinichi to throw his head back, screaming his name.

"Nichi," Kaito gasped as he pumped his boyfriend and watched Shinichi force his eyes open a crack, seeing them glow in a weak red light. The detective closed his eyes and threw his head back as he came, unable to keep eye-contact, screaming his boyfriend's name. The thief drew a breath as Shinichi tightened almost painfully and made him come after only a few rough thrusts. Kaito's eyes flew open and he looked down on his lover, seeing that he was smiling drowsily at him with his chest heaving. The thief pulled out and collapsed on his boyfriend, panting while feeling two arms sneak around him to hold him close, keeping eye-contact and seeing love in the other's eyes.

Every time Shinichi's eyes glanced over to Kaito he blushed as he could only see them in bed and relive the memories, hearing the sounds they made, sensing the thief's body and the bed underneath while inhaling his intoxicating scent, and it was driving him mad. He tried to concentrate on what he was doing, but the words in the case file blurred while his eyes only moved over the sentences without registering what they said or meant.
'Is it you who is making me horny again?' Shinichi grumbled in his head while he silently closed the file, trying to ignore that his pants were tightening as he remembered the feeling of his boyfriend inside him, entering him slowly.
'You know, you have to stop blaming me for everything,' Pandora smirked back, 'remember that this body is that of a teenager that has been repressed into a child for two years, but the answer is yes, a little, but you're doing most of it yourself.' Shinichi sent a glance to the thief that was sitting on the settee reading one of the magic books that existed in the library. He swallowed and squirmed a bit as his pulsing erection demanded to be released.
'This is so embarrassing,' he sighed quietly in his head and heard Pandora try to suppress a laugh, but didn't succeed completely.

He stubbornly glared at the bookcases to his left, but sometimes his body betrayed him and made him take a quick glance to his right, seeing Kaito sit with the book on the settee, completely unaware about his boyfriend's struggle with himself. The detective didn't know how much sex the thief wanted, but he seemed quite content with the night and the morning while Shinichi was about to burst from desire, and it wasn't even lunch. A tingling sensation emerged from his fingertips and travelled through his hands and arms; he wanted to touch his boyfriend. Shinichi felt a hot shiver run through him at the thought and he got up; Kaito could always protest of the treatment and Shinichi was fully capable of taking care of himself if it came to that.

"Hey, Kai-chan," Shinichi murmured in the thief's ear as he sat down behind him and made Kaito blink at the dark voice full of want. "Did you find a good book?" he asked as he let his hands sneak around the thief and caress his legs, "would you mind if I touched you a bit?"
"You're horny again," Kaito stated with a grin while feeling a blush rise to his cheeks as his heart began to beat faster. He didn't have any reason to ask the question since he could feel an interesting bulge in between the detective's legs that pressed against him.
"Just a bit," Shinichi moaned as he let one of his hands move to the thief's relaxed member and started caressing it through the pants while he moved the other hand up underneath his shirt to feel his body.
"I don't mind. Touch me all you want," Kaito murmured and realised that he'd dropped the book to the floor so he just leaned his back against his lover's chest and began massaging the legs of his detective.

It didn't take long before Kaito was just as hard as Shinichi and eager to continue without clothes. The thief stood up and got naked in a puff of smoke, making Shinichi grin at the sight while he allowed the magician to pull off his own pants and then painfully slowly remove his boxers.

"I want to ride you," Kaito murmured as he sat down and handed the detective a bottle of lube that he immediately poured over his fingers, making sure that they were well coated.
"Who am I to stop you from doing whatever you want?" Shinichi grinned and inserted a finger into his boyfriend, completely forgetting that he'd said that he would never do anything physical in any other place than their bedrooms. Kaito captured the detective's lips and kissed him hungrily while feeling the finger move around as he pulled off the shirt, leaving it on one arm. He moaned into the kiss as another finger joined the first one and found the bottle of lube that had been abandoned beside them, instantly pouring some into his cupped hand and then grabbed into his boyfriends pulsing erection, coating it in the slippery fluid and made Shinichi break away from the kiss with a loud moan.

"Fuck, Kaito," the detective mewled as his boyfriend continued moving his hand over his sensitive member and added a third finger, causing Kaito to gasp as he tensed, but slowly relaxed. He got used to the three fingers inside him and he bit his lip as he wanted more so he got off the detective's lap and pulled in his legs, making him sit at the edge of the seat while Shinichi threw his shirt to the floor. Kaito straddled him with a smirk and then took a grip into the hardened erection and positioned himself before he lowered himself down, slowed down slightly as the detective entered him.

"Kaito," Shinichi groaned in pleasure as the thief stopped to get used to the size when he'd taken in the head. He panted slowly as he watched the thief's closed eyes, wondering if they'd gone too fast even though he saw only enjoyment in Kaito's expression. Indigo eyes opened and Shinichi smiled at his thief that grinned back before he lowered himself a bit, making them both gasp, and then stopped again.
"Did we go to fast?" Shinichi asked concerned and grabbed into his lover's hips, holding him up and made the magician smile.
"A little bit. You just wait and I'll ride you to oblivion," Kaito grinned and pulled up a bit before lowering himself deeper.
"Take all the time you need," Shinichi moaned and closed his eyes as his head fell back; at that moment the tightness of Kaito was almost too much, and he loved it. He loved the feeling of Kaito's hands on his shoulders, keeping him in place, and the sensation of the thief slowly lowering himself onto him. The detective opened his eyes and stared at the thief with his head thrown back and mouth open while he slowly was entered.

"Nichi," Kaito sighed as he was able to relax his legs and had taken the detective into him completely. He opened his eyes and panted while he stared into deep blue eyes, "you feel so good right now." Shinichi blushed happily and let his hands run free over his lover's body.
"Wait until you get used to the size," the detective smiled, "I don't want you to get hurt, okay?"
"Yea," Kaito smiled and kissed his detective, invading the mouth and carefully started to move along the stiff shaft, making the detective break the kiss and moan, "I'm used to it now."

The thief panted and grinned in delight as he rode his lover while listening to his loud moans and mewls. Kaito quickly decided that he loved the feeling of Shinichi inside him, especially when he rode. He reached his maximum speed, but it wasn't fast enough. He still wanted it both faster and harder even though Shinichi was meeting him in his trusts. The detective called the name of his lover, moaning and begging, all the while he pumped Kaito and met him in a few sloppy kisses.

Kaito gasped when Shinichi after a while held him still and kissed him. "Kaito, please, let me have you. I want you," he murmured with desperate eyes and the flushed thief nodded breathlessly; he wasn't really able to reach the absolute end by just riding. He wasn't good enough, but he knew exactly how he could get that good; experience, and that was something he wouldn't mind getting. Kaito gripped into the back of the settee and pulled himself up a bit, enough to allow Shinichi to turn them around without pulling out so that Kaito was lying on the settee and then smirked up at the detective as he carefully started to move.

Shinichi knew that neither of them was far from the end so as soon as he started to move faster and take his thief rougher he moved his hand to pump the erected member that had a small trail of white moving along it. Soon after, both of them came in screams of intense pleasure and then collapsed together on the settee.

"The door is unlocked," Shinichi groaned after a while and made the thief laugh, "someone could've walked in on us! Next time I'm definitely going to lock the door first."

That was how their day continued after a shared bath and recovering for an half an hour. Kaito kept distracting Shinichi while they made lunch and therefore ended up with his back pressed against the wall and a horny detective inside him again, taking him just as forcefully as he'd been dreaming of, before they'd even eaten.

They slept a small while on the couch while watching TV in the living room after they had managed to get their clothes on. Shinichi woke up and changed the channel so that he was able to watch a criminal series while holding an arm around his boyfriend, until he woke up and wanted to cuddle, which was to the detective much more interesting than the TV, since he'd figured out who the murderer was. They ordered takeout and then fed each other the food while they teased the other and joked on the couch, slowly ending up without their clothes again.

Kaito knew that he had to leave and go home; it was school tomorrow, but as they stood by the door, he didn't want to. Shinichi had him pressed against it while he kissed him thoroughly, as if he was going to make that single kiss enough to sustain him through the night, and Kaito responded just as desperate, clinging to his boyfriend as if his life depended on it.
"You have to leave," Shinichi groaned and grazed his boyfriend's neck as he nibbled on a mark, making it larger, hoping that everyone would see that Kaito was taken, "the bus..."
"Yea," Kaito muttered and forced the detective back to his neck as he pulled away, "I know..."

"You have to leave," Shinichi stated again, giving Kaito a kiss, immediately invading his mouth and pushed the thief towards the handle as he took a step back, in the end making the kiss and hands be the only things that held them together. "The bus..." the detective mumbled, breaking their kiss and then looked into Kaito's darkened indigo eyes. "See you, next weekend?"

"Pfft, I'll come by tomorrow after school for sex," Kaito grinned and opened the door, feeling a gust of chilly air and saw his lover nod contently. "Bye," he whispered and received a last slow kiss, savouring every second of it, but was then forced to break it and take a last look to his boyfriend before he left.

Kaito sighed as he closed and locked the door before he made his way across the snow covered yard, letting the cooling wind drain the heat from his cheeks, and eyed the paparazzi in a car outside the gates.
"Kudou-san!" a reporter that stood outside the gates exclaimed and Kaito opened the gate, seeing a rather large RV stand beside the street, "do you have any comment about the serial killer, also known as the painter?"
"No," the thief stated as he closed and locked the gate, seeing the RV's door fling open and pour out reporters, "goodbye." Kaito sat off in a burst, laughing as he made the reporters chase him while asking where he was going.

After losing the media sharks the rest of his way home was monotonous, where he realised just exactly how exhausted his body was and fell asleep for a while, waking every few minutes, until he got off. The cold air made him wake up and he made his way home, yawning as he hung up his jacket and took off his shoes.
"I'm home!" he called out and walked across the room to the stairs, having decided to just brush his teeth and go to bed.
"Welcome home, Kaito," Chikage looked out from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a small towel and smirked amused as she saw her son yawn. "Didn't get much sleep?" she asked suggestively as Kaito yawned a second time when he began walking up the stairs.
"No," he answered, too tired to realise that he just confessed to his mother what they had done, making Chikage blush and snicker to herself, "I'm going to bed."

Chikage waited until all of her wish to giggle had vanished and then followed upstairs, leaning on the doorframe as Kaito slowly brushed his teeth with closed eyes.
"Feeling sore?" she asked as if she asked about the weather.
"A bit," Kaito answered and made her slap a hand over her mouth as she forced away the laugher, before she eyed a large mark on her son's neck, surrounded by smaller bite marks.
"I guess he likes to mark what's his... Does he bite?" the woman stared at the mark, wondering how long it had taken the detective to work it up to that kind of size.
"Sometimes," Kaito mumbled and spat out the toothpaste.

"So my baby-boy is a cure little uke!" Chikage squealed and giggled, making Kaito freeze before he jolted his head in her direction to stare at her with a scandalised look, realising what he'd just said, "I have to talk to Yukiko now!"
"Mom!" Kaito called out and then watched his mother vanish as quickly as if she still was the infamous Phantom Lady, "stop asking weird questions!" Kaito eyed his own reflection as he decided to ignore his mother; it wasn't the first time she sneaked information out of him or got to know something intimate about him by sneaking around. That woman had even caught him masturbating, not that he hadn't been horribly ashamed the first time it happened and hadn't looked at her or spoken for days without blushing, but gradually that had worn off into annoyance by the fact that she didn't knock and caught him more than once. He'd even considered that she was doing it just to aggravate him, but that didn't seem like her, so it was more likely that her way of sneaking around and bursting in was remnants of her time as a phantom thief. Now the more important question in Kaito's mind was regarding the bruises on his neck; should he put makeup over them or proudly show them off tomorrow?

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