Insurgent is officially in stores today! Yeay! Here's a oneshot to celebrate! (Although everyone in the fandom will be too busy reading the book to care about fanfic... I'm just stuck waiting until after school, so you know...)

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Tobias' finger pushed down the plunger and he felt the serum race through his blood stream. He didn't get how the non-Dauntless could be afraid of needles. For them, a needle didn't mean your worst fears in one place.

They aren't Dauntless for a reason, he told himself, before slipping into the simulation like one might slip into Morpheus' arms.

Everything proceeded normally. He looked down and saw the ground stories and stories under his feet. He closed his eyes and jumped and felt like slapping himself for it. But the thing about jumping off buildings was that if you were up in the air, it was too late to think 'oops, bad idea' and you couldn't take it back.

Then the walls closed up around him as if… as if…

It's easier to face the fear head on, right? So what you need to do is make the space smaller. Make it worse so it gets better right? He remembered her voice. His memory was a labyrinth of swear words and empty pockets where he knew fear had erased the things he knew, the tips and tricks he'd been given to annihilate his fear.

Stupid idea, Tris, stupid idea…

But he did it anyways, crouching like a child playing hide-and-seek. His breath caught even more and the walls got tighter around him. But then they disappeared.

He got up grinning. That was faster than usual.

The table took no time at all to appear and eventually he talked and reasoned himself into clicking the bullet into the gun's chamber and pulling the trigger, which was the equivalent of cutting her life string.

The last part scared him because he knew that that didn't change and wouldn't change. He took deep breaths and faced the twenty million father doppelgangers.

"This is for your own good." They said.

He tucked himself in and got ready to just take the blow. He toughened his neck, gave himself a solid base and closed his eyes. He still heard the belt snap through the air a million times before (and he would a million times again) and seconds later he felt it hard, just as hard as when he'd been six years old and it had all started.

He opened his eyes to check for Marcus.


He grinned. Time evaporated and couldn't be measured in a simulation, but he was sure that this was his fastest run ever.

But… The concrete room wasn't back like always. He was standing in his room. For a second he was afraid that the serum might be defective, or infected by the Erudite already.

Then he heard a sound he associated with people in pain who refused to admit it and tried to muffle it.

Looking over his shoulder he faltered when he saw Tris lying on her side and curled up like a child, pouring blood from three spots across her beautiful body. Her head, her neck, her stomach.

"T-Tris…" He stuttered.

She moaned again and tried to cover it up like she always did. "Tris, no…"

He ran towards her, and that was when he stopped in mid-step, realising what was going on. He was in his room, not in the concrete room. Tris had come out of nowhere. Nobody else was around with a weapon, so how'd she get hurt so badly? It made no sense.

He watched her as she was shaken by a spasm. Her light hair was sticky with blood and the blood leaked down to her collarbone tattoo, covering the ravens. She was wearing the black clothes she always fought in, and so the only reason you could see the bloodstain on the black fabric was if you leaned close enough to see the moist look of it- like Tobias was.

Guess they couldn't call him Four anymore. Guess they now would have to technically call him Five.